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Letters to the Editor – November 29, 2018

Regarding Airbnb in La Veta

I just want to note that the Airbnb photos accompanying Mark Craddock’s Nov. 15 article are commercial businesses that are licensed, collect all taxes, and meet all regulations. Although these businesses advertise on the Airbnb website, it is not my intention to include these commercial businesses in my proposal for Airbnb regulations and I did not provide the photos. I am requesting regulation and licensing of private homes, etc., who rent out a room or an entire home for less than a month, ie. short-term rentals. There are short-term rental homes scattered throughout La Veta, which do not have a license or a special-use permit. Most are not located in a commercial district, but in residentiual neighborhoods. I believe such rentals should be regulated, have to be licensed in the Town of La Veta, collect all applicable sales and lodging taxes as well as meeting all health and safety codes.

~Pam Pemberton

La Veta, CO


Regarding ballots in Las Animas County

Now this is fake news!

The front page World Journal November 15, 2018

“The ballots were put in the vault in a sealed box, but were not counted on Tuesday until the Republican candidate for the clerk and recorder’s office, H.L. Bowman, said something to the current clerk and recorder, Patricia Vigil, after the polls closed and ballot counts were concluding.” The numbers didn’t look right,” said Bowman”

Mr. Knowles reported the ballots were not counted on Tuesday until H.L. Bowman said “the numbers didn’t look right” This seems to infer some action was taken because of Mr. Bowman’s comment. This is not true.

Nothing against Mr. Bowman, Mr. Knowles slanted it. Also the ballots were not counted on Tuesday.

Who were the several individuals with the secretary of state’s office who told the World Journal they were looking into the complaints?

Frank Zele not Zete is a Republican.

“When the short ballot count was notice” No truth in this statement whatsoever.

“a search for the missing ballots began” There was no search.

Also Mr. Knowles has no clue when the ballots were found.

Such sensational reporting too bad. It was largely not factual.

Respectfully submitted,

~Stan White


Colorado Editor’s note:  The World Journal ran the following correction in last week’s paper.


The Las Animas County election judges were the ones, not H.L. Bowman, who discovered that a box of ballots had not yet been counted. There was no “search” for the ballots, it was immediately apparent where they were, as they were still in the vault where ballots are stored before counting. County clerk and recorder Peach Vigil takes 100% responsibility and accountability for the error that was made, on behalf of her bi-partisan team of judges and staff.”

Letters to the Editor – November 15, 2018

Native American Pride

I enjoyed the article in the November 8th edition of the World Journal about the murals that have been painted in Walsenburg depicting Native American and Hispanic culture of the area. As a Native American I appreciate the sentiment and pride that is depicted by these various murals in town.

Unfortunately, later in this same edition there are several articles about the La Veta Redskins. I was offended by having to see the word Redskin on the same pages that discuss the importance of the Native American culture to this region.

I can’t believe the good people of La Veta do not understand that the word Redskin to Native Americans is comparable to the “N” word to the black community.

Maybe someday La Veta will do the right thing and change their high school mascot name to something more reflective of Native American pride.

The La Veta Warriors has a nice ring to it.

~Victor and Grace Lucero

Walsenburg, CO


More on Terry Dear Editor;

I read with interest the story on Mr. Mark Terry in the November 8th edition of the World Journal (Page 20). Brian Manning did an excellent job of describing Mr. Terry’s issues as he was kidnapped in Virginia and his journey to Walsenburg so his captors could visit their brother. This all came about as the Spring Creek Fire was ravaging Huerfano County in early July 2018.

The American Legion was notified by the Red Cross that Mr. Terry was at the Community Center and is a Veteran. The Legion responded immediately. The Red Cross did an excellent job of getting Mr. Terry on the road to recovery. He was extremely dehydrated and had not had any food or water for several days. The County Veteran’s Service Officer and The Legion transported him to the Spanish Peaks Regional Hospital Emergency Room for treatment and subsequent entry into the Veterans Community Living Center thorough the hard and diligent work of the Admissions and Veterans Hospital Director. The American Legion would like to locate the Good Samaritan that rescued Mr. Terry on or about the first week of July 2018, at the 7-11 Store at 235 W. 7th St., as Mr. Terry was being assaulted and attacked by his captors. The Legion has a humanitarian award for this person who went above and beyond to stop the assault and rescue Mr. Terry, thus ending his hellish experience.

All Mr. Terry can remember of the person is that he drove a silver or white, possibly a Dodge, pickup truck and wore a cowboy hat. He is possibly a Vietnam Veteran. If anyone knows of this recent hero, please have him contact: The American Legion, PO Box 104, Walsenburg, CO 81089, so he can be recognized and thanked.

