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Sangre AgroTech will seek to unlock secrets of medical marijuana at new La Veta facility

by Eric Mullens

One of the buildings included in the WEED Inc., AgroTech property acquisition in La Veta. The facilities will be used for medical marijuana research.
Photo by Eric Mullens

LA VETA — Few people would have imagined the Huerfano County area could become a thriving center of scientific research into medicinal use of marijuana when voters approved Amendment 20 in 2000, but it seems to be the trend 17 years later.

This past weekend the proposed Huerfano County-Faris Green Campus & Clinic Steering Committee held a series of meetings here that included lectures, presentations and tours of cultivation sites. But that large campus project isn’t the only one that will be dedicated to studying the benefits of marijuana based health care, disease treatment and research.

Late last month WEED Inc., Tucson, AZ, acquired Sangre AT, LLC (dba Sangre AgroTech) with plans to develop the Sangre Bioscience Center on four acres of property along Hwy. 12 in La Veta. Initiation closing of the purchase was set for July 26th according to a WEED Inc., press release. According to information published on Sangre AgroTech’s website, the property includes a 10,000 sq. ft. building which will be home to the Sangre Bioscience Center, where the Sangre scientific staff will continue its five-year Cannabis Genomic Study. Also on the property are a 4,000 sq. ft. building which the companies plan to house Sangre AgroTech’s analytical and extraction laboratories, and a 3,500 sq. ft. facility where the companies plan to house a corporate office center.

The La Veta property was bought from A.R. Miller and had been the location of the Feedstore Church and Elk Valley Fly Shop and RV park. The 25 RV slots with full water and electric, will be converted to a series of small research pods, says Sangre BioScience. WEED currently has the initial $500,000 down payment, but will need to raise additional funds to pay the remaining balance of the purchase price, as well as renovate the property and facilities, according to the website.

In a recent press release WEED Inc, CEO Glenn Martin said, “Once renovations are complete, WEED’s investment in the Colorado property will create our flagship for bioscience operations that we believe will span the globe. Our team at Sangre AgroTech is dedicated to making new discoveries that will show the true nature and power of the Cannabaceae plant. Benefits of its healing powers are mostly untold. The ‘Sangre Bioscience Center’ will write the story from the molecular level and, we believe, direct and lead the future of the cannabis industry. Our goals are global, our cures are local,” said Martin.

Martin had kind words for La Veta leaders saying, “I would personally like to thank the Mayor of La Veta, Mr. Doug Brgoch, and the entire La Veta City Council for their warm welcome to Sangre AgroTech, our President and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Patrick Williams, and our Vice President of Operations, Mary Williams.”

Dr. Williams said in the press release, “Once completed, this new facility would provide Sangre AgroTech with the perfect location to optimize its research goals and continue our goals of developing scientifically-validated products for the medicinal cannabis market. We are excited to become La Veta’s newest business partner.”

Information from WEED Inc., first and second quarter reports this year outlined the mission for the La Veta facility, saying, in part, “(Sangre AgroTech’s) goal is to sequence and decode the Cannabis genome, to improve the therapeutic properties of the plant, i.e., increased THC and CBD concentration and production of specific classes of oils and terpenes will facilitate our efforts to develop new therapies for chronic pain, epilepsy, cancer, PTSD, chronic head injury, Crohn’s disease, and others.”

Between 1998 and 2017, 29 U.S. States and the District of Columbia have approved possession, sale and use of medical marijuana. North Carolina and Wisconsin also have pending legislation to allow medical marijuana in 2017.

Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia all had pending medical marijuana before their legislators in 2017, but the measures all failed.

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