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Human of the Rocky Mountain Southwest: May 24, 2018

I was born in Sheridan Wyoming from a family of Irish Immigrants, attended high school at Lakewood, Colorado, and my college career was spent in Mesa College in Grand Junction and Metro State in Denver. I earned a BS in Natural Resource Management and Outdoor Recreation. I was a park ranger both in Colorado and Utah for many years before I became involved in Episcopal Church Camp, where I served in many positions before becoming a consultant with Methodist and the YMCA outdoor programs.

I am active in this community and believe that change can and must occur at the grassroots level. I have a passion to see young people experience nature, learn to work as a group and to acquire both outdoor skills and grow as human beings. I understand the value of adventure activities such as ropes courses, survival skills, horsemanship, climbing and camping to young people who spend too much time with electronic gadgets and entertainment. I love to see young people expand their understanding of the world, work in community and respect each other as they experience life in the open.

Adella Garcia as Mrs Cratchit and Patrick Walsh as Bob Cratchit.
Photo courtesy Adella Garcia

I have been fortunate to have played a part in several community youth outreaches and hope to continue this work here in Raton and Colfax County. I have worked with a full range of young people – from very wealthy families, from disadvantaged backgrounds, young offenders and those with church backgrounds, and have found them to be open, enthusiastic and eager to grow as humans. Early in my career, I met Tim Sexton and, after having no contact with him for about 20 years, we crossed paths again and he invited me to become a part of his efforts at the Mandala Center. Now, I serve as the Program Specialist at the center and assist in its mission of offering personal and spiritual growth and healing opportunities and my background and knowledge of placing young people closer to nature serves that mission well.

I have a vision for the future of young people in Colfax County and that includes: To build a community of leaders for today and tomorrow. To understand and respect the value in every human being. To know that it is essential to respect the dignity of every living being and organism in this world. ~ Patrick Walsh

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