It is extremely sad that even though all four suspects are known and lived locally in Walsenburg, no arrests or prosecution for the crimes against Mr. Terry has been done. According to Mr. Terry, “I hope they don’t do to someone else what they did to me”.

~David Rogers, Adjutant American Legion,

Post 16 Walsenburg, CO


SPRHC is wonderful


I recently had a couple of lab tests at Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center.  I wqas sao impressed with the employees, the equipment, the whole atmosphere of the hospital. The professional attitude and courtesy of all was so calming.

We are truly lucky to have such a wonderful facility close by. They are so willing to be of service to all of us. I was so happy that we voted for wehatever we needed financially to keep it all together. And a Veterans home right next door to boot!

Next time you are there, please apreciate all of the above.

Sincerely, ~Dorothy Mihanovich

an appreciated person,

Walsenburg, CO


San Isabel Electric

My late husband and I owned a home in Cuchara, CO for about 15 years. I sold my Colorado home this past August and I am still trying to redeem my Unretired Capital Credits (worth over $900) that were accumulated by San Isabel Electric (SIEA) over the years.

Over the past year I have phoned and written to San Isabel asking that they return my total capital credits, which we understood to be a deposit, as in other states. We paid our electric bill to San Isabel every month on time.

Management has responded that their Board changed accounting systems some time ago and enacted their current policy of repayment as a “planned, but not guaranteed, retirement cycle [of] between 25 and 30 years.”

I now live in Arkansas. I am an 89 year old partially disabled widow.  I am trying to get my affairs in order. My husband served this country in the Army during 3 wars: WWII, Korean and Vietnam. So SIEA’s policy dictates that I wait until I am 114-120 years old to receive my own money? Remember this is not a law or even a regulation, just SIEA’s policy, passed by their Board of Directors. I say their Board can and should amend that policy in the name of decency.

~Patty MacDonald

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas


Letters to the Editor – November 8, 2018

Paying the pastor

The pastor at the Presbyterian church in Raton is paid full time with a congregation of five. I asked him if he deserved this salary as opposed to part time, and he said that he did. As far as I can find out, the pastor does little more than preach on Sunday.

With five in the congregation, his salary is paid from the endowments of people no longer with us. They must be turning over in their graves.

Some time ago, I shared this information with the Presbyterian headquarters in Santa Fe. They said this pastor was supposed to be on half time. I have heard nothing since. Think of how this ill-gotten money could be used for missions to help people in need.

~George Whitman, Raton, NM 


The Villagio responds to last week’s letter

Dear Editor:

I object to the claims in last week’s letter to the editor written by Judy Pierce. There were no bedbugs, mites, or fleas in Ms. Pierce’s apartment. Also, one would need to sleep for a very long time for maggots to be everywhere upon awakening.

I was summoned to Ms. Pierce’s apartment a half dozen times to see the bugs that were biting her. I observed collections of random debris, such as tiny pieces of wood, stone, rolled up paper, and a bread crumb. In the few months that she rented the apartment, we failed to find even one specimen of any kind of bug, living or dead. In my apartment next to hers, there were no maggots, bedbugs, mites, or fleas. In the apartment on the other side of hers, there were no complaints.

She wrote about two bricks (which wobbled terribly) as a step. But, they weren’t bricks. They were foot-square pavers, and they were sturdy.

What is Ms. Pierce’s motive for publishing these scurrilous falsehoods?

~Larry D. Bullock Property Manager

The Villagio

Walsenburg, CO


La Veta Senior Meals

Dear Editor:

It has been almost six months that the South Central Council of Governments Area Agency on Aging has been providing meals once a week to La Veta residents. We are honored to bring this community into our service area. At this time, it is under discussion to bring in one more meal a week for a total of two weekly hot nutritious meals. I would like to recognize Patty Burns and the team of La Veta volunteers who pick up meals at our Walsenburg kitchen and deliver to each eligible senior. I would also like to applaud the AAA staff in Walsenburg including Yvette and Nancy who prepare and pack meals for these folks to pick up and Carol who does her administrative magic keeping track of all the paperwork. It is an absolute team effort that makes it all possible!

If you are over 60 years of age, a resident of La Veta, and would like to sign up to receive these lunch meals, please contact Patty Burns at 742-0260 or Carol Reynolds at 719-738-2205 to sign up and get complete details about the program. Funding for meals is provided by both State and Federal funding under the Older Americans Act and supplemented by suggested donations from recipients. We appreciate the generous donations received.

