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Let’s Cash Mob! Wait, what is that?

by Melissa Unger

RATON — It was March of 2012 when a creative Raton citizen had an idea. Mrs. Lynette Simpson thought to herself, “What if a multitude of people each spent just $10 in a local shop on a specific day, during a specific time… how much that would help that business’s revenues.”

From that thought, the Raton Cash Mob was birthed and became a reality. The Raton Cash Mob was implemented in several small businesses throughout a 6 month span but was ended due to conflicts with Lynette’s work schedule.

In October of 2017, at a Professional Business Women’s meeting through a conversation with Lynette, I found out that she was the master mind behind the 2012 Cash Mob events and we decided to reinstate the Raton Cash Mob. It was not long before we found over a dozen local businesses asking to be included in the monthly event drawings.

The El Raton Theater was the first business drawn, flyers were sent out and put up on business windows; radio announcements were made on the local radio stations and printed in The World Journal newspaper, social media was utilized via the Raton Cash Mob Facebook page, the Raton Chamber of Commerce Facebook page.

On December 9th, the El Raton and had 106 people attend to watch The Polar Express for a bargain deal of $10.00 a ticket that included snacks.

The second event took place at the Buffalo Chip on Historic 1st Street in Raton, NM on Saturday January 13. Over 75 people visited the shop owned by Eric Chavez and Arthur Fulkerson from noon to 2 pm. To see pictures and live videos of these events visit the Raton Cash Mob Facebook page. The sounds of laughter and excited conversation took place throughout the event as people ran into friends they hadn’t seen in a while, some enjoyed a cup of coffee and a small snack of the delicious samples that were placed out as they shopped. Some were first timers in the shop but all were pleasantly surprised at the variety of merchandise that was available. Everyone left with a treasure of some sort and a great feeling of being a part of an event that helps their community. At each Cash Mob event the next business is drawn from the bucket. February’s Cash Mob Event will take place at Enchanted Grounds on 111 Park Ave, Saturday, February 24th beginning at 11 am.

A Cash Mob encourages members of a community to make a change and help support a local business. Mobsters typically spend $10 – $20 at the business being mobbed, which creates an immediate economic boost. It is a great way for people to support their community! There are only five rules when attending a Raton Cash Mob event, 1. Be courteous 2. Spend at least $10. 3. Meet at least three people you didn’t know. 4. Bring a friend. 5. Take lots of pictures and share them on the Raton Cash Mob Facebook page.

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