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Despite This, we stay – We Have Bugs

by Carol dunn RMSW — When I lived in Florida, I remember it was common practice for everyone to have their home sprayed for bugs every month. Having bugs in your house was very uncool. When we lived in California, we sprayed for ants and creepier things, like ear-wigs and hissing cockroaches. But since we’ve… Keep Reading

Popcorn! Drape your tree with a bit of pre-history

by Joe Tarabino This year, instead of celebrating the holidays by draping your evergreen with gaudy baubles, recall an older and more sustainable, early American tradition. Festoon your tree with what the indigenous peoples welcomed the newcomers to this continent many Thanksgivings ago. Popcorn. Perhaps as far back as 4,700 years ago, as discovered in… Keep Reading

Busy Bee Cafe & Malt Shop opens tomorrow

by Jeffery Beall WALSENBURG — A new restaurant with a diverse menu is opening here in Walsenburg tomorrow, December 7th. Its name, Busy Bee Cafe & Malt Shop, is taken from the name of a former Walsenburg restaurant run by Pina Martinez that closed in the late 1970s. This new restaurant, owned by the Turner… Keep Reading

Getting crafty in Gardner

The Raymond Aguirre Community Center in Gardner was full of crafters, bakers, farmers, and shoppers Saturday for the annual Gardner Christmas Craft Fair. The whole space was filled with the delicious smells of green chili, the laughter and voices of many friends, and the spirit of holiday cheer. Photo by Edie Flanagin Keep Reading

Google Earth – always taking pics

by Carol Dunn The other day, one of my friends mentioned that Google Earth takes satellite pictures of the whole world on a regular basis. Apparently G-Earth was originally developed with funding from the CIA so special agents could “browse” the earth in search of critical high-level intelligence, like where to go on vacation. Although this… Keep Reading

Raton resident receives Presidential Lifetime Service Award

by Carol Bridge RATON — Raton’s Cathie Rush has been making a BBQ dinner for local firefighters everywhere that she has lived since 9/11 to honor their bravery and service. Remy Garcia, Director for Senior Corps Programs in Colfax County, made Cathie’s day brighter by awarding her the Presidential Lifetime Service Award Pin. The firefighters… Keep Reading

PTO and the Elks partner for schools

The PTO of Raton has partnered with the Elks Club and has raised thousands of dollars to supply local students and teachers with much needed school essentials. Boxes and boxes of pencils, calculators and notebooks were given to classroom teachers and students at the start of the year to help ensure that every student has… Keep Reading

Veterans’ cemetery in Angel Fire receives much needed grant

by Lillian Eva Lieske ANGEL FIRE — On Tuesday, September 18, 2018, Governor Suzanna Martinez, announced the US Department of Veterans Affairs has officially approved funding to cover the cost of construction for the New Mexico Veterans Cemetery in Angel Fire. Along with the Governor, US Senators for NM Tom Udall, Martin Heinrich, as well… Keep Reading

Sporleder Ranch honored by state as a Centennial Ranch

owned by the same family for 100 years The Sporleder Ranch was feted at the Colorado State Fair last Friday, as one of a handful of ranches still owned by the same family after 100 years. The ranch is in both Las Animas and Huerfano counties. From left to right are Brian Orr, Gretchen Sporleder… Keep Reading

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