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Hands on science to take home

by Ricardo Bobian
WALSENBURG — Last Thursday, February 22, I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Diego Bobian’s 4th grade class at Peakview Elementary School and involve the students in an hands-on science lesson.
The kids did awesome!  Donning lab smocks and hairnets, they were excited, engaged, and eager to learn about chemistry.  The students were introduced to pH, which measures the potential of hydrogen that specifies whether a material is acidic, neutral or basic. They were also taught about how chemistry deals with different substances and how they interact, combine, and change.  This led to the students watching a chemical reaction take place by putting a fizzy bath ball into a tub of water. They saw how the acid and the base, when added to water, reacted by bubbling!
Each student in the class was able to make their own fizzy bath ball and take it home with them at the end of the day!
Peakview 4th graders display their handmade bath balls they made with Ricardo Bobian. Photo by Diego Bobian

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