Huerfano County Real Estate Transactions March 2016

Public Information Received From the Huerfano County Assessors Office.

Cuchara Properties to Cuchara Land, Cuchara Camps, Cuchara $700,000

Jay Hill to Property Management, I-25 #13465, Sec 29-27-66, N of Walsenburg $650,000

Jim Perrion to Ryan Doell, Gardner $380,000

3R3 Ranch Corp to Thomas Andron, 815 Oak Street, Walsenburg $350,000

Robert Corbello to Lynette Masters, 7 El Toro Estates, Cuchara $349,900 Nathan Guerrero to Jennifer Matt, 58 City Ranch, E of Walsenburg $247,000

Donna Graham to Stephen White, 13 & 14 Spanish Peaks Village, Cuchara $170,050

3R3 Ranch Corp to Russell Shrout, CR 351, W of Walsenburg $135,000

Larry Whitfield to JABL Properties, 40 Tres Valles West 2nd, Walsenburg $130,000

David Reinhart to Jacob Liuzzo, 38 Navajo Ranch, W of Walsenburg $68,000

Nicolas Sanchez to Mark Hall, TSHP 28, Hwy 160, W of Walsenburg $63,000

Michael Rojic to Jerrylee Cisneros, 2 Silver Spurs, S of Walsenburg $55,000

Allan Metzger to Jeff Davis, 46 Silver Spurs Ranch, S of Walsenburg $50,000

Thomas Stiglich to Dwayne Cox, 325 Pennsylvania Ave., Walsenburg $49,200

Federal National Mortgage to Killion Associates, 234 Stout Ave, Walsenburg $48,000

Great Western Land to Daniel Husley, 72 Colorado Buffalo Ranch, N of Walsenburg $30,000

FR Funding Corp to Gary Gatchell, Gardner $12,000

Colorado Land Seller to Shane Wyatt, 74 Rio Cucharas Phase 1, W of Walsenburg $5,400

Colorado Land Seller to Julie Jakubowksi, 875 Rio Cucharas Phase 3, W of Walsenburg $3,200

Federal National Mortgage to Marjorie Lazarus, 316 Pinon St., Walsenburg $1,000

Francis Holden to Eric Held, 419 Rio Cucharas Phase 2, W of Walsenburg $825