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Las Animas County Commission receives reports on give-aways, airport, and funds

by Bill Knowles

TRINIDAD — During the regular meeting of the county commission, the financial report for the first third of the year was given by the county’s finance and budget director Kristee Coberly.

In the report Coberly noted revenue received by the end of April stood at 27.2 percent or about $1.6 million, which is down 6.1 percent from this time last year. Reasons for the shortfall are found in the posting of property tax receipts, usually posted by the end of May. Also posting of the clerk’s fees are behind about two months, and some April deposits were posted in May due to the snow day.

Expenditures, by the end of April should be at 33.3 percent. The county’s expenditures by the end of April stand at 36.4 percent or about $2.2 million. By the end of April the general fund is showing a deficit of around $555,131. Reasons stated for the deficit are insurance payments, health insurance payments, and workers compensation insurance payments.

The deficits will turn around by the end of June when most of the county’s property tax revenues will be posted.

Road and bridge is posting a $1.1 million deficit with certain revenues outstanding. Coberly cautioned the Commissioners to review expenditures, as they are lower than budgeted.

Revenues for Perry Stokes Airport are at $49,591.85 for the year to date. However, compared to last year’s revenues for the first third of 2016 are down $83,490.45 from $133,082.30 in 2015.

Reasons for the drop in revenues at the airport are found in the runway and safety projects now in progress, work to hanger areas, and equipment purchases. As the runway project advances flights are diverted to other regional airports.

Other expenditures are in overtime pay to the director and one employee. As training at Pinõn Canõn has increased with the onset of spring weather, helicopters from Fort Carson are using the fueling facilities at the airport, sometimes late at night or early in the morning. This is also the procedure followed with a Flight for Life helicopter. Either scenario requires an employee from the airport be on scene to record the purchase of fuel.

The siting of the Lone Mesa East cell phone tower was approved by the commission with a 3-0 vote. They included a condition in their approval, the placement of a security camera. They asked that no camera be mounted on the tower due to privacy concerns voiced by residents in the subdivision. However a camera can by mounted on the tower if it is focused only on the area of the tower and auxiliary buildings within the fenced in compound. The commissioners went into executive se

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