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Springer Superintendent Eddie King’s vehicle vandalized

by Sherry Goodyear

Vandalism on Eddie King's car

SPRINGER — In the wee morning hours of Wednesday, May 11, 2016, Springer Superintendent Eddie King’s vehicle was vandalized. The car was parked in the driveway of his home, which sits directly across the street from Springer Elementary School. Angry words were scrawled across the side of King’s car, warning him to “get out”. The warning comes on the heels of King’s decision to open up all of the head coaching positions at the high school. Whether or not the two are related is uncertain, but the throng of disgruntled citizens who attended the April 13 school board meeting to advocate for those coaches who stand to be replaced indicates there is a possible connection.

King sent out a statement on May 12, saying, “It was a pointless, senseless, malicious, and cowardly act.  If the perpetrator’s intent was to hurt me or threaten my continued presence in our schools and community, it wasn’t accomplished.  It’s actually made me stronger.  I will continue to stand up, step up, and speak up for our children.” King’s statement went on to say the “incident is under investigation and is being actively pursued by law enforcement.”

King ended his statement with gratitude for the support he has received since the vandalism occurred. He said, “What has been so comforting and encouraging during this ordeal is the outpouring of support that continues to come through via telephone calls, social media and personal visits.  I take this opportunity to tell you how thankful I am to work and live alongside such caring and compassionate individuals and how thankful I am to everyone for their tremendous support.”

Regarding the April 13 school board meeting, it was learned the school board members’ lack of comment for those expressing their concerns over the opening of the coaching positions which was reported in the April 21 edition of the World Journal is actually school policy.

Board member Monica Burton sent a copy of Springer School’s Public Comment Sheet, which specifically states, “The Board of Education shall not make comment, endorse, sanction or act upon any comments made during the Public Comments section of Board Meetings.” Burton went on to say it is her perspective that, “This policy is effective because it makes the board aware of people’s feelings yet avoids a large confrontation.” This reporter would like to apologize for the confusion and any wrong impressions the April 21 article might have created regarding the Springer School Board and its reaction to public comments that were made.

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