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New trees for La Veta

courtesy Linda Lacy   LA VETA — La Veta’s Park and Tree Board continues to work diligently on adding to the visual impact of La Veta’s greenery in the park, trails and along the streets. The board works on obtaining and fulfilling grants, requests for tree work, visual inspections and advice for the community. The… Keep Reading

Notes from the Nook

courtesy Ginny Carlson   LA VETA — Dear Friends and Neighbors, We are open for business at the Book Nook on Main Street. We are open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We are conforming to the Health Department regulations and are asking our customers to wear masks, social distance, and to only enter the… Keep Reading

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My O’Piñon – My what an interesting looking room

Today we’re going to talk about redecorating your home. My guess is you’re unhappy with your current décor, especially if you have small children around, the result being that all of your furniture and carpeting, no matter what the original color scheme, is now the color of mixed-fruit. Fortunately for you, home decor is an… Keep Reading

La Veta Town Board tables action on school de-annexation request

by Mark Craddock   LA VETA — For the moment, the land on which La Veta School District RE-2 is building its new school remains firmly within the Town of La Veta. The La Veta Town Board tabled a de-annexation request by the school district Tuesday in order to seek advice from its legal counsel.… Keep Reading

This Week in History, for July 2, 2020 by Nancy Christofferson

Walsenburg 1877: In the opinion of your correspondent, the advantages possessed by this locality for stock raising are inferior to none, with the abundance of water, the almost limitless pasture of tall and nutritional grass, hay of the finest quality in the greatest abundance so the stockgrower and farmer may all alike find here suitable… Keep Reading

My Opinion, My O'pinion, My O'Pinion, Dave High, opinion

My O’Piñon – It’s your owner’s manual. Own it.

With all the new purchases being made after the economy has starting to open up (appliances, computers, cars, technical gadgets, etc.), it is probably good idea here to remind people to always read the owners manual. Manufacturers have one major complaint when it comes to the consumer and that is the consumer’s reluctance to read… Keep Reading

This Week in History, for June 25, 2020 by Nancy Christofferson

Walsenburg 1882: Two men were found guilty in the mail fraud case on the Gardner to Rosita route, but T.W. Fouch, Gardner postmaster, had to go all the way to Washington, D.C., to testify in the case. 1892: Hip! Hip! Rah for the band strawberry festival June 26th. 1897: Mazzone’s saloon, Wycoff Drug, and Unfug… Keep Reading

Regional History – A great character

by Nancy Christofferson   LA VETA — It may be coincidence, or it may be the water as so many people suggest, but La Veta is, and apparently always has been, the home of all types of characters, from clowns to curmudgeons. Today being June 25, the character who comes to mind is Walter F. Campbell,… Keep Reading

My O’Piñon – Under the I

This of course was a year ago before the pandemic, but a friend of mine, who is a bit more flush with cash than I am, was telling me about her trip on a cruise ship to the Bahamas. Her story about playing bingo epitomized the way technology has beaten so much of the spirit… Keep Reading

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