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Turkey Recipes of November 22, 2017

RMSER Early Learning Walsenburg Small World

She bakes it.  She throws everything on it.  Then eat. Rachel

Put eyes on it, legs on it and wings. Put it in a cock pot. Aaron

Mom put on stove. Tylor

Mom cooked it.  And when it hot she puts it on a plate. Elias

First she put it on pan, then she cooks, then she puts it on a plate. Then we eat it together. Vincent

Her makes turkey. My grandpa does too.  Grandpa wash it. He put it in oven.  We eat it.  We put turkey in our mouth. Grandpa makes chili. Jeremiah

In a pan. In a oven.  Cut it up. Done.  Put it on a plate. Done. Eat.  Done. Thomas

Mom shoot them. Take home. Cooks it in oven.  Then we eat it. Then it’s just bones. Harley Mom don’t cook turkey. Raven

She make turkey all time. On my toast. She make it like a bacon. Zachary

Mom turkey make it. Mike get turkey eat. Mom eat. Me eat. Michael

She just put it in the toast. Toast it.  She puts it in oven.  She put a circle turkey.  Its twirl one. We put a cookie on it. then we eat it Isabella

RMSER Early Learning Walsenburg Care Bears

You put feathers on his neck and body. Put in the pot for 10 minutes and then some feet, put in the oven and eat it. Jett

Cook it in the oven. Aspen

turkey Elijah

Because we eat his feathers Emerson

Um, I’m thinking, oven and turkey Deecee

uh, get it in the microwave and cook it and eat it Jesse Fix it f eet Ava

Uh, you put it in the oven. And then you put bacon, and then you eat it Leito

Just a pumpkin pie, I forgot tea Tyler

Bake it in the oven Noah

Gardner School Gardner Preschool

I am thankful for Mom because she buys me cake and cookies for my birthday.  Dad plays Nerf guns with me that is why I am thankful for him. Dustin

I am thankful for Mom and Dad when they let me take a nap whenever I want to. After dinner they let me have an apple with carmel, M&M’s, Butter fingers and it was yummy and good Mabon

I am thankful for Mom because she always hugs me and she carries me to the car.  Daddy lets me ahve licorice. Brohter lets me play with his toys. Adlicia

I am thankful for Mommy Daddy Sister House Dexter I am thankful for ice cream turkey my dada works my momma stays home my counsins.  I play at their house. That is it. Nicho

I am thankful for cookies. pretzels. My family likes to play with me.  Grandma Rose palys with me. Grandma ALice plays.  He likes to love me, my brother, my dad likes to be mad at me. I love him.  That makes him feel better. Kathlin

Peakview School Walsenburg Preschool Ms. Bobian

My mom and I cook a turkey like a bacon. You put water on it. Put it in a pan and then in the oven. Molly

We don’t have a turkey. We have spaghetti and papas. I am to little to cook a turkey. Serenity

Put him in a pan. Then you eat it. We have chicken too. Elida

I make banana bread. We mix it together. When my brother is sleeping we cook it. My mom cooks the turkey. Elsie

We kill the turkey. Put it in a pan. Take the feathers off. Start cooking it. Then we eat it. Elias I get my turkey from home. It’s hot because it is in the oven. Adalinn

Me and my dad cook the turkey. We put sprinkles on it We put it in the oven then we it eat. Emileigh

We cook the turkey at Nana’s house. We get the turkey from the store. We pray what we are thankful for than we eat. Jada

My daddy cooks the turkey. He has a bunch at home. He gets it from the frig and then puts it in the oven We throw the bones in the trash when we are done. Lauren

I help my mom cook the turkey. You flip it over like a pancake then you deliver it to someone else. Adrianna

Grandpa cooks the turkey. We shoot the turkey. Then we eat it. Dakotah

My mom cooks the turkey and I help her. We buy the turkey. Then we bring it home. We put it in the oven. We eat it after it’s cooked. Michael

We don’t have turkey for Thanksgiving. We have pumpkin seeds and candy. Ellasyn

I eat peaches for Thanksgiving. Me and my mom cook the turkey. I put it in a pan than put some sugar and strawberries on it. Than I eat it. Aracelia

Me and my mom cook the turkey. I get it in a little bag and put it in the microwave to grill. Then I give it to Ms Jen. Kyle

