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This Week in History of November 2, 2017

by Nancy Christofferson


M.C. Hutton of the Pacific Whaling Company, an exhibition company, had the idea that the American people would be interested in viewing a whale firsthand. Whales were caught in the Catalina Islands, and embalmed in 100 foot, specially constructed railcars with glass enclosures. 200 to 300 barrels of embalming fluid was required. PWC sent exhibition trains around the country from 1929 through 1945. Admission price was 10 cents in the 1930s. Source: California’s Whaling Coast by Dale Vinnedge.

1883: The Huerfano Herald moves this week to commodious quarters in Mazzone Hall in Walsenburg after publishing the past three years in La Veta.

1891: The school teacher in Rouse was elected county superintendent to take office the first of the year, so the school board is seeking another teacher and will pay $65.00 a month.

1897: As of November 15, the editors of the World will have been here for one year. They are W.C. Hunt and E.F. Halbert.

1903: The new First National Bank in Walsenburg will take over all commercial papers, notes, mortgages and fixtures of the former Fred Walsen and Son Bank.

1909: The Cucharas Construction Company has been organized by J.B. Farr, Filo Andrews, Librado Martinez, Ylario Vallejos, Juan Lucero and Dioncio Vigil. The company has purchased a ditching and grading machine which will dig a 20 foot irrigation ditch with the ease with which a mole runs his burrow through a choice lawn.

1915: Seventeen couples attended the Young Married club dance Wednesday night.

1921: The Spanish Peaks and Greenhorn were covered with a nice coating of white this morning, the first snowfall of the season.

1926: Workmen began excavation for Walsenburg’s new union depot and the grain elevator is being rapidly dismantled to make way. Many citizens have been waiting since 1916 to see the promised building started.

1931: A giant whale weighing 68 tons and measuring 55 feet long is on display here on a special railroad car.

1937: Six people were injured, five automobiles badly wrecked, and four traffic violators were jailed as Walsenburg claimed its Halloween holiday toll. Police say it was one of the calmest Halloweens in history.

1942: The Recreation committee of the Huerfano County Association for National Defense reports approximately 15,000 small bass, bluegills and other warm water fish were released in Martin Lake by the state fish and game department.

1947: “Wild Bill” Elliott, popular movie star, stopped in Walsenburg yesterday afternoon for a snack and parked in front of the World-Independent office.

1953: Thirteen people, nine of them teenagers, were jailed over the weekend though Police Chief Jack Evans said it was the “quietest Halloween on record”.

1958: The 1959 Edsel is on display today at Santi Motor Company.

1964: The members of the United Church will give their annual turkey dinner today, November 2, from, 5-8 p.m. in Hatfield Hall. Cost is $1.50 adults, 75 cents, children.

1969: Died, Anna Brice, 95. A descendent of Kit Carson, she was the widow of William B. Brice Sr., publisher of the Walsenburg Yucca newspaper about 70 years ago and she was a teacher. They left the area in 1900.

1974: The Planned Parenthood office is moving to the Huerfano Family Medicine building at 129 Kansas Avenue from the basement of the Colorado Health Department building on Pennsylvania Avenue.

1979: A former auto dealership at 117 West Sixth Street is now “Big Game Taxidermy” opened by Monte Sink. He also has a meat processing plant at 728 Main, formerly McAl Meats.

1984: Huerfano County Commissioners approved the $5,202,599 budget for next year, which includes nearly two million dollars for Social Services. The budget is based on an evaluation of $57,082,270 and a mill levy of 21.55.

1989: After a clerical error at the state level was discovered, Huerfano County valuation was changed from $100,530,639 to $101,633,788, an increase of more than $1.1 million, but it is still down nearly $3 million from 1988.

1995: The Walsenburg Elks will serve a benefit Italian dinner November 5 in their lodge for a resident of the Colorado State Veterans Nursing Home who has leukemia. A dance with Rough House band will follow. La Veta

1876: Some eight or ten buildings are in the course of construction, one of them being a flouring mill with three run of burs, for which they have an ample water supply.

1881: The town lockup is to be repaired with a new shingle roof at a cost of not more than $25.00.

1889: The snow storm of Wednesday night and Thursday was quite extensive, but it diminished and is rapidly succumbing to the bright sunshine of our Italian climate.

1897: The Photo Tent of O.T. Davis now fronts the P.O. block. Callers always welcome.

1904: On account of the rush of business in Walsenburg, O.T. Davis finds it impossible to move his photo gallery here at present.

1910: Builder R.L. Hammett has just completed the construction of an 80 by 26 foot barn for W.H. Hamilton and will now begin one even larger for F.C. Sager’s dairy cows.

1916: Walter H. Hamilton, Democrat, will face off with Arthur A. Foote, Republican, in the District #2 county commissioner’s race next Tuesday.

1922: Town Board passed a resolution Tuesday night requiring everyone connecting with the sewer system to first obtain a permit from the clerk.

1927: Jodie Huesties is working nights for the La Veta Automotive Company and Allen Erwin has taken his place in Edwin L. Smith’s grocery.

1933: From reliable sources it is learned that work will soon commence on the federal highway north of La Veta to complete the link which will leave La Veta completely off the traffic lane. It is “the blow that killed father”, but isolated places have been known to prosper and let the rest of the world go by.

1938: Botanists discovered 65 new varieties of grasses, shrubs and wild flowers in the San Isabel National Forest during a range study this summer.

1944: Freshmen on the honor roll for the past six weeks are Gloria Arnold, Barbara Beamer, Edith Marker, Betty Moore and Gail Ritter.

1950: John V. Geiser won the La Veta Locker Plant’s hunting contest by bagging the heaviest deer, 249 and ½ pounds.


1955: The 12 student librarians under Marilyn Lammers, head, pulled out about 30 books not checked out for five years to make way for new books.

1960: There are 4,972 Huerfano County residents eligible to vote in the November 8 general election, about 520 less than in 1956 and 250 less than ’ 58.

1965: About 40 high school students and several teachers attended an after-the-game Halloween party Friday night given by Teresa Gordon, Barbara Leatherwood and Rosalie Underwood at the Gordon residence.

1971: Died. Lillian Linscott, 76. She leaves daughters Letha Zellar, Lucy Meyer, Ina Fellhauer, Bernice Rose, and sons Joe, Waldo, Thomas and Paul.

1975: Wesley Lupton raced 54 yards to score a touchdown in the final minute of the game Friday as La Veta nipped Primero 24-22.

1981: At the Halloween party in the La Veta Lodge Saturday night Jay Aljinovich won the costume contest dressed as an armadillo.

1986: Bruce Hale of Nevada came to La Veta to visit his uncle Gilbert Arnold and cousins, and decided to stay here to live.

1991: The Lonnie Brown family of La Veta has been named 4-H Family of the Year.

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