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World Journal owners and publishers gone this week

Chaos and cats descend

by Ruth Orr

The owners and publishers of the World Journal newspaper have taken this week off for a much, much needed and deserved vacation. It’s the first time since they started the paper in 2007 they’ve been able to go somewhere together for more than two days. Brian and Gretchen Orr are more than just the owners and publishers however… they are critically important members of the WJ production team. Brian is our ads guy, graphic designer, classifieds manager, photographer and main layout person. Gretchen is the editor-in-chief, a fantastic researcher, the person in charge of keeping all our books up to date, keeping employees and bills paid, and more. It takes 10 hour days when they’re lucky and 16 hour days when things get more complicated for them to put out the paper every week. It takes staying up until one in the morning to format the pages and getting up at four in the morning to put address labels on subscriptions so they can get the papers to the post office on time. They never toot their own horns or let on how hard they work for the paper, so I’ve decided to do it for them while they’re gone. They are utter rock stars. And I actually mean all that, I’m not just angling for a raise!

Without them, the remaining staff scrambled to put out this week’s paper. We struggled to figure out how to build the sections and keep them separate, with limited success. Overall, I think we did alright and I’m proud of my coworkers and grateful for their hard work to help me get this out. If there are any glaringly obvious mistakes, I apologize and promise it’s nothing personal. I’m also sorry if the layout is a bit wonky — things will all go back to normal next week.

On the note of things being a bit odd in this paper… over the last two years, every time there has been an open space in the paper that needs to be filled, I’ve jokingly suggested putting in a photo of one of my pets. Every time the bosses smile and then put something else in instead. Since they’re gone, I’ve decided to take this opportunity to go for it. Have fun searching through the paper for the various furry friends of the WJ staff, including Finnegan, Kody, Pippin, Gigi, Gwen, and of course, our signature newshound, Tonks!

Thank you for supporting the World Journal, and happy new year! (Ditto from the staff)

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