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Extinguisher training for Walsenburg employees

Walsenburg employees extinguisher trainingHUERFANO – Huerfano County Fire Protection District firefighters conducted fire extinguisher training for Walsenburg city employees recently.  City staff learned how to attack a small fire.  While most people would use a fire extinguisher in an emergency at home or around their car, firefighters explained the importance of using the right extinguisher for the right kind of fire.  The wrong extinguisher could actually cause the fire to flare, spread to other surfaces, or even cause an explosion if used on volatile chemicals or certain kinds of burning metals.  It is very important to know what kind of material is burning, for example if the fire is electrical or chemical.   If your business or group would like this kind of training, call the HCFPD at 719-738-1877, the La Veta Fire Protection District at 719-742-0241 or the volunteer agency in your area.  Above, Walsenburg City Finance Director Carolyn Tice gets into the act under the watchful eye of seasoned local firefighters.   Photo by Eric Mullens.

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