We eat pizza, macaroni and cheese. My dad hunts turkey. We take the feathers off. It cooks by itself. We eat it. Christian

I eat popsicles for Thanksgiving. My mommy cooks the turkey. Casey

I cook the turkey by myself. Then I take it out. I put apple juice. I cut it with a knife and put a cupcake in it. Then I eat it all till I am full. Kiley

We get the turkey from Denver. We cook it after I put sprinkles, frosting and diamonds. then we eat it. Liliana

I eat cow. I put it in the stove to cook. Then I cut it up. We don’t have turkey. Aiden

We don’t have turkey. We have spaghetti. I put sauce on it and then get it to the stove. Then we eat it. Ignacio

Peakview School Walsenburg 1st Grade Mrs. Galvan

I Know how to bake a turkey First I buy it from famley dollar next I will wash it and driy it. Last I put it in the oven to cook for 40 hours. then eat it. Julius

First I buy the turkey from teh store. Next, I wosh the turkey for 2 minits.  I put ht turkey in the uven for 9 minits. then I put stuffing then I ate the turkey. Isaiah

Frst, you buy the turkey you clean the turkey you cook the turkey you put in for 40 minits you take the turkey out Next, you cut the turkey you put salt and pepper Last, you eat the turkey. Aliana

First I By The trkie Next I take it home thrd I Wash it 5pft I Put it in The uven sPxth i Put Prton for 408 secons Next I take it out. Jozy

I know how to bake a turkey.  First. Bi a EDrien

First I put the turkey in the fridge. Next you put stufing in the turkey you , turn on the ufin 40 °. YOu cook a turkey. You fined a turkey in a lots of placeis. Mariano

First you get the turkey. after ytou ttake The feathers off. you Put it 40° Next you turn the ofin on Last you bake it. and you Put it on a Plate you cut it. you eat it. Haiden

Frst you Bay a turkey. Sekt Pek out the fethers. thrd then cook for fiften minutes. foth wach it and druy cut it up and pot it on a plate. Ivy

first, you buy the turkey. Then I tack the turkey home Last you poot it in the ovin. We trn the ovin on. You poot spissis on the turkey. You tack owt of the ovin and you poot on a plate. Mariah

First, you wash it and you bake for 40 minutes? and you git it out and den you Put salt and pepr and you kut it up and you put on the plate Makenzie First, I will get a tarkey from the store. Next, I take the feathers off and put rit in the stove Also churno the stove for 15 mintues. Last, I put hte oven at 140° when it is done i get it out of the oven then i put hte tarkey on a plate then i put it on the tadle. Malachi

frst, Buy it frum the stor.  Next, wosh it then cook it. Last, Pute it in the ovin for 40% then tack it out. of hte ovin then solt and pepr i kut it and put it on a plate. Michael

Firs, put it in the oven and tunutes. Take it on. Wayt for murute Take it out Put stuffin i. Andre

Peakview School Walsenburg 1st Grade Mrs. Isom

First I Poot butter On It.  Next I Poot in The Pot Next I cut The Turkey Next I catch IT Next I cropping It. Then Poot stuffing Last I poot oil Maxximus

First you clean it in thin you pout seasoning on it pout it in the uvin pout it in a pan. Next you pout it in a BOil skin it Buter it cut the Skin it take the fethers off. then you eat it Git A SPoon or A Fork then A Pout it in the A boil then I cech and cut the feet off. Last eat it. Mason

First I you shoot then you rip the fere’rs next, you rip the beck ofe then you tAle + AcAwt the irse LASt you foot in the uvin w10 An iet tre bowrge Colton

First I, Get some Turkey. Put it in the stove. next, I Get it I put in the sezin the Turkey. Then, cut it up. Last, I boil it. then eat it. Lilian

Shoot a tre eat that. First I, cook tre you. Fre bay you can cook. them cook eat tre. pain cook it cook bool it to eat it it is. Poob to tre to eat. Cach the tre in zen. I coo it gun are eat. faule tit it. nin the muin. to cook to eat. a tre frtt. I put in. Shoot the. guns with miy faule Hol faule. Alessia

First I, make a Turkey They I eta The holl ting Then my Mom pooTis in the utve They The shoteg Turkey net my Mom 2S pot it in a pane poot it in The nest bay I sol Then a Turkey ka edie last mong I hrde a swikin and i cot a Turkey Mikhaila

