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Arts and Culture a growing part of economic revival in Trinidad

by Bill Knowles TRINIDAD — The evidence of an economic revival in Trinidad is already apparent. A drop in downtown vacancy rates of 61% in 2015 to 32% in 2016 speaks to a growth in industry, with cannabis leading the way. That number alone gives a historical glance back at the decades of boom and… Keep Reading

Formal proceedings against Judge Walton

by Carol Bridge RATON — Formal proceedings against Colfax County Magistrate Court Judge Warren G. Walton have been instituted by the New Mexico Judicial Standards Commission for nine counts of rule violations. After an investigation into the offenses by the commission, Hon. Warren G. Walton has agreed to the following: a mentor will be appointed… Keep Reading

Raton Commissioners start 2018 quickly; announce local fire ban

by Marty Mayfield KRTN Multi-Media RATON — Raton City Commissioners had a short agenda to start off the first meeting of the 2018 year on January 9th, taking care of some regulatory business and reviewing the November 2017 financial report. As part of regular business, the commissioners approved the public meeting policy that is required… Keep Reading

Hamer files appeal in ADA suit against Trinidad

by Bill Knowles TRINIDAD — Following a recent court ruling against an ADA law suit filed in 2014 by Stephen Hamer against the City of Trinidad, Hamer, on Dec. 20, filed an appeal to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeal concerning the decision by 10th Circuit Court Magistrate Judge Nina Wang. Hamer’s case was based… Keep Reading

Trinidad City Council sees two members leave and two new come on

by Bill Knowles TRINIDAD — During the first Trinidad City Council meeting of 2018, the council saw two council members step down at the end of their terms and two new members step up after being sworn in by Judge Bruce Billings. Karen Griego and Rusty Goodall were elected to replace Pat Fletcher and Liz… Keep Reading

Walsenburg City Council selects new city judge

by Eric Mullens WALSENBURG — Following a 90 minute executive session Tuesday night, the five members of the city council who attended the first meeting of 2018, voted to bypass two attorneys and select a lay person as the municipal judge. Joel F. Shults Phd, was elected on a three to two vote to serve… Keep Reading

La Veta approved for $10,000 tree grant

by Bob Kennemer LA VETA — With two board members out sick and a very short agenda, the La Veta Town Board wrapped up their first meeting of 2018 in 18 minutes. The board passed two short resolutions. The first one (Resolution 1-18) designated the town hall lobby and an adjacent outside kiosk as the… Keep Reading

Walsenburg City Council sets water haul rates

by Eric Mullens WALSENBURG — After months of discussion, proposal reviews, and public comments, the Walsenburg City Council this week finally set the new pricing schedule for water haul customers. Councilman Greg Daniels made two motions concerning the price schedule, one to adopt Resolution 17-R-24 as presented, and later, after additional discussion, he offered a… Keep Reading

Walsenburg to begin nuisance ordinance enforcement

by Eric Mullens WALSENBURG — While the City of Walsenburg does not plan to update their 11-page 2013 nuisance ordinance (Ord. 1022), they do plan to finally begin enforcement and a plan to implement enforcement steps was presented to the city council for review at their last regular meeting. Walsenburg City Administrator James Toth said… Keep Reading

Trinidad scores in ADA case: Hamer appeal likely

by Bill Knowles TRINIDAD — Although 10th Circuit Court Magistrate Judge Nina Wang said “there is no dispute that Stephen Hamer was impaired in his ability to get around the City of Trinidad due to curbs and sidewalks not being wheelchair accessible,” she dismissed his lawsuit Friday Dec. 1. However, Hamer’s attorney, Andrew Bizer, says… Keep Reading

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