I will be in the La Veta soon to conduct a public meeting. Please watch this newspaper for details. I would like to give everyone the opportunity to express your comments, suggestions, or ideas about how we can continue to serve seniors in the coming years. I can be reached at (719) 845-1133 ext. 225.

~Veronica Maes

SCCOG, Huerfano & Las Animas Counties

AAA Director

Walsenburg, CO

Letters to the Editor – November 1, 2018

La Veta, be careful about location for new school – is it safe?

I am a parent of a La Veta student, am in favor of a new school, but have concerns about the proposed building site near the Cucharas River on the north side of La Veta.

I have experience in flood recovery on the Hayman Fire and Waldo Canyon burn scars, and am educated in river morphology and fluvial geomorphology.

I want to share thoughts about the NRCS flood predictions for La Veta.

Last week’s WJ article on the new school’s location referred to the predictions as a “blessing in disguise,” because we have studies for how much flooding we might see with the burn scar.

The study shows the north side of La Veta is at most risk, with total cubic feet per second (cfs) in a 100-year event predicted to be up to 61,166 cfs. Put into perspective, that would be 61 feet deep and 1,000 feet wide.

The south side (Garland St campus) is predicted to see up to 28,253 cfs in a 100-year event.

In a one-year event, the Garland street campus would have no flooding, and the north location would see two inches of water.

According to the study, the football field/ proposed location would be covered in water in all 1-100-year events.

I am unclear how, at the new location, the football field to the west and railroad tracks to the south, can be considered “existing flood protection.” The confluence of three severely burned drainages- Indian Creek, Middle Creek, and South Abeyta Creek- reaches the Cucharas River north of the tracks.

In the event of a flood, students and teachers would have to be bused to higher ground from the proposed location.

If the school is left on Garland, they could walk to higher ground.

Again, I am in favor of a new school, but don’t feel the north end of town is the best location. We don’t know for sure what will happen during a flood, but we should consider the predictions before putting children and teachers in danger.

~Justin Jameson,

La Veta, CO


Vote No on Prop 112

During Las Animas County’s Board of County Commissioners’ special meeting held October 25, 2018, the Commissioners voiced their firm opposition to Colorado Proposition 112, the mandate that requires any new oil and gas development and the reentering of old oil and gas wells meet a minimum distance “set back” of 2,500’ from occupied buildings and vulnerable areas. Common-Sense Policy Roundtable estimates over 147,000 workers will lose their jobs over the next 10 years and state and local tax revenues will decrease by $230,850,000 in the first year alone if Prop 112 passes.

Commissioner Moltrer stated that he represents Las Animas County and if this becomes law, it will “kill, if you will, Las Animas County as an energy county as we know it”. Commissioner Louden agreed with Moltrer and said he wants to see this proposition defeated since many of the jobs that will be lost are “good paying jobs” that will “leave Colorado”. Commissioner Lopez agreed with both commissioners and added that it will create “financial devastation” for communities involved in gas and oil including local school districts. Others opposing the Proposition include Gubernatorial candidates Democrat Jared Polis and Republican Walker Stapleton.

~Phil Dorenkamp County Administrator for LAC

Trinidad, CO


SCCOG helps out area seniors

On Wednesday, October 24, 2018 South Central Council of Governments (SCCOG) distributed Care and Share to Las Animas County residents. SCCOG distributes monthly over $5000 worth of food for low-income seniors and families in Las Animas County. SCCOG has done the senior box and cheese for some years but recently took over the TEFAP part of the program from the Department of Human Services.

We have had many challenges as we bring these programs together. We continue to distribute food to residents from Aguilar, Trinidad, Kim and Branson. This is an agency collaboration as we have SCCOG employees from all programs. These valued employees and volunteers are key to our success.

We have some volunteers but could always use more. It is a 1-2 day commitment monthly. We were fortunate to receive some special volunteers in the form of Las Animas County Commissioners Dean Moltrer and Luis Lopez. This is a commitment they are making to keep this program going here for its residents. We were all grateful for their help.

It has been a partnership with Las Animas County that makes this program work. The county provides the facilities for distribution as well as support. We will continue to make changes to improve our delivery of service. As always, we appreciate any constructive input and volunteers.

Please contact Veronica Maes at 719-845-1133 extension 225 with comments, suggestions, or to sign up to help.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work out the kinks and get the food out to those in need.

~Veronica Maes SCCOG Huerfano & Las Animas Counties AAA Director



Terrible Living Conditions

Dear Editor, I moved in to the Villagio Living Facility.