Frist is cook it in A pan. Next I spua suming in it. I am choppin it into reesoys and you poot it in a Pan te boil it welo I cook it and nin boil it to eat it and I seasoning welo. Johnathan

First I, catch a Turkey.  Next, I cook, and cut.  then, I Butter it. last, I eat it. Wolo! Mason

I LOVE terkes. First I eat thanksgiving I LOVE turkers.  I LOVE IT I LOVE to eat Next, I rest. In my bed I cach a turkey do you eat turkeys. I cill a turkey. Suzanna

First I Get i turkey. NExt I seneng the trkey. Then i Poot the trkey iN the uviN Last I stuF the trkey in my moth Elias

first I git The Stuff. Next, I git The Butter on The Pan. Next, I git The Seasoin. Next, I choPP The turkey. Next, I pit in the stove. Next, I boil The turkey. NExt, I choPP it Then I eat it. Next, I take it out of The stove. Then, I have stufing. last, I have candy. Emily

First I, poot the trcy in the uvin. NExt, I make The stufing. then, I ead buder last, I Take The Trky owt of The uvin. Evony

First seasoning shooting stove playing tray eat stuffing boil. Next I, call My mom. will my mom. I will eat it.  then I. Then, I cook a Turkey. Pan boil. Last, eat boil pot then cut. first I casht. the turkey I like to eat it I Love turkey Haiden

First I, catch The Turkey Next I cook the turkey Last I Erd Turkey Wolowolo Roxle

Peakview School Walsenburg 2nd Grade Mrs. Northup

I like turkeys because thay love hairy eggs forever, and thay will prteked thair little eggs. Francisco

Do you know how to cook a turky. So stept one Find a turky. Stept two took a turky in your car. Stept three kill a turky and took the head. Stept foree cook it. Stept five and eat it. Aiden

Firt you need a turky and cach it put any initins ooote uf the time. I give me stufing ten put it in the ovinwin is dune eat and enjoe. Happ Thangiving! Divinity Pell off the sine of the turkey for a few hour in a big pan than eat it. Bonnie

Furst you get a turkey and then you cook the trky and set a timer four 7 hurs and it is don. Joseph

First you open the turky then you make shure it is big and fat then put stuffing insid then put the turky inside the oven then take it out of the oven and eat it. Harmony

I like turky oleese you put the turky in the box get a oven and you eat. First you put the turky in your tummy the end. Tristin

How to cook a turkey. You look for a wild turkey. And you kill that turkey. And you plack the fether’s and then you tack the bone’s out. And put stufing in it. and youput the killed turkey in the ovin for 4 min and you eat it. Delilah

Peakview School Walsenburg 2nd Grade Mrs. Brawner

How to cook a a turkey. First buy a turkey at First Choiee. Take it home and we pluck it. Then we put it in the oven. Wait awhile take it out of the oven and wait for it to cool off. Last we wait for our family to come to grandma’s house. The kids play outside, and the grownups sit down in the living room. After that we eat the turkey. By Kaysie Bobian

Me and my Grampe chop it head off we pluck the feathers. Me and my gampa we skin it and my grampa and me put it in the uvin then we get it out of the uvin then we eat it.

Step 1 we find a tukey then you chok it. Step2 you cut it and tak the father off. Step 3 Then you put it in the oven then you wait. Step 4Then you eat it after you take it out og the oven. By Ja’Daniah Witfiled

Me and my mom go to the store to get the turkey. There might be 15 people my grandma’s house. All of us will eat greencili and my dad will BBQ. I am going to play with my cousin while the turkey is in the oven. Cook the turkey in the oven for maybe 20 or 25 minutes. Take the wrappe off. And take the guts out. Then you take the blood out Then you eat the turkey. By David J. Roel, Jr.

