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Gearing up for the 2018 spring and summer travel season

by Melissa Unger

RATON — Holiday time is over and it’s time to gear up for spring and summer! Business wise, that means you need to be ready for the travel season. One way to do that is look at your hiring and management skills. Here are a few tips to think about.

Hiring can be very tricky. Interviewing is really more art than science and, all-too-often, job candidates who look good on paper and ace the interview process completely choke once they actually get the job. Who can raise your hand on this experience? Some great tips I utilized as a general manager of a busy restaurant really helped me choose the best people for the job. I also set the pay a bit higher than the competition, which showed value and helped keep employees instead of having a costly high turnover rate. I am going to share the tips I used for efficient hiring with you today.

1) Take your time; schedule an interview with ample time. Before you begin the interview, have candidates sit near some of your employees for 10 or 15 minutes. Do they interact with their potential future coworkers, and if so, how? Their behavior can give you an insight on their personalities and show how they may or may not fit with your business ideals.

2) The best interviews and employees I had were candidates who had a two-way exploration type of interview, where both parties can determine whether the candidate is a good fit for the job and the company. Look for candidates who ask questions about you to find common interests or shared values.

3) Remember, you can glean a lot of important insight into how someone thinks and relates to others by asking questions that don’t directly relate to the job at hand. For example, I asked candidates what they do for fun. This can help you understand whether they look for creative or competitive activities or have red flag activities that may hinder their job performances.

4) Your interview shouldn’t consist of simply checking off a list of job requirements. You want to see the person behind the resume. Which candidates think clearly? Pay attention to whether they dig deeper for details. Do they listen well and retain knowledge? Ask them to summarize information you described earlier in the interview.

5) Finally I always asked candidates to describe their very first job and how they got it. If they got a job when they were young to earn spending money or to pay for school, it’s a sign that they developed a strong work ethic early in life.

The time you spend interviewing for quality help will save you time and money later plus add a memorable positive experience for our traveling friends stopping in our establishments!

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