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Making great changes in Raton in 2018

by Melissa Unger

RATON — We here at the Raton Chamber hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

We see a lot of visitors from all over the country here in the Raton Visitor’s Center and it has been a lot of fun to ask them if they are making any life changes for the New Year. I’ve compiled some things and added in my own thoughts on what people have graciously shared. 1). Stop living in the future.

Because life is so busy, we are often over worked and over committed which makes feel overwhelmed with a never ending list of tasks and activities that leave us feeling pulled in too many directions at once. When this happens, we lose our ability to live in the moment and fully enjoy the present. Don’t spend your life waiting for Friday or that next get away or holiday; we miss the simple joys of each day by living our lives in this manner. Stop, breathe and focus on each moment and each task.

2). Stop worrying so much about the future and things that you can’t do anything about.

When you worry about things that have not happened yet you are not living in the present or enjoying life in the present. You can put your focus on the present and what you can change now instead of worrying and hoping for the future.

3). Instituting more healthy habits.

We can all stand to be healthier in some way, whether it is physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually or relationally. Many folks stated they are gearing up to build better habits. These habits include getting more sleep, waking earlier and beginning their day with gratitude, exercise, positive affirmations, making a schedule for their day that includes doing something for humanity that they do not normally do. Some people said they will practice saying “no” more often, this makes sense and will lessen the extra time stealers that you do not enjoy.

Things you can do to start your day off differently, spend time stretching, instituting a breathing regimen, writing things you are thankful for down in a journal, turn off the news, emails or social media and just focus on your well-being. A 15 minute jaunt of exercise is always great for the mind and body.

Preparing a healthy meal or snack for your lunch will give you a healthy choice of eats rather than a junk food option. Some people said they will add more music to their day.

Music is good for the soul! You can choose to listen to music you enjoy, experience new varieties of music or you can learn to play an instrument.

My personal addition to this list is, travel more! Tourism is such a wonderful way to experience life to its fullest, learn new things and meet new people. Enriching your life makes you a better person inside and out! Happy New Year!

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