Go to the store and buy a turkey. Take it home take of the wrapper. Put it in the oven. We let it cool down because it is hot. Put seasoning on it. Cut it and eat it. By Joshaynn Aragon

How to cook a turket. First my mom buys a turkey from First Choice. She grins it to my grandma’s and my grandpa’s is going to put it in the fridge for the day befor Thanksgiving. She will cook it then we will go to my dad’s moms and dads and my grandma’s is coming to. by Unique Murphy How to cook a turkey. Step 1 Buy your turkey. Step 2 Bring it home. Step 3 Pluck the feathers Step 4 preheat the oven to 100° Step 5 wash hands. Step 6 Cook overnight. Step 7 Take it out of oven. Step 8 Season the turkey Step 9 Let it cool off. Step 10 invite others over. Step 11 get plates and serve. Step 12 Make sure everyone has a pice. Step 13 Eat up. By Allyson Daniels

Step 1. Buy my turkey. Step 2 Take the wrapper off. Step 3 Put tin foil on it. Step 4 Get a pan and put the turkey in it. Step 5 Cook the turkey 8 hours. Step 6 Done! Take the tin foil off. Step 7 Now you can eat it. By Alijah Addison Jackson

Step 1 Hunt the turkey. Step 2 Bring it home. Step Pluck it, Step 4. Preheat the oven. Step 5 Put in oven Step 6 Put seasoning. Step 7 Squeeze lemon turkey. Step 8 Envite everybody. Step 9. Eat it up! by Jazlynn

I buy turkey at the store. Then we go home to cook the turkey. Me and mom cook it. I clen the turkey while mom sets the oven. My family going to be here soon. Then I am happy. Have a good Thanksgiving! by Lexis Tenorio

You cut the wrapper. You put oil on the pan. Then you put the turkey in the oven. Then you take the turkey out of the oven. You cut the turkey then you enjoy the turkey and et it. by Christian Buy a fresh turkey. Bring it home pluck the feathers put it bake. Take it out of the oven cool itoff. Eat! by Milerah Cortez

How to cook a turkey. I go to the store with my mom and buy a turkey. And all the stuff for the turkeyThen we go home and cook it in the oven. Then after we cook it we pu suffing in it. Then everybody coms and then we eat it. Izaiah

How to cook a turkey. First we go to the store and buy the turkey and go home and take off the paper in the kitchen. Then we bake the turkey in the oven. Then we eat it. My friend comes over and we go to parade of lights. Serenity

Step 1: Kill a turkey. Step 2: Get the guts out. Step 3: Put it in the oven. Step 4: Get it out of the oven. Step 5: Cut the turkey. Step 6: Eat the turkey. Step 7:Put pepper on it. Hayden My grampa makes trkey like I like it. I love it so much it is so good love. I wish it was everytheng. And he seasone and I like it somuth I love it anhep puts it in t ovin for 30.40. Mom takes off the wrapping so she can boil the turkey. I am excited for thanksgiving I stuff my mouth with the turkey, and my mom seasons it and put’s gravey on it and I love it. by Dekota

Step 1: Go to the store. Step 2: Bring the turkey home. Step3: Cook the turkey. Step 4: Eat the turkey. My family goes to the store and gets the turkey. We bring the turkey home and cooks it when it is done my family eats it. Aiden Alessa and Rokongta

Peakview School Walsenburg 3rd Grade Ms. Brown

THANKSGIVING: Thanks for food Happy for help in the kichen Appy pie is my favorite Nice people on ThanksGiving Kindness is When you share Snacking on pie Good turckey is yummy Ice cream, cold and good Vegetable are healthy Inside my house we pray to God befor we eat Now I Give thanks to God McKenzie Mercier

FAMILY: Family is fun Aunt Milly is nice too Many people like to celebrate. It is also fun playing with cousins. Lilly is fun to play with also. You should like Thanksgiving too! Dejabella Lessar

THANKSGIVING: Tonight on thanksgiving we eat turkey and Ham. Apple cider is our favorite thing to drink. Nice to people on thanksgiving Kitchen busy with cooking, Strawberry fruit salad, Gather all the people in the kitchen. Ice cream as our dessert, Vegetables, Ice in our cups with juice. Nice games we play, Great party. Hunter Lessar

GRATEFUL: Grateful for my grandma Rushing around All of my family Turkey baking Events are happening Family U and I Love my family Joseph Fuphy 😉

FAMILY: Friends and family Are fun to eat with together My family and I Love to have fun Yes me and my family have fun together Rylee Diane Sporcich

THANKFUL: Thankful people celebrate this holiday. Happy things happen, like seeing family. Autumn foods, like pumpking pie are eaten. Nuts and other delicious snakcs are in a bowl. Kisses are given by lots of family. Squash and other vegetables on a plate.  Grateful families will meet up. Images of you and your family on the wall. Vacations to have your feast. Ideas of turkey crafts. Natural cranberry sauce for the feast. Give all the thanks that you have. Taelor Bobian

