We have been made aware of an issue with clicking things on the site redirecting to pages that are not us and vary from PDF download requests to much more illicit websites.

We have NOT been hacked on our website- it was a third-party development tool that had lain dormant and harmless on our site for seven years, we didn’t even realize it was still installed it was so nondescript and quiet.  The developer’s website was hacked, which bled over into anyone who had that plugin still installed.  Our tech guy has confirmed that no data of ours or our subscribers was compromised, and he has removed it from our website, but it looks like some of the computers retain a memory of that in the system that needs to be cleared out first.

What we have found seems to clear it out for us is to log out of the website, clear your browser’s cookies, check to make sure no extensions were installed on your web browser, and restart your computer to make sure it’s out of the system. 

How to Clear Cache and Cookies

Mobile Phone or Tablet
Safari on iOS
Chrome on Android
Chrome on iOS
Firefox on Android
Firefox on iOS

If you have any further issues please email or call 719-738-1415 and I’ll see what I can do to help.

We apologize for the inconvenience.