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Being prepared gets a little help, Scout style

WALSENBURG — Always Be Prepared; that’s the Scout motto. Kyle Freeburg is out to help Huerfano County be prepared as well. This coming Saturday, Kyle will be hosting a “Flood Expo” designed to distribute flood preparedness pamphlets, emergency contact numbers and, of course, plenty of free hotdogs. As part of his Eagle project, Kyle wants… Keep Reading

Boy Scouts tour the mines

by J.C. Copeland WALSENBURG — Walsenburg Boy Scout Troop 279 toured the 18 holes of the Walsenburg 18 Mines put-put course after their meeting and sliced watermelon treat. Scoutmaster James Hudgens came in first place, with Scout Dante Pino coming in second place. Meetings are held at the LDS church annex, 615 Walsen Ave, Fridays… Keep Reading

Boy Scouts scale new heights

by JC Copeland WALSENBURG — Boy Scout Troop 295 went on a four mile hike and were able to climb atop some   “Huerfano Gold” (coal) Saturday led by Scoutmaster James Hudgens and assistant Scoutmaster JC Copeland.  They just returned from an overnight campout last Friday.  Many more hikes and campouts are planned. Any boys… Keep Reading

Raton’s Boy Scout Troop 91 just keeps being awesome

RATON — Boy Scout Troop 91 had an award ceremony celebrating the achievements of the troop. Over 100 badges have been earned in the last year by these boys as they continue to enjoy challenges and add accomplishments. Pictured from left to right are: Chance Kamp, Chase Kamp, Jared Chatterley (Scoutmaster), Christian Kamp, Creede Chatterley,… Keep Reading

Like swallows and wildebeest, the Boy Scouts are back

RATON — Like the swallows of Capistrano and the wildebeest of Africa, it’s time for the return of the Boys Scouts to Philmont Boy Scout Ranch. Tens of thousands of Boy Scouts and over a thousand leaders will pause and recharge in Raton on their way to camp. These Boy Scouts will experience one of… Keep Reading

How a Cheeto can save your life

by Carol Bridge RATON — Dennis Downing, longtime veteran of the Boy Scouts and owner of the Raton Scouting Museum, and his wife Sue are giving a series of talks about modern day survival in case of catastrophe – either natural or manmade. On each second Tuesday of the month, Dennis will be presenting another… Keep Reading

Scout’s honor

by Nancy Christofferson HUERFANO — Fifty years ago this summer, the Santa Fe Trail Council of the Boy Scouts of America purchased 200 acres at more than 8,000 feet elevation along Bear Creek in southern Huerfano County. The land had been part of the Fitzpatrick Ranch. The completed contract followed years of searching by the… Keep Reading

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