FAMILY: Fun with the family, Accomplishments run in my family, My grateful family, I am thankful for my family, Living in our family, Youngsters in the family are fun to play with! Robert Kongta

THANKSGIVING: Thankful to my family, Happness to share, Awesome things to do, Napkins everywhere Kind to everybody you see, Sharing things with everyone, Giving thanks to everyone, Inviting all your family, Vanilla icing on the cake, I’m havingt a great time, Native Americans were kind and we are Grateful in everything. Adrianna Bobian

THANKSGIVING: Turkey is yummy, Having friends over is fun. Apple pie. Nuts in a bowl. Kindness to every one.  Stuffing turkey is really fun. Grabbing candles and pray to ancestors. I get to play with my dog and friends. Vegetables and fruits. Ice cream. Nice horse riding.  Giving free turkey away. Marlyna Lara

FAMILY: First my family and I go camping, Another thing we do is get our ATV’s and ride them. Mom and I cook the turkey. I race my little brother, we are fast. Learn about Pilgrims. Yep, that’s what we do on thanksgiving! Gavan Perrino

THANKSGIVING: Thanksgiving is nice.  Ham, turkey and stuffing.  Adrianna and my cousins come.  Nice games we could play.  Kind family. Suckers we enjoy Getting to eat yummy food and Ice cream.  Vice Principal we see, Icing on the cake. Nice friends come over, God thank you for my family and this Holiday. Isaias Bobian

THANKSGIVING: Turkeys are good to eat, Happiness is cool. Above us is pretty. Niceness is a good thing.  Kids are having fun on Thanksgiving. Sun shines.  God is who I pray to.  I am so happy for Thanksgiving. Vegetables, turkey, salad and pumpkin pie.  I’ts cool that we celebrate Thanksgiving.  Nice kids play with friends and family. Great people are thankful. Nancy Montoya

FAMILY: Family is nice. Apple pie is my favorite. Mom had Pumpkin Spice Pie for us too. Im very excited. Ladies are making turkey for us. Yes, I like Thanksgiving. Emri Espinoza

FAMILY: Feast and have fun. Ate a Meal with turkey and Ice cream and Lots of people Yelled for more and more because it was so delicious! Prayosha M. Patel

THANKSGIVING: Turkey was looking Hot and juicy Apples smelled fresh Nuts are dropping on the floor Knives are cutting Salad sweet Gauge is chewing on his feet I am feeling hungry Violin sounds from the t.v. It’s time for the feast Natalie plays the piano keys, Grace-please clear our sins, it is time to dig in! Landon Eccher Feast on a delicilous turkey. Autumn. Mom cooking a turkey In the Fall, Leaves Falling From the trees, Yodeling on the mountains Gavin Mize

FAMILY: Family and I At home watching TV while Mom is at the store buying a turkey I’m in my room eating a Lunch and waiting for dinner You’re the best cook, mom! Felicite Garlutzo

Peakview School Walsenburg 3rd Grade Mrs. Dotter

TURKEY: Turkeys go gobble gobble, Um turkeys are fiesty. Roar! scare the turkey in a trap. Kids eat stuffing and pie. Eat the turkey. Yum! that tastes good Taylor Torres

FAMILY: Family is #1. Always there for me. Mother and father like to play with me. I Love my family. Love my family forever in my life. Yummy turkey. Destiny Rittenhouse

THANKSGIVING: Thankful for turkey, Happy for the food. Amazing turkey, Cooked by grandpa. Nothing is better than butterscotch pie. Kindnes to the family. Sitting at the dinner table. Giving thanks, Inviting the family from Oklahoma.  Very good turkey. I loVe my family. Nice Thanksgiving food.  Giving food to the family. Titan Anthony

FAMILY: Fathers are nice Aunty Helen and Aunty Jenny take me to the zoo. Mothers are nice. I love my famly. Lovely family always come down, Young cousins say Happy Thanksgiving Saphire Serrato

TURKEY: Take Time to cook it Unless it is burnt Real turkeys are fat. Kids have fun on Thanksgiving, Everyone is having fun. Yams are good when My MoM cooks them Kylie Villalobos

FAMILY: Fathers are nice. Aunt Brandy and Aunt Selena take me to the North Pole. Mom is kind. I Love my family, Love my brothers. Yes, I have a small family Seth Barrett

