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The story of how I came to this area begins with my husband, Paul Encinias, who is from the area and who has family nearby. When he was 18, he believed that he had a vocation for the priesthood and despite concerns from his family, he set off to Rome to be a student at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas. It happened that he did not have this vocation but he found another.

We met at a wedding of a mutual friend in Belgrade and returned to Rome. We married and discovered that in order for me to become a US citizen, I must live in the United States for six months each year for two years. Together, Paul and I have come to Trinidad to fulfill this requirement. In Rome, Paul instructs at Pontifical University of St Thomas Aquinas and operates an educational travel company for Catholics visiting Rome. I am an artist and I work doing religious icons as well as more conventional art.

Our second child was born in Raton at the hospital there and I have such loving memories of that time. We have two children, Sava and Nastassja, who will both be US citizens. My husband is able to conduct much of his Rome-based business from here and I continue to paint. Find us on Facebook and come and visit Rome!

NOTE: Born in Niksic, Yugoslavia, Maria is an internationally exhibited painter. Her works have been displayed in Milan, Paris, London, Belgrade, and now Rome. Maria graduated with a Fine Arts degree in 1997 from Cetinje-Montenegro, and then continued to study painting from 2004 in Trebinje, Herzegovina. She has followed her studies into the fields of Iconography and Fresco, two mediums which she studied in Thessaloniki, Greece. Her studies in painting on silk at l’Eglise Orthodoxe Serb Saint Sava in Paris-France has led to the creation of her own distinct fashion line which she formed in 2010 called ‘Paulina Design’. With over 20 years experience, her knowledge reaches across a wide spectrum of graphic art disciplines and utilizes older traditions as well as contemporary. Maria currently lives and works in Rome running art tours, packages and study abroad programs. She lives in Trinidad, Colorado six months of each year.

For more info, go to, or search for Marija Radevic on Facebook. For info on her husband’s tour company, go to:

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