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Falcon Flash: May 5, 2016

Gardner fourth graders presenting their poems at poetry night, left to right: Nino Cisneros, Student of the week, Trey Medina, and Gabe Ortibez.

Fourth graders presenting their poems at poetry night, left to right: Nino Cisneros, Student of the week, Trey Medina, and Gabe Ortibez.

GARDNER — This week’s student of the week is fourth grader, Trey Medina, who is being recognized by his math teacher, Ms. Katie Campbell.   Trey’s favorite subject is math and when asked why, he said, “Because math is awesome, and I am good at it. “

Trey is an enthusiastic learner and always exceeds expectations with the quality of his work in mind.  He continuously strives to reach his full potential and displays excellent self-discipline.    Every day he challenges himself. Trey is also an excellent critical thinker and problem solver. 

Attention to detail is at the top of Trey’s priority list, as he always avoids careless errors and checks his work to ensure the best possible outcome.  He also enjoys helping his peers understand new or difficult concepts; in addition, he offers insight in difficult situations.   

When asked what he likes to do for fun, Trey said he enjoys playing catch with his dad.  His favorite football player is of course; Von Miller, his favorite color is neon blue, and his favorite food is bacon.

Enthusiastic about the future, some of Gardner School’s middle school girls attended the Girls in the Middle conference at Trinidad State Junior College with sponsors Casey Huff and Pam Levie on April 8th.   Mrs. Huff explained, Girls in the Middle is an annual event that gives middle schoolers the opportunity to explore various careers related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). 

Each small group had the opportunity to experience three sessions during Girls in the Middle. These sessions included explorations in bridge building, automotive, veterinary, nursing, criminal justice, mining, soil conservation, and more. Women from the Air Force also put on mini-presentations for the girls during a whole-group session. 

Girls in the Middle is a positive, eye-opening experience for young women across the region. The Lady Falcons had a wonderful time this year, and they are looking forward to next year’s conference, Miss Huff concluded. 

Harmonee Valdez shared her experience at Girls in the Middle.  She told reporters, upon arrival at Girls in the Middle, “we each received different colored shirts and joined our perspective small groups.   There were some women from the military that acted as group leaders and led us through our activities.”

Valdez continued, “I attended seminars which included learning about sun shadows, then plane engines.  In addition, we explored how a human brain works, and finally, we got to make this really cool marshmallow stuff showing us how gravel and cement work.”

She says, “My favorite part of the day was when we got to visit with paramedics and learn what they do for their jobs.  They explained how they are always on the go and showed us how to insert an IV and administer CPR.  We got to press a whole bunch of buttons in ambulance car as well.”

Showing off their speaking skills, Valerie Mathason’s third and fourth grade hosted a poetry night Wednesday, April 20.  Parents enjoyed small group presentations of their children’s favorite poems; as well as, individual haikus written and shared by each class member. The haikus ranged in topics from family members, to sports, to recreational activities and more. 

The students practiced hard, and it showed.  Everyone did their best and delivered a superb performance. 

Also last week, in observance of Earth Day, all Gardner School students picked up trash along the highway, a long standing tradition here, as part of the Adopt a Highway Litter Control program.  Furthermore, students school wide brainstormed strategies that everyone can perform to pitch in to make the earth a better place.

Another way Gardner School celebrated Earth Day, is through studying endangered species.  Each class selected an endangered species to highlight and research.  Then, they decorated the hallway and door outside their classrooms in an attempt to educate others about their chosen endangered species.  The displays really livened up the hallway.  Come take a look.

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