FAMILY: Family is forever friends are for fun, All my family loves me on thanksgiving. Mom takes me to the park to ahve a picnic. In my family I have a puppy and she eats turkey. Laken plays with me on Thanksgiving You will all have fun on Thanksgiving Angelina Harper

THANKSGIVING: Time to start a new day with Happiness with friends and family And before we do it Now is the time to get ready Kindness is fun So be prepared Giving thanks is great I even think it’s a matched pair  Very much I say “thank you” It’s so good to say that Nuttiness is not necesary Giving thanks, well of course it is. Hennessy Pino

THANKSGIVING: Turkeys with the family Happiness and delight Angels that we pray to at the table Nice food and family Kids running around Strawberris on a cake Gratitude that my whole family is here I love all the food Very delicious foods Incredible desserts Nice holidays the whole family is here for Great times and memories Cara Vialpando

FAMILY: Father are you doing Thanksgiving? Am I doing Thanksgiving? Mom are you doing thanksgiving? I love thanksgiving Lucky you do not have to cook because you are far away. You are where mom and dad? Josiah Piper

FAMILY: Family is the best because we are family that love each other.  Aunty loves me and my brothers. Mom loves me and my brothers. I am nice to my mom, dad, and my brothers. Love each other and play together.  Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Isaac Armijo-Cruz

TURKEY: Turkeys are lame they are in the hall of shame Ugly body and beard Rather fat Kicking turkey is fun Everyone burs turkey You turkeys are gross Jiovanni Correnti

FAMILY: Family is the best. A Family is a parent Make sto I Love my family Love yourself Yes, I Love my mom Brigette Garrett

FAMILY: Fun with family And my Aunties and uncles My mom and my dad too I also have turkey Loving my family Your family is the best thing in the world Zyon Bellah

THANKSGIVING: The reason why I like Thanksgiving is the turkey Having gracy and Ham and piccatilli Always get apple pie Nanna mom Lorraine is my favorite Kitchen my mommy, nanna Lorraine cooks in The kitchen.  Sweet potatos are delicous.  Grateful for the food I get from my mommy nanna, Lorraine and from the sckool I have thanks for my Life Van and house and Things my family gets. I love my family.  Neighborhoods are like family. Good turkey skin toeat off of the turkey Manual Montoya

La Veta School La Veta Preschool

I am thankful for all of my family. Lucas Adams I am thankful for a Thanksgiving Feast. Loren Albright I am thankful for my parents and my brother. Jhett Andreatta

I am thankful for my dad and God. Elexa Baumgarner

I am thankful for my Bible. Lukas Bjorum I am thankful for the thanksgiving. Willa Gripka

I am thankful for Jesus, God and my family. Kersey Huff

I am thankful for a Thanksgiving Feast. Collin Jameson I am thankful for all of my 5 cousins. Tayce Shrout

I am thankful for God. Porter Smith

I am thankful for my mom, my brother and my dad. Carson Suddereth

I am thankful for my family. Nikolas Wise

I am thankful for everyone in my family. Briley Bullard

I am thankful for my teachers. Aden Kiehne

I am thankful for my family that helps me so my heart doesn’t break. Brooklynn Kohler

I am thankful for my grandma’s candy box. Cayson Valdez

La Veta School La Veta Kindergarten

I am thankful for the presidents and the respect they gave us. Mariah

I am thankful for my parents letting me play at the park and pop-up-tabs! Maxy

I am thankful for eating cake and going to the park! Cooper

I am thankful for my mom, my dad, my brother, and my sister! Katherine

I am thankful for my mom giving me food! Kaidance

I am thankful for people giving me food and I am not grumbling! Scarlett

I am thankful for my family and for having water! Jason

I am thankful for my sister, and my brother, and my mom, and dad! Nicholas

I am thankful for giving food to Americans! Kiryssa

I am thankful for my mom taking me to the Nutcracker! Gabriel

I am thankful for the school my mom and dad, giving all the universe food! Eli

I am thankful for going to the park! Meleana I am thankful for my parents! Lillian

La Veta School La Veta 1st Grade

I am tank for it the neWs Bee CAus Me aNd my PAPA LISeN to It A LOT Emerson

I am thankful for Thanksgiving food and Life Persaya

I am thaNkFul for Thanxgeving and eating the Trerkea and StaaiNg with My FamLey Weston

