Springer Chamber of Commerce, reconfiguring

by Sherry Goodyear

SPRINGER — Membership was reconfigured at the Springer Chamber of Commerce meeting held Wednesday, April 11, 2018. During the February meeting, several members stepped down from their officer and board member positions due to personal reasons. As a result, the group found itself in need of volunteers to step in and fill these vacant slots. Luckily, there are several new faces in the chamber membership and many seem eager to step in and step up.

Timm Trujillo, who was previously the chamber treasurer, has stepped in to fill the position of president. Trujillo, who along with his family owns 4-T’s Transport Pilot Service, agreed to take on the job as leader of the chamber – a position that has historically been very tough to fill mainly because of the many time-consuming duties associated with the role, and since all chamber members are volunteers, some have been hesitant to step into this position.

Coming on board as the new secretary is Jennifer Comstock, proprietor of Cold Creek Taxidermy. In the position of treasurer is Landon Newton, Colfax County Commissioner and owner of Landon Newton Realty in Springer. In addition, Shannon Portillos representing Sportsman Crossroad’s gas station and convenience store, along with Rebecca Herrera were elected as new board members. These five along with vice president, Sherry Goodyear and existing board member, Nancy Jespersen, will make up the chamber board.

Now that the chamber has a new board, they are ramping up for summer and fall activities. Already they are starting to plan their Second Annual Fall Festival – an event that the town and chamber collaborate on – which is scheduled for October 13, 2018.

With new membership, a new board and fresh ideas, there is no telling what cool things the Springer Chamber of Commerce will accomplish this year.

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