Before I moved in I asked for my apartment to be painted. After two months waiting for it to be done (which was very thinly half painted) I moved in.

I brought in all my stuff and put every thing away. Was very tired and so laid down on the clean white sheet on the bed. When I awoke, there were maggots everywhere on me including in my mouth (don’t snore) and nose. I pulled them out and jumped up, pulled the sheet off and the mattress was just covered with blood and maggots (probably from a accident which happened about two years before).

There were also bed bugs, mites, and fleas. I worked at the history center and was told I could not come back because of the mites.

There was a very big step up to get in. They put two bricks on top of each other (which wobbled terribly) and I fell- cutting my arm and the other shoulder was sore for some time (another tenant had the same problem and they build a couple ramps for him).

I have been sick and to the emergency room two times and the doctor several times for stomach and kidney infections, dehydration, and anemia.

I hope this lets you know what low income citizens are up against.

Hope you had a nice Halloween. I have for the last six months and now live in a very clean, warm, and peaceful place.

~Judy Pierce

Walsenburg, CO

Letters to the Editor / Card of Thanks – October 25, 2018

Proposition 112 is bad for landowners

Las Animas County Landowners Group opposes Proposition 112, this measure is bad for landowners.

The ramifications of Proposition 112 go beyond the companies and employees who work directly in the oil and gas industry. The ability for landowners to have control of what to do with their property would be significantly limited.

This measure is essentially a ban on oil and gas production in Colorado, which will prohibit property owners from developing their mineral rights.

Proposition 112 will devastate Colorado’s economy, and will eliminate 85 percent of private and non-federal lands from future development.

What is at stake is much more than the oil and gas industry, it is really about setting back our overall economy and rights. The effects of this measure would be detrimental to land owners in Las Animas County. Vote NO on Proposition 112.

~Karen Salapich,

Chair Las Animas County Landowners Group,

Trinidad, CO


Regarding Trinidaddio

The City Council did not vote to halt funding of Trinidaddio. They simply voted not to accept the demand sheet presented to them for consideration in the form it was presented. They want a negotiation, not a list of demands. Trinidaddio is demanding $86,000 in annual funding funding in perpetuity with one exception. This year, they want $60,000 from the City’s General Fund. We have already given them $50,000 and the sheet they presented demands another $10,000 by November 1. The City Council is not able to commit to funding anything except debt service for multiple years in the future. It is a violation of TABOR. They are only able to fund one year at a time and each year must stand on its own merits. The $86,000 is comprised of $50,000 from the City’s General Fund and $36,000 from the Lodging Tax. Both of these sources are City Funds the City Council must authorize. They are also seeking additional City Funds and services such as a $3,000 power panel and any of other power enhancements they desire In the future regardless demand of City Funds or staff time. They are looking for guaranteed provision of City water with no consideration of water restrictions and drought confirmations.

In addition, the City Council wants more transparency from Trinidaddio in terms of finances. The City wants to see profit and loss statements. It would be nice to learn such things as how many tickets are sold and how many are given away. Trinidaddio wants $86,000 from the City each year. That level of demand requires a high level of due diligence on the part of the City. They are demanding City taxpayer funding and the City needs to be satisfied that meeting the final demand is in the best interests of the taxpayers.

I am very confused as to who you talked to who said the City halted funding because it did not come from the City Council meeting.

~Greg Sund,


City Manager Trinidad, CO

Editor’s note: The City of Trinidad did not provide a press packet to the WJ reporter. He accurately reported on what was said in public meeting, using his written notes and tape recording.


Marcy Freeburg,


I wish to add my endorsement of Marcy Freeburg for Assessor. The problems in the Assessor’s office are pretty well known and Marcy is just the person to resolve them. She served her county as an Army intelligence officer, retired after being injured in a parachute jump. She is experienced in leading large staff departments and managing multi-million dollar budgets in highly demanding circumstances. With her background in information technology, she is ideally qualified to bring the assessor’s records on line and thus available to everyone. Finally, she will be able to insure that all property assessments in the county will be made fairly and accurately. The mother of three accomplished sons, a breeder of paint horses, and a hard worker who has supported herself and her family, Marcy Freeburg is precisely the kind of person whom we should select for public service. Elect Marcy as County Assessor!

~Sandy White

La Veta


Vote for Jena

Dear Editor,

Voter security and voter suppression should concern every citizen in Colorado. In 2016, Colorado was one of the 21 states targeted by Russian hackers. And in numerous states around our country, officials are working to make voting more difficult for many.