I am thaNkful for my mom aNd my dad too aNd ThaNKsgiviNg aNd the Food. London

I am thaKful for Thanksgiving beKas ov the terkee Kaeden

I am thankful for my mom. and my Dad and my babee sistr. and many of my clas matse. Jordan

I am thanKful for ThanKsgiving I will be at my grapus and gramus Brayden

I AM thAnk for Wut You do For thAcxgeveN ANd I hop You hAV A WUDRFL thAcxgeveN We lic the Noos PAPR

XZAVIeR I am Thankful for ThanKsGiving Buocos We are having good Food and nice people Isalina

I am thankful for my grampo and the nuse. Becase it Lite evreone no what is goieo oN Autumn

I am thankful for the Thanksgiving hol u day and my dad Gabriel

I am thankful for The food at Thankgiving Trkee and a Pool Pie Saving cuclifee Thankgiving Jace

I am thankful for my mom my DaD and my sistr. I get to go to my granes haws in Mosre Lula

I am thankful for my Dad who is fiating Right noW for our Cunchre. Ti

I am thankful for thankxs givin. and food. and love. Isabel

I am thankful for ThanksGiving Becos I hace trcee and I get to see My Gram. I am get a new car. Brianna

La Veta School La Veta 2nd and 3rd Grades

I am thankful for my parents becasue they provide food for me. I am thankful for the veterans for serving us. I am thankful for my borthers because they help me in math. I am thankful for my grandma and grandpa because they give me cool presents every year for Christmas. I am thankful for school because they help me learn. I am thankful for Coach Falk because he helps us become better athletes. Tony

I am thankful for Thanksgiving because we have lots of food to eat and a shcool to learn and to sing songs and play games. Hannah

It is almost Thanksgiving! You are getting to see your family. It is a fun time when you are with your family and you get to play. You can be thankful you get to eat turkey and rolls and all kinds of stuff.  but the most fun you will have is to play with your family. Playing outside with them and looking for turkey and animals like rabbits, elk and deer. By the end of the day you will remember that for the rest of your life! Aaden

I am thankful for my family for providing a house. I am also thankful for hte food that my mom and dad buy. I love my fammily so much. I am so thankful for my family. I am glad I have a grandma and aunts, uncles and friends. I am thankful for Jesus and my family so much. I am thankful for the Bible. Anna

I am thankful for the army because they saved us. I am thankful for my parents because they take care of me. I am thankful for my friends because they play with me. I am thankful for school because it helps me learn math and stuff. I am thankful for Thanksgiving because it’s when the pilgrims and the Indians got along with each other. I am thankful for my video games because when it’s raining and I’m bored I can play with them. Kaiden

I Am thankful for my house, my food, my clothes, my family, and all my friends. Sean

I am Thankful for pie and turkey and a family, and also a roof over my head.  What are you thankful for? John

I am thankful for America because we are free. I am thankful for my famly because they help me. I am thankful for my dogs because I liek to play with them! I am thankful for all of Thanksgiving food! Joaquin

I am thankful for a family, parents, house, shoes, and animals. I am also thankful for Thanksgiving food! Sunny

These are the things I am thankful for. I am thankfull for parents becasue they provide food for me. I am thankful for my siblings because they play iwth me. First, I am thankful for the Holidays because I can see family and friends. Second, I am thankful for my house because it keeps me safe. Third, I am thankful for friends because they make me feel good. I have a lot of things I am thankful for. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Jackson

These are things and people I’m thankful for. I’m thankful for Mericia beccause she is always there for me or with me. I’m thankful for Isaiah because he makes me laugh. I’m thankful for Jim because he makes me who I am. I’m thankful for my dog Dax. I would not be happy without him. I’m thankful for all my family because Without them I couldn’t be where I am now. I’m thankful for my uncle Cedric because he helps me pursue my dream.  thanks to everyone of you! Love you all! Emma

Holy Trinity Academy Trinidad Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grades

Ingredients: Salt, pepper, sauce, turkey, stuffing, frosting. 1. First, you cut up the turkey. 2. Put salt and pepper on the turkey. 3. Put stuffing inside the turkey. 4. Spread sauce all over the turkey. 5. last but not least spread cupcake frosting everywhere on the turkey. 6. Cook for 1 minute in the oven at 10 degrees. 7. for dessert, eat 19 cupcakes and 1 piece of candy Hazel Anderson (KINDERGARTEN)

