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Letters to the editor of January 25, 2018

Hospital District Board of Directors Election

With near urgency, this letter is being written to the residents of Huerfano County in an effort to raise attention to the need for the most qualified personnel to serve on the Board of Directors, for the Hospital and Veterans Community Living Center. The life blood of this county, Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center, is at the confluence of extreme challenges not envisioned years ago. The stable operation of this facility is a difficult and challenging financial endeavor, made all the more trying by the dwindling veteran population and the expenses of managing a rural hospital.

On May 5th the citizens of Huerfano County will elect three new members to the Board of Directors for the Huerfano County Hospital District. This crucial election for the future long term operation of this Health Center is at stake. What is needed now is for the most qualified, business savvy people of this community to step up and lend their expertise in helping to operate this facility with a determined focus on its financial stability.

Capable, forward thinking, dedicated common sense idea people, with a true sense of commitment to listen, investigate, contribute and work with the Regional Health Center staff are encouraged to run for the Board of Director positions in this May election. Those interested in this noble cause should contact the Administration Office, Lynette Omer at (719) 738-5144 for details about these much needed positions.

~Richard Schlink,

Designated Election Official, 2014 & 2016

Pueblo West, CO 


We need to take care of each other

Thank you to Gretchen and Brian Orr. They stopped when they saw a cat laying on the road. They moved it to a safe location and stayed with it. The cat did not survive but they were with it until it died petting and comforting it (it didn’t live very long).

How many of you saw it and drove right passed it? Shame on you! I am still amazed by the lack of caring by people. I did not see the cat until it had passed, but people said, “Oh, I saw it and drove past.” If someone had stopped earlier it may have been saved. People of Walsenburg, please come together and care about each other. This was a cat, but it was also a life. A life that is now gone.

And yes, I do care about humans too! Love one another. We’ve had too much death from drugs and homicides. Please stop hurting each other! Thank you Gretchen and Brian Orr for caring!

~Carmen J. Lara

Walsenburg, CO

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