That’s why I’m voting for Jena Griswold for Colorado Secretary of State. Jena served as a voter protection attorney for President Obama, so she is informed and experienced. Her rural upbringing gives her a keen appreciation for the challenges faced by rural residents who frequently must travel to vote. Griswold plans to expand automatic voter registration, which will make voting easier for rural residents. She understands that it is important for ALL voices to be heard, and for EVERY vote to be counted.

The incumbent, Wayne Williams, fought against mail-in ballots in 2013. He did not stand on the side of improving our right to be heard. Please consider voting for Jena Griswold for Colorado Secretary of State. Sincerely, ~Penny Bieber Trinidad, CO


Card of Thanks

Spanish Peaks Harp Retreat Thanks

This past September, many wonderful people in Walsenburg and adjoining communities helped to make our Spanish Peaks Harp Retreat a great success. Now in our 14th year, we were welcomed by many in your lovely town. We are grateful that you supported us, and continue to support world class music that we bring into your beautiful valley.

Our first thank you goes to La Plaza hotel. The owner and staff members at La Plaza treated us with much care. The harpers took over the hotel for some days….and you treated us with well! You have hosted our retreat for 14 years!

We would also like to thank the Museum of Friends for allowing us to use your large room for some of our workshop. It was a great space for Aine Minogue’s “Music and Meditation” workshop. Thank you!

Serendipity, you put on quite a wonderful welcoming meal our first evening! Thank you so much. The food was delicious and we loved purusing your gifts and your chocolate!

A big thanks to the Huerfano County Historic Society as well!!!!

As a board member and a participant for 12 of these 14 years, I must say that coming up to your community and spending time with the people and the beauty is something I look forward to every fall. Thank you Walsenburg, La Veta and all the surrounding communities for helping to make our retreat such a lovely experience!!


~Julie Norem-Hawley

on behalf of the Spanish Peaks Harp Retreat

Letters to the editor & Card of Thanks, October 18, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Meet the REAL Steve Pearce

on Friday, October 19.

Steve Pearce- he’s the right man

for New Mexico and Colfax County.

A new beginning for New Mexico starts with electing a leader who will unite New Mexicans with a common vision for what we can achieve as one. New Mexico is our home and if we do not make the most of it, the fault is ours.

A new beginning for New Mexico means implementing changes so that our state government can provide outstanding service to the people of New Mexico without imposing ever higher taxes or blindly ignoring wasteful spending, outdated regulations or poorly managed departments. Creating a state government that is efficient, constituent friendly and a principled operation. Our government employees should be well trained and highly motivated.

A new beginning means creating a strong economy. Our government agencies should find the delicate balance between preserving and protecting while at the same time supporting entrepreneurial individuals, businesses and organizations that create jobs, dream big and want to make those dreams happen in New Mexico.

A new beginning for New Mexico means focusing on achieving our goals of good schools, letting teachers be teachers and ensuring that every child in New Mexico receives a quality public education with schools that are safe, where qualified teachers are recruited, supported and retained and parents are welcomed as an integral part of the school system.

Most of all, we must focus on the forgotten men and women of this state; the forgotten men and women who go to work every day, raise their children and pay their taxes. They are the men and women who make this country and this state work.

There is one candidate for Governor that has a clear vision for New Mexico. That candidate is Steve Pearce. Please join us and Congressman Pearce on Friday, October 19th at 2:30 PM at the Sweet Shop in Raton to hear more about “A New Beginning for New Mexico”.


~Colfax County Republicans for a New Beginning

Raton, NM



Political Motivations Qualifications Misleading

Some people run for public office because they genuinely care and want to serve their communities. Some people are required to run for public office because the law states they must in order to remain in that position.

Some people, sadly, run for public office for less noble reasons. Whether it’s personal gain, stature, or false admiration, they don’t have a clue as to what kind of knowledge it takes to actually DO the work they are coveting, they just want in. They are told the office is broken and they should ‘get in there’ and ‘get it right’, like there is something wrong, when actually, there isn’t. The law must be followed, like it or not.

Even though never having stepped foot into the office, they exude false confidence, misinformation, and mislead the public. That’s par for the politician. A politician looking for a first step up somewhere. Anywhere. Somewhere, there must be a gateway office they can step into in order to reach higher platforms.

These people will use semi-truths to convince the voters that they are actually qualified to hold the office, and hint that the incumbent has done something wrong. Yes, politics as usual.

Folks, people can tell you whatever they want disguising it as truth.

Other people just do their job and let their performance speak for itself. It’s up to the voter, to make an informed choice. Find out the truth.

