This Week in History


1890: The Walsenburg Sandstone Company is a new business that is opening quarries just west of town along the Denver and Rio Grande tracks where there are six ledges of different colors. 1895: Thursday was a breezy day and there was a lively distribution of the household goods of F.M. Anderson who was moving to town from La Veta. 1900: Eulalie Bustos, almost 14, was married to Felix Vigil, 18, at St. Mary, followed by a two day celebration. 1905: The snow fell thickly, the sun shone brightly and now her name is mud. (?) 1910: Many improvements have been made at Rouse where a new blacksmith shop has been built, a new engine has been installed and new equipment can now hoist between 800 and 900 tons daily with expectations to hoist some 1800 to 2000 tons within the near future. The mine is now shipping about 2,500 tons daily and soon will be able to send out 3,000 to 4,000 tons. 1916: Adolph Unfug has been elected president of the Mountain States Hardware Men’s Association. 1921: Harry Graves has commenced what will be when completed one of the most up to date garages in the county, on East Sixth Street, next to the garage Mr. Graves now occupies. 1927: Service Drug Company, newly organized in this city, will be established in about six weeks in the location formerly occupied by Walsenburg Electric and Supply at 504 Main Street. 1932: The Walsenburg public library has added 75 volumes of children’s books, such as the Oz series, Billy Whiskers and the Camp Fire Girls series. It also has added a “pay shelf” for new adult titles. 1937: John Sobon, well known Walsenburg coal miner, was struck squarely in the face with a jack handle in the Cameron mine and may lose his sight. 1942: About $800 was added to the city treasury yesterday when delinquent assessments of $2.00 per month were collected on slot machines. 1948: With the sole concentration of building a better Walsenburg, a City Planning Committee was formed with James J. Tesitor to be chairman. 1953: Shosky’s Banquet Room will have a grand opening with a buffet for the public January 31 from 4 to 8 p.m. in the basement of Shosky’s Café and Bar. Alex, an ex-prize fighter, opened his first restaurant here in 1933 and his brother, Babe, bought the Alpine Rose in 1945 from August Musso. 1958: Statistics show the Huerfano County High School Panthers are averaging 47 points per game to become the best defensive team in their league. 1963: The J.C. Penney store was robbed by thieves who entered from the roof and cut through the ceiling. 1969: After a three month remodeling project to redo the marquee and move the front entrance farther north, the Fox Theater will re-open Friday with the showing of “The Sound of Music”, according to owner Paul Krier. 1974: Mrs. Fred George and Mrs. Steve Glorioso will be co-chairmen of this year’s Huerfano County Heart Association Fund Drive. 1979: The Candlelight Inn Restaurant at Seventh and Main streets reopened yesterday and is specializing in Texas style Mexican food, according to new owners Bill and Ruby Branch, formerly of Austin. 1984: The combined Walsenburg High School and Junior High bands will participate in the Cheyenne Frontier Days parade competition next July. 1989: Huerfano County Economic Development, Inc., soon will be located in the former Chamber of Commerce office at 500 Main. Mary Nelson is chairman, David Perkins, vice president and Shirley Jameson, secretary and treasurer. Mike Holecek is Executive Director 1995: Alys Romer will open a new restaurant, the Fireside, in Walsenburg in March. It will be located in the old Shosky Café and Bar on Main Street.

La Veta

1882: John Berry, Van Hendricks and Will DeVore took a turn up Indian Creek for several days this week on a scout for deer, but returned home without obtaining any. 1890: The Women’s Christian Temperance Union members are meeting monthly in the Baptist Church. This week they made four aprons and sewed on the quilt they are preparing for their fundraising sale. 1896: It is a standing disgrace to the intelligence of the community compelling children to wade through snow and slush to reach the school house without a sidewalk. 1901: The Reverend Wood surprised his family with a new piano Tuesday morning. It has three stops and these for meals only. 1906: I.R. Voorhees seems to be delivering quite a bit of furniture sold from his shop and also hauling new goods from the depot to restock. He says the sales for this month have doubled his expectations. 1911: F.M. Kerr and some other individuals repaired the bridge over the Cucharas on the P.L. Estes ranch at their own expense because it is the best route out of town to the south and west. 1917: Mrs. William McEvoy died after an operation for a tumor. She was born in 1883, lived here most of her life and married in May 1915. She leaves her husband, father J.G. Hamilton, sisters Mrs. L.M. Kreutzer and Miss Daisy, and brothers Harry, Frank, James C. and Walter, all of La Veta. 1922: The new auto repair shop to be erected by Fred Vasquez and Sidney Parker east of the former’s blacksmith shop on Francisco is to be built of sheet iron and be 31 by 46 feet in dimension. 1928: Little Gilbert Arnold was pleasantly entertained at his parents’ home on Friday the 13th by friends and neighbors who gathered in honor of his fifth birthday. 1933: La Veta Commercial Club retained the same officers as last year. They are C.C. Webster, president, Karl Gilbert, vice president, Dr. Paul Lee, secretary and Dr. C.E. Willburn, treasurer. 1938: The Young Democrats of La Veta organized a club with Frank Hector, president, John Ellis, first vice president, R.C. Hern, second vice president, Gene Sanchez, secretary and Jack Redpath, treasurer. 1943: Seniors on the honor roll for the first semester are Marjorie Engberg, Lena McCargish, Gloria Wilson and Helen Zember. 1949: The body of Pfc. Ralph Roybal of La Veta, a war casualty, will arrive Saturday evening for funeral services and burial. Born in 1924, he died February 23, 1945 in Holland, leaving his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jose Roybal of North Veta, three brothers and four sisters. 1954: Charles Grover of Alamosa, brakeman for the Denver and Rio Grande Western, fell under a train and was instantly killed about one mile west of La Veta. 1959: Mr. and Mrs. John Ellis have sold the La Veta Liquor Store to James Melonas who has Jim‘s Pool Hall next door. 1964: Sons were born last week to former residents Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nauerth in Lafayette and to Mr. and Mrs. Don Drury in Ordway. 1970: The Redskins took over first place in the Southern Peaks League last weekend with wins over Moffat, 86-31, and Creede, 54-47, and have a 5-0 league record.