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Letters to the Editor of December 7, 2017

MOF Gala

WOW, Who would have thought? Wonderful, what a turn out, sheer joy over 160 supporters participated in the Museum of Friends Gala, Save the Roof and Dick Building! On behalf of the Board of Directors our special thanks to each of you who attended, the 90 plus artists who donated their art work for sale and silent auction, the vendors, Dinner Buffet by Alys’ Restaurant and staff, especially Dale, Bar tender Nick, Music by DJ Jeromie Dorrance, Caricature Sketches by Kevin Cordtz and guest speakers Catherine Correll, director Downtown Colorado, Inc., Brian Corrigan, of Creative Strategist and Dick Farley, Urban Designer, Walsenburg Reimagined Charette, Fall 2016 team member. Our generous sponsors, Joan & Charles Berger, Mary Cocchiarelli, San Isabel Electric Co-op, Drs. Lori & Mike Mall, Alys’ Roamer, First National Bank of Trinidad, Downtown Walsenburg GID, Bachman & associates, Edna & Randy Dust, High Altitude Coffee Roasters, 6th Street Storage, DATCO Insurance, Anonymous Donor for the Spanish Peaks Regional Hospital, Monica & George Birrer. Most of all we wish to thank our staff who really made the evening such a success, Irene Grilley, Candace Knowles, Larry Brunker, Debrah Durkee, Lee Brunker, Kyla Umemoto and for our event poster Reba Lee. A fabulous Community Event, thank you. ~Brendt Berger and Maria Cocchiarelli, Walsenburg, CO 

Net Neutrality

Imagine you are Christmas shopping for your favorite book worm. You want to order from a small mom-and-pop shop in Denver. You surf to their web site and are greeted with a site that just won’t load. So you surf to Amazon and put another nail in the coffin of a struggling small business.

Welcome to the end of net neutrality – and the way the internet may run after Dec. 12. That’s the day the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plans to roll back net neutrality regulations.

That’s the day these companies will gain unprecedented control over what does and doesn’t appear on the internet. That’s the day a technology that has become a vital public utility will become a game of pay-to-play, with information available only to the highest bidder.

Right now, the FCC has had strict regulations in place preventing the telecoms from throttling up or down internet speed for commercial or ideological reasons. But new FCC Chairman and former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai is giving a lucrative holiday gift to his former employer by rolling back these regulations. If he succeeds, the internet will become less of an open marketplace of information and ideas, and more like a bad satellite or cable TV operation, where customers see only what the telecom wants them to see.

This is just another rotten apple in the cornucopia of corrupt government action that has marked 2017. It’s hard to know where to direct your outrage. But this one matters. And time is short. Please call 1-202-418-1000 to reach the voicemail of the Chair of the FCC. Say your name, city, and state, and that you oppose the repeal of net neutrality. It’s a small but important step. ~Mark Craddock Walsenburg, CO

Where do we stand with the Budget for Trinidad School District No. 1?

First I must state that I am not the official spokesman for the school district.

The community and the employees of the school district are entitled to transparency concerning the Budget. The truth is that the Board of Education (BOE) has been told the same thing the employees are told. The superintendent has said we still don’t know where we stand concerning the budget.

This causes much concern with all f us in the community. Why don’t we know, what is the problem and when will we know?

A little background: In June of this year the BOE approved the budget and a $300,000 error was known to exist and yet it was still in the budget. Also this budget was required to be submitted to the state for approval, this was not done and the district is out of compliance. Who is responsible and why was this allowed to happen?

The superintendent according to policy is ultimately responsible for the budget. He has been with the district for a few years now. Why doesn’t he know where we are concerning the budget, when will he know and how bad is it?

The district and the local employees unions have been in negotiations for some time now and at first the district offered a step increase and also $30.00 a month to help defray an increase in health care costs. The district then had to rescind that offer.

The latest local news article said budget is improving according to the superintendent. However when he was questioned by the union regarding this update the superintendent stated that he was mis-quoted.

Steve Block who wrote the article was asked about this and he said the article was accurate and he had it on tape.

What is the truth? The community, the BOE and the district employees are all entitled to the truth. When will it come? Sincerely, ~Pat Sandoval Trinidad, CO

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