When considering someone for a job, I want a person with

• experience

• historical knowledge

• a good track record

• unquestionable character

• community at heart

That’s why I’m voting to re-elect Elisha Andreatta Meadows for Huerfano County Assessor. A proven Assessor.

That’s not true for anyone else in this race. Sorry, but there’s not.

~Kathy Parrish

Walsenburg, CO



In support of 1A Safety and more downtown parking

To the Editor,

The Huerfano County Communication Coalition strongly supports Ballot Issue 1A to build the Huerfano County Judicial Plaza.

The desire to build a judicial plaza that serves our community is not new. This concept has been a work in progress since 2012. All options have been exhaustively explored. The county has looked at the private prison, Washington School, and even the third floor of the Spanish Peaks Library.

The one-cent sales tax increase goes into effect in 2020 and will net approximately $625,000 annually to pay for the $10 million project. According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, 60% of the taxes will be paid by tourists who visit our county and buy fuel, food, and other purchased items.

As one of the poorest counties in the state, with its courthouse designated as the third worst in Colorado, Huerfano County has received $1.2 million worth of grants to do the planning and preparation. The grant money must be spent by 2023.

The recommended amount of square feet for the services our court system provides is 16,000 square feet; ours is 6,500 square feet. This has a profound impact on safety and security for law enforcement and the public in general, and prisoners are compromised when they must walk across the street from the jail into the courthouse.

The condition of the building, the work environment and safety concerns for both citizens and inmates drive the requirement to build a courthouse that will meet county needs.

In addition to a courthouse that is built to accommodate our judicial needs with two courtrooms, space for consulting and future expansion; the plans will create 85 new parking places that will provide the badly needed space for people to park and experience downtown Walsenburg businesses.

Please vote yes on 1A.

~The County Communication Coalition

Walsenburg, CO

Cards of Thanks

Oktoberfest Thanks everyone (Pt 2)

We must also thank David and Sandra Molyneux for providing our meeting space and for putting up with us, and our great crew of volunteers (you know who you are) who worked in the raffle booth, beer garden and helped to set up and take down. We could not do it without you! We would especially like to thank our County Commissioners who took time out of their busy schedules to help us out once again. We cannot forget our color guards who presented us with a moving opening ceremony. The music that delighted the crown was provided by the Alan Polivka Band in the morning and the fabulous Rifters in the afternoon. We were delighted to be able to crown our deserving King, Eddie West, and Queen, Marilyn Hall, and we thank them for their community spirit and for being such very special people! We also wish to acknowledge our special veterans, Fred Falk and Mary Ann Nardini and thank them for their service to our country. Last but certainly not least, we owe a debt of gratitude to Leonard and the Twin Peaks Rodders for the excellent car show. We feel especially blessed to “still be standing” here in LaVeta and that we had a beautiful fall day and many, many friends who came out to help us celebrate and make our 32nd Oktoberfest one of the biggest and best yet! Just wait to see what we have planned for next year! See part 1 last week Sincerely,

~The Oktoberfest Committee La Veta, CO


JMHS’s Lisa Lane is doing great things

I was pleased to see you spotlight Lisa Lane for all of the great things she is doing with kids. She, along with so many other women and men, have sparked the pride and good energy that have been missing from our community for a long time. Thanks to them and to you for letting your readers know the great things that are happening in Walsenburg and the surrounding areas. Sincerely,

~Jann Vail

Walsenburg, CO

Letters to the editor, October 11, 2018

Regarding Mr. Baros’ statements

Part 2 of 2

Editor’s note: This is part two of a letter responding to letters written by Jose Baros concerning the death of his daughter Quanisha.

I do agree with Mr. Baros in the fact that the relationship with the DA is imperative in successfully prosecuting cases, which has been happening at an astounding rate since the Sheriff’s Office has been the sole law enforcement agency in the County.

It saddens me to see that our community has been plagued with the same problem the remainder of the country faces at this time, which is the largest drug epidemic I have seen or heard of in my lifetime.

It is even harder for me to hear a grieving father who lost a daughter to years of drug abuse blame everyone involved in the attempt to render aid to his daughter, for her unfortunate outcome, making it what appears to be a political agenda.

The Huerfano County Sheriff’s Office has always taken every imaginable step to ensure we follow up on every citizen complaint or tip relating to any drug distribution.  At this time, the Sheriff’s Office has been granted over 80 search warrants this year to date alone, the majority of which were drug-related search warrants.

Most of those search warrants were granted because of information received from concerned citizens who cared enough about our community to provide information to our department.

