Sound the Alarm- American Red Cross to install 2.5 million free smoke alarms

by Joy Gipson

TRINIDAD — On January 17, at the Trinidad & Las Animas County Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon, Dennis Hoyt of the Spanish Peaks Red Cross in Walsenburg, and Thomas Gonzales of the Pueblo Red Cross, gave an inspiring presentation of a national event, “Sound the Alarm.” The presentation promoted saving lives by installing free smoke alarms across America and educating residents on the importance of having an escape plan prior to experiencing a home fire.

An average of seven people die every day from home fires in the United States. It has been shown that early warning from active smoke alarms in the home has cut the risk of death from a fire in half. When a fire breaks out in a home, you have approximately two minutes to safely evacuate, making early detection imperative.

The American Red Cross has committed to installing 2.5 million free alarms. As of October 17, the Red Cross has installed 1,000,000 alarms with the help of partner volunteers who make this project possible. You and local organizations can be a part of this solution to save lives by participating in the “Sound the Alarm” national event from April 28 through May 13, 2018.

For more information, call your local Red Cross or go to