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This Week in History

by Nancy Christofferson


1894: New scales have been installed at the Walsen mines and now coal is weighed on both the tipple and the track scales.

1899: J.E. Young departed town Monday with a four-month-worth load of provisions bound for his Mountain Home Hotel at Sierra Blanca camp at the head of the Huerfano.

1904: Farmers are complaining that the [railroad] cars left on McNally switch on the Pictou road are blocking the way and there is hardly room to drive a buggy between them, much less a hay wagon.

1909: James L. Martin of Gardner brought a drove of sheep to town Monday and sold them to Messrs. Wright and Young Farr for the meat market trade.

1914: Million Dollar Mystery at the Empress Theater every Tuesday.

1920: The real Buster Brown and his dog Tige were in the city the other day. They looked much like their pictures.

1925: Major John A. Martin, ex-congressman of this district, was guest speaker at the annual Armistice Day services held in the Star Theater.

1931: The Turkey Ridge Woman’s Club earned $16.00 for the Red Cross with their chicken sale and the cafeteria dinner given by the Apache Friendly Club netted $70.20 for the same cause.

1936: The Soil Conservation Service will begin a project tomorrow to build storage ponds throughout the drought area, which includes Huerfano County.

1941: The undefeated St. Mary High School Crusaders have scored a total of 161 points this season while opponents tallied but 33.

1946: All Western Auto Stores in Colorado will now be called Gamble Stores, according to Wayne Van Schoyck, co-owner of the local business that opened in April 1943 on West Sixth Street.

1952: The local employment picture looked very good in October since the turkey processing plant opened and coal mines began working from three to five days a week.

1957: The 1958 Cadillac has a new long tail fin, four headlights and the finest interiors ever offered by the company.

1963: Seniors on the honor roll at St Mary are Patricia Nardini, Michael Lenzini, Nechie Tesitor, Fred Bellotti, Sharon Padia, Theresa Sandoval and David Neeman.

1968: Army Private Felipe N. Archuleta, 20, of Redwing, was assigned as a military policeman with the 504th Military Police Battalion in Viet Nam.

1973: Exterior construction work on the new Loaf ‘n Jug at the corner of Kansas and Main streets is nearing completion.

1978: Tony and Luigia Andreatta, married November 17, 1928 by Father Liciotti in St. Mary Church, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with mass and a family dinner. Their children are Mario Andreatta, Erma Booze and Rosemary Hutman.

1984: Thanksgiving Buffet, Turkey, Ham, or Roast Beef, with All the Trimmings, $5.95 at the Rambler Restaurant.

1987: Huerfano County Hospital District officials have a preliminary budget of about $3 million, requiring a levy of 8.5 mills, an increase of 6.42 mills. The hospital now is paid off, free and clear of debt and employs up to 80 people full time.

1993: The Pawn Shop, 434 West Seventh Street, is expanding its inventory and will now carry a complete line of sporting goods, thanks to the new 25 by 50 foot addition where the stock of furniture will be located.

La Veta

1881: Dr. J.F. Yancey, physician and surgeon, respectfully tenders his professional services to the people of La Veta and vicinity. Office in the plaza, with Colonel Francisco.

1888: The contract for the repair and building of sidewalks was let to the newcomer, J.H. Vorseese [Vories].

1893: Minnie, 16, the oldest daughter of John C. Hector, died at their home on the Wahatoya.

1898: Robert Taylor sold the Star Livery to Charles Carroll and went to work for the Denver and Rio Grande in surveying for the new broad gauge track over La Veta Pass.

1905: About 15 carloads of sheep have been passing through La Veta each day, which stop over for watering in the enclosure north of the depot and now coyotes are coming right into town to feed upon any dead ones.

1910: C.R. Carroll has secured a contract to dig 1,000 feet of ditch for an extension of the town water lines in North La Veta and to the west side of the creek along Virginia Street.

1915: Mrs. Grace Ireland, former teacher here and widow of Alvah H. Ireland, committed suicide by shooting herself in the Santa Fe station toilet room in Canon City.

1921: Nature must have her little joke now and then and has the flowering shrubs as her victims. Myrtles, early primroses and dandelions are blooming away as if summer was close at hand.

1926: Alamo mine is erecting two bunkhouses near the mine and a number of new dwellings on the hill some distance away, while nearby at the Barbour there are 15 new dwellings and an eight room apartment house. The mines are working steadily.

1932: The essay contest sponsored by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union was won by Virginia Akers, Neva Lee Kirkpatrick and Marion Garren, who won $5.00, $2.00 and $1.00 respectively.

1937: Highway 111 has been rerouted along La Veta’s Main Street and parallel parking was introduced.

1942: Died, Manuel Gallegos, 71, at home in North La Veta. He was born in Las Animas County in 1871 but has lived in town for 66 years. He leaves his wife Loretta, son Albino in the Army, stepchildren Larry Chacon and Siria Farraria, and brother Lucas Lopez, La Veta.

1948: Ivydell Hall, owner of the Railroad Park filling station and widow of former La Veta mayor W.B. Hall, married Dean William Allen.

1955: From the Redskin Pow Wow: Our Roving Reporter this week interviewed Carol Taft, a junior, whose favorite subject is shorthand, favorite boy is Jack, and favorite hobby is drawing.

1961: The Redskins football team defeated Swink 13-7 Friday in the quarterfinals and will meet Kit Carson Saturday for the semi-final game in La Veta.

1966: Ernest L. Rilling, 81, died. He was born in 1885 in South Dakota and came to Colorado in 1890, settling in Mosca. In 1904 the family moved to La Veta. He was employed as a miner and railroader. Single, he leaves only his sister, Mrs. Miriam Pickens.

1971: Freshmen on the honor roll are Billy Duzenack, Mike Grey, Geneva Smith, Helen Schmidt, Dan Baldwin, Debbie Lupton, Nancie Aguirre, Nancy Johnson and Jane Sanchez.

1976: Future Farmers of America members Bill Riggins, Mary Bauer and Clay Houchin attended the Colorado State Judging Contest in Fort Collins this past week.

1981: The high school forensics team this year is composed of Cindy Ingersoll, Tom Murphy, Jeff Sallee, Sara Thompson, Allen Wolfe and Laura Burns.

1986: The Cuchara Chamber of Commerce will give an all you can eat spaghetti dinner November 17 in the Covered Wagon Restaurant. Cost is $4.50 per plate for adults.

1991: Jennifer Brown has been selected as an All-State volleyball player and will play in the2A game November 17 in Arvada.

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