This year, while being understaffed, constant changing prosecutors, and constantly training new deputies, the sheriff’s office has made more drug arrests than this community has ever seen, not to mention our jail. It has seen a consistent capacity of 35 or more inmates, where we used to average approximately 23.

I feel I speak for our entire department when I say that nothing will deter us from continuing our mission to make this a safe community.

Anyone who has any questions about my statements or the facts based therein, is encouraged to reach out to the sheriff’s office for records regarding my statements.


~Craig Lessar Captain,

Huerfano  Sheriff’s Office,

Walsenburg, CO 


Why I’m Voting YES on 1 A

It will come as some surprise to those that know me that I am supporting a sales tax hike. But anyone who’s done any business at all in our historic courthouse knows we can’t continue the way things are. The courthouse won’t sustain any more expansion and sadly, our courts are over-full these days. Lawsuits and court cases tossed out are the future of the county unless we update.

Right now, we have the opportunity to obtain a $3 million grant to offset the cost of the new justice center. But we lose that money if we don’t vote ‘yes’.

The choice is really between building the justice center now and saving big bucks, or building later, under court order, and footing the bill all by ourselves.

I urge all readers to review the facts, get answers to your questions, but by all means, consider voting ‘YES’ on 1A.

~John Freeburg

Rye, CO 


Carnivores in cattle country

As a young cattle producer and a mother of six, I testified at the state capitol in Denver in the early nineties about predators killing our livestock. I displayed many pictures showing dead calves from coyotes and mountain lions in southeast Colorado.

Pat Craig, Boulder, CO, of the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, CO has decided to bring carnivores into cattle country. The ranch where I live is an investment that makes the majority of my income and my way of life. This ranch has been in my family 60 years. As a young girl, my three sisters and I worked this ranch and worked hard, just like men.

After going to a Southern Colorado Livestock Association meeting in Branson, Colorado and hearing Mr. Craig’s reasons for coming to southeast Colorado, it is apparent to me that he doesn’t understand the impact the new “Refuge” will have on the cattle producers and how difficult it will be to keep these carnivores in their enclosures. It is a foregone conclusion that upon a severe weather event there is no way that the “Refuge” will be able to keep those carnivores and predators within their fences. This country’s terrain is drastically different than Keenesburg in Weld County.

No one should be surprised that livestock producers would oppose such a needless burden on our private property. I pray that the people who are pushing this will not bring their carnivores and predators such as wolves, bears, tigers, lions and mountain lions here into our historic region. We have enough predators here as I lost three calves to mountain lions last spring, we don’t need more. I say NO to carnivores in cattle country.

~Kimmi Clark Lewis,

HD 64 State Representative

Kim, CO

Card of Thanks

Oktoberfest ceremony

Dear Editor,

This letter is to the folks who planned the Oktoberfest veterans’ presentations.

Thank you so much for all of the considerations and tributes that were bestowed on Fred Falk. He truly appreciates the thoughtfulness of the committee members. It was quite an honor, and he and his family very much appreciate all of you that made this all possible.


~The Fred Falk family,

La Veta, CO


Thanks from Doc Leonetti

Editor, The World Journal (Trinidad, Walsenburg, La Veta, Raton NM, Aguilar, Hoehne, Kim, Branson, and surrounding areas

My belated thanks to all the individuals involved in the process of recommending me for induction into the Trinidad State Jr. College Educational Foundation Hall of Fame in April of this year. I am somewhat aware of numerous people who worked on this project, but not really sure of whom they all are. It seems to me to be, maybe, a top secret phenomenon. I do know that my brother Dan was actively involved, as well as my son Brian, the “Fat Kid,” Dick Compton, Coach Toupal, and others yet unknown, all of whom truly care for the education of students in need. I’m blessed that my sisters Connie and Donna, and my daughter Dawn and Brian were there for me too. My youngest daughter Amos had to work and could not attend. And a special thanks to Toni DeAngeles, a conscientious woman of extreme patience and dedication. I know of no one who can manage a job like this as she can. Thank you Toni for all you do for TSJC and the entire Trinidad community. And thank you too, Jon Barclay, for your impressive (but somewhat fabricated) rendition of my contribution to the TSJC community.

It is such an honor, not only for me, but for all the people of Trinidad, and numerous caring individuals from out-of-town who were there that evening to support and contribute to TSJC for the distinct purpose of assisting students in their pursuit of their dreams of furthering their college education. This induction was not only for me and George Leone, but for the students of TSJC. No doubt, the College Foundation does not receive enough recognition for all they do for the benefit of our college community, our state, and our nation.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with and meet so many wonderful students, young and old alike, during my lengthy tenure at TSJC. I truly loved my work in the classroom, and I hope I did my best to make all of us just a little bit better.

