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Wilklow & Associates Taking the stress out of tax season

TRINIDAD/ COLO SPRINGS — It’s that time of year – time to file your tax return! With all the tax changes that will be affecting your 2018 tax return, you may want to consider seeing a professional to prepare 2017 and get a better understanding of 2018 changes.

We believe you should choose your tax return preparer wisely. You want someone who is experienced and knowledgeable with the tax code. Since you are sharing your personal information, you want to know that your information is safe as well. Here are nine tips for selecting a tax preparer:

1. Check the firm’s qualifications and specifically the person that will be preparing your business return. The IRS has a directory of federal tax return preparers with credentials – the link is

2. Check the preparer’s history- check with the Better Business Bureau about the firm. Our firm belongs to the BBB and we have a great history. You are also welcome to check with the State Board of Accountancy.

3. Make sure the preparer is available year-round – with our two locations, we are open year-round. The Trinidad office is open Monday through Friday with appointments on Saturdays. Once tax season is over, the Trinidad office has hours from Monday through Thursday. We can always be reached in Colorado Springs as well.

4. Make sure the firm e-files returns – a sign of an unqualified preparer is one that will not e-file for you. We e-file all returns unless the taxpayer requests to paper file.

5. Never sign a blank return – don’t use a tax preparer who ask a taxpayer to sign a blank tax form.

6. Review the return before signing – even if you don’t have time to review the return when you pick it up, take the time to review before you sign the e-file documents. Check the bank account information listed for refunds to ensure the account listed is your correct bank account.

7. Make sure you get a copy of your tax return – our office offers both paper and/or pdf copies of your tax return. For those of you who like paper, we are happy to provide you with a paper copy and for those who only want an electronic copy, we will provide you with a pdf copy. If you want both, we will do that as well! We will set up a portal for those clients who prefer electronic communications and conducting business on line.

8. Make sure your preparer returns your personal tax documents. No preparer should ever hold a taxpayers personal

9. Ensure the preparer includes their PTIN on the return – all paid tax preparers must have a Preparer Tax Identification Number. By law, paid preparers must sign returns and include their PTIN. At our Trinidad office, we have two CPAs – Nancy Palmer and Susan Wilklow. Check us out on our website at or give us a call at 719-846-3365. We would love to take the stress out of tax season for you.

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