Spring Storms keep San Isabel busy, CDoT closes I-25 from Raton to Walsenburg

By Bill Knowles

Huerfano County — An early spring snowstorm knocked out power to most of San Isabel’s service territory in the early morning hours Friday putting Walsenburg in the dark until around 8 a.m., and leaving the Town of Aguilar and the City of Trinidad without power as of Friday noon.

And by noon Friday, CDot announced in a press release that from Raton Pass to Walsenburg along I-25 is closed because of safety issues arising from the storm, with no estimated time of reopening.

The first dispatches of line crews from San Isabel came from Pueblo West, La Veta, and Trinidad to begin restoring power to approximately 4,500 meters in the Southern Colorado area according to a press release. By 9 a.m. the outages still remained at just under 5,000 meters.

The only areas not experiencing active outages are: Wetmore, Beulah, and Pueblo West. The outages were caused by extreme wind, rain, rain mixed with snow, and snow.

High winds caused at least two transmission poles in the southern territory to have fallen causing all of the Town of Aguilar and Trinidad to be without power. Additional crews were dispatched immediately.

The intense early spring storms were being tracked by the National Weather Service most of the day Thursday with warnings of high winds, heavy rains, and snow being issued for the area through out Thursday afternoon.

As the storms moved into the Huerfano County and Las Animas County areas displays of lightening and thunder announced its arrival. As rain began to fall the winds picked up around midnight causing the first outages to occur.