Ingredients: salt, pepper, sugar, flour, other ingredients, knives. 1. First, put salt and pepper on the turkey 2. cut up the turkey 3. Cook the turkey in the oven for a long, long time. 4. take the turkey out of the oven. 5 put the flour and sugar on the turkey. 6. sit down with your family and eat your turkey. 7. eat chocolate candy for your dessert Keendan Lucero-Espinoza (K)

Ingredients: salt, pepper, hot sauce, sour cream, butter, turkey. 1. Put the turkey outside on the big wall 2. skin the turkey. while you are skinning it, it will die. 3. go inside and put the turkey in the sink. 4. turn the water on and wash the blood off and take out the heart. 5. Put hte turkey in the oven. The oven should be superhot. 6. Cook the turkey for half an hour. 7. Take the turkey out of the oven and put butter on it 8. then put salt and pepper on it and sour cream. 9. Cut a piece of the turkey off. Now you can drip hot sauce all over it and eat it! Colton Cobb (1ST GRADE)

Ingredients: Oven, salt, stuffing, sugar, turkey. In the afternoon, I cook the turkey in the oven. 1. First, I stuff the stuffing into the turkey. 2. I put salt on it. 3. I put sugar on it. 4. Then my family eats the turkey Lily Sawaya (1ST)

Ingredients: Turkey, salt, pepper, sauce, seasoning, butter. 1. First, take out the feathers 2. Turn on the oven 3. Put it in the oven for a very long time 4. Put on sauce 5. Put on salt, butter, seasoning, and pepper 6. Cut it up 7. Take out the legs 8. Eat it Bella McShannon (1ST)

Ingredients: Salt, turkey, seasoning, pepper, sauce, butter. 1. Take out the turkey’s feathers. 2. Take out hte turkey’s guts. 3.  Cook it for thirty minutes (make it in the afternoon). 4. Make it in the oven. 5.  Put on the butter. 6.  Put on the sauce. 7. Put on the salt. 8. Put on the pepper. Lorelei Bischoff (2ND GRADE)

Ingredients: Turkey, salad, vegetables, salt, cupcakes, brownies. 1. First, decorate the table. 2. Next, put salt on the turkey to make it good. 3.  Put hte turkey int he oen for 250 minutes. 4. Put vegetables around the turkey. 5. Put the turkey ont he table. 6. Also put cupcakes and brownies on the table. 7. Eat, Eat, EAT! Nora Garcia (2ND)

Ingredients: salt, pepper, flour, oranges, grapes, vegetables. 1. First, put salt on the turkey in the pot 2. Second, put some pepper to make it spicy and tasty 3. Third, put flour in the pot with the turkey 4. Fourth, put some grapes into the pot with the turkey 5. Fifth, add oranges 6. Add vegetables in 7. Add in some spices 8. Last, but not least, cook in the oven for two hours 9. Your turkey will be ready to eat at 9 o’clock! Tora Martinez (2ND)

Holy Trinity Academy Trinidad 3rd and 4th

Ingredients: Salt, butter, turkey, bacon, Pepsi, pumpkin pie. 1. Turn on the oven to hot 2. Make your pumpkin pie 3. Make some bacon 4. Put some salt and butter on the turkey 5. Cook the turkey in the oven for 20 minutes 6. Eat all your food and drink your Pepsi Jace Manuel

How to cook a turke Wen i cook a turke i yuos salt. I put pepr on my turke. I put butr on my turke. I let my turke sit for a howr. I put it on ten dgrys. Darius

How Do You Cook A Turkey For Thanksgiving? I will make a turkey for Thanksgiving.  First you buy the turkey from the store. Then you put it in the oven for about ten to twenty minuets. After that you let it cool for about 15 minuets.  When it’s about done cooling, you have your choice of peper, salt, or nothing for your seasoning.  Finally, you should put it on a plate and eat it with your family. I hope you’ve enjoyed Sophia’s recipie on how to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving. by: Sophia 2017

First thing you Put it in the oven You Put Stuff on it then we eat it Jace

Im going to cook the turkey for this Thanksgiving. you will have to buy it. then you take home and cook it. You trun the stove on for 15 degrees, and put salt and paper a bUtter Lorenzo

How you cook a turkey. You cook a turkey by stiking it in the oven at 700° for 5 houers. When the timer beaps you take it out Bien

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