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Fighting opioid addiction and overdose with medical cannabis

Steering committee of world top professionals in Huerfano Co.

by Travis Nelson

Dr. Uma Dhanabalan

GARDNER — La Clinica in Gardner will, on Saturday, August 5, host a large steering committee meeting of top doctors, professors, medical personnel, scientists, CEOs, law enforcement, and addiction professionals. The Campus and Clinic Steering Committee will focus on working, in concert, with the Huerfano County Faris Green Campus to “fight fire with fire” to battle the current opioid epidemic in Huerfano and Las Animas Counties which have the highest overdose rates, per capita, in the State of Colorado.

The Fight Opioid Addiction and Overdose with Medical Cannabis Project will be directed and supervised by Dr. Uma Dhanabalan MD, MPH, FAAFP, graduate of the Harvard School of Public Health. The La Clinica board and Steering Committee will be working with Total Health Care (THC) to begin a pilot program to fight opioid addiction and overdoses with medical cannabis. The hope is that this model will be duplicated and modified world wide.

Total Health Care THC is a patient-focused healthcare provider specializing in alternate therapies, including medical cannabis. THC provides a convenient, affordable, discreet, and safe healthcare service for patients. THC’s physicians consult with patients on their healthcare needs and provide them with a wellness plan that can improve their quality of life through traditional and alternate care options. In addition to medical consultations and diagnosis, THC provides patients with wellness services, support, counseling, and educational opportunities.

Dr. Dhanabalan is the Founder of THC whose mission is to promote wellness and prevent illness. She currently practices at Uplifting Health and Wellness in Natick, MA. Dhanabalan is dedicated to “educating, embracing, and empowering” her patients while promoting cannabis as a treatment option. She believes “Cannabis is not the entrance drug, it is a exit drug from pharmaceuticals and narcotics”.

According to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, 52,000 fatal opioid overdoses occurred last year in the United States. According to solid recent scientific studies, opioid abuse and overdose is plummeting in states with legal cannabis. Many of the misinformed critics of cannabis believe cannabis use and access will increase use of other drugs. According to NBC News, a study recently published in Drug and Alcohol Dependance found that, in states with legal cannabis, hospital visits for medical complications from opioid abuse are 23% lower than in states without legal access to cannabis. In another recent study, 92% of respondents preferred cannabis over opioids for the treatment of pain.

Over fifty professionals are committed to the August 5 steering committee meeting. Below are listed only a select few.

Dr. Stephen Goldner, inventor of Methadone. Dr. Goldner is working on highly scientific formulations of CBD and THC that could be recommended by doctors for opioid addiction, pain, sleep, depression and PTSD. Dr. Goldner, while at the New York Medical Examiner’s Office, invented drug tests for urine and blood. After this he became an FDA attorney and brought a dozen pharmaceutical drugs and 240 medical devices to market. Dr. Goldner currently serves as the FDA Advisor to the National Institute of Health and serves on a drug council for the United Nations.

Stephen Holt, MD, LLD, PhD, Dsc, ChB., DNM, DACBN is a Distinguished Professor of Medicine and a best selling author. Holt is currently CEO & President of Natural Clinician. Holt served as a Professor of Medicine at Capital Unniversity and was an Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Dr. Allen S. Miller, Director of Cannabis 1st Chronic Pain & Related Dependency Treatment program utilizing cannabis products in the United States. Dr. Miller also serves as a Natural Pain Management & Opioid Addiction Consultant for Autogenic Industrial Solutions. Miller spent 10 years on the Track and Field Circuit in the US, Africa and Europe treating elite athletes and was a chiropractor for the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association Rodeos and the National Football Players Association. For the past 20 years, Dr. Miller has been a forensic injury and soft tissue trauma specialist for several large corporations and worker’s compensation insurance companies. He is a recognized court approved expert in 14 states.

Kimberly M. Lincoln, PhD is a scientist at Ventana Medical Systems. She is an inventor with six years of practice in research projects encompassing synthesis, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, X-ray crystallography, experimental design and data analysis and holds four first author publications and is the named inventor on three patents.

This event was organized by the Colorado Cannabis Growers Association. Anyone interested in participating should reach out to for more details.

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