I can not thank you all enough.

~Doc Leonetti

TSJC Professor of Psychology (Retired)

Trinidad, CO

Cards of Thanks

Sometimes I forget

Sept. 5th, I fell in my home, bruised up my left leg, foot, arm and broke the little toe on my right foot. Before that in July was having a lot of pain in my abdomen. Sept. 12th from SPRHC Emergency room, I was on a “flight for life” helicopter ride to Colo. Springs for emergency surgery for a strangulated hernia. It was my life on the line. Sept. 13th I was released to go home with restrictions. I was also given medication for a blood clot which may have happened when I fell. I received home health care from Mountain Creek Home Health, Meals on Wheels, from SCOG. All excellent service and care plus communication with my Doctor Moll and Dr. McCann the surgeon in Colo. Springs. Sometimes I forget how our medical facilities are taken for granted and I complain plus think “no one cares.” Friends came to help and I thank Helen, Renee, Dee, Nancy, Wayde, Dr’s. Moll, McCann, Staff at St. Anthony’s Penrose hospital, Flight for Life personnel. Many cards and well wishes from friends in State and out of State.

Sometimes I forget how precious friends are, the power of prayer, and the wonderful services we have here. Sometimes I forget to really appreciate all I really have and am grateful for. Thanks to my recovery “family” for helping me on the road to “wellness'” “May God Bless Everyone” (as Tiny Tim said) and it’s good to be here and alive!

~ Yvonne Headrick, Walsenburg, CO


Spanish Peaks Harp Retreat… the ‘nearly invisible guests’

This event draws students from across the country, to gather and learn from the best harp performers and teachers in the world! We huddle together for 7 hours a day, concentrating, practicing new skills and learning from the amazing talent brought to our doorstep. In the evenings we gather for small events, comparing notes and camaraderie. So other than the toting of large cases across Main Street, you might not have even noticed it was happening in Walsenburg! Anytime world class anything comes to town, it is cause for celebration! These visitors spend time within the neighborhood, spend money at the shops, motels, eateries and gas stations! The attendance and support of the community at the culminating concert at the Fox was extraordinary! So many people make it successful, but at the top is Nancy and Jaimee Joroff. Their vision is contagious and this retreat rivals any in the harping world. A wonderful board of directors who bring a sense of calm, peaceful cooperation and joy, adds to the inner workings of a smooth and successful endeavor. Large amounts of gratitude and warm fuzzies to Mike and Evan at the Fox Theater, Gaye at Serendipity Coffeehouse, Karen and staff at La Plaza, Maria at Museum of Friends, Deb Smith for the lovely stage decor, youth volunteers, donors who are stepping up with financial and harp donations for the educational programming, and of course the fabulous turn out of local support for the final concert! Thanks to all!

~Willson and McKee Walsenburg, CO

Letters to the editor, October 4, 2018

Regarding Mr. Baros’ statements Part 1 of 2

In response to some of the letters provided to you the past two weeks, I would like the opportunity to address and clarify some inconsistencies with the statements made by Mr. Jose Baros. I believe the community has the right to hear both sides of the issues that were raised in the two-part letter titled, “Change” which was published on September 6 and 13 in the World Journal.

The first issue that concerns me in the letters addresses the issue of the use of body-worn cameras on the day of the medical call regarding Mr. Baros’ daughter. During the time of this incident, numerous members of our department, me included, were (and still are) having issues with charging and downloading the cameras, making some cameras inoperable.

With that being said, the accusation that the body camera footage provided to Mr. Baros was “edited” is horribly inaccurate. The system we use does not allow anyone on the Huerfano Sheriff’s Office access to edit any footage recorded on body-worn cameras. Mr. Baros has been provided with every piece of information that the Sheriff’s Office has to offer as soon as it has been available.

The second issue raised by Mr. Baros is the working relationship between the Sheriff’s Office and the Office of the District Attorney. I will admit that it has been challenging changing prosecutors so frequently (mostly with Deputy DAs) the past few years, not to mention an entirely new reporting system being put in place that affects the DA office, Sheriff’s Department and Dispatch.

With that in mind, it is my personal opinion that the Sheriff’s Office has a great working relationship with Mr. Solano and his office, regardless of both offices being under-staffed for the majority of the time he has been in office.


~Craig Lessar Captain, Huerfano  Sheriff’s Office, Walsenburg, CO 

Part 2 will run in next week’s World Journal

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