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Letters to the Editor: July 19, 2018

A job well done

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank the staff at the South Central Council of Governments Area Agency on Aging kitchen at the Huerfano County Community Center. They went above and beyond their usual fabulous service! For two weeks they doubled the average number of lunches served daily to include the Red Cross staff and evacuees. Yvette, Nancy, and Carol did not bat an eye when approached to take on these additional meals. For many weekday evenings both Yvette and Carol stayed beyond their normal schedule to serve dinners provided by local restaurants and prepared meals when they were not provided. Yvette also prepared breakfast burritos for some mornings. Carol was an administrative wizard keeping track for the Red Cross of meals served. I cannot say how grateful I am to have them as part of our team and welcoming all to the facility. In addition, I also would like to thank my mother, Ramona Duran who helped me on the Fourth of July to prepare and serve lunch for the Red Cross. I am truly blessed by wonderful, hard-working people who truly care for others. I speak for all of us when I say it was an honor to serve during this time of need. It is efforts like this that have been seen all over Huerfano County that let us know we are in a great community. Our prayers for quick recovery for all those affected by the Spring Fire.

~Veronica Maes SCCOG Huerfano & Las Animas Counties AAA Director 

Thank you to people of Raton from Spring Fire evacuees

To the editor;

“It is what it is” is a favorite quote of a friend of mine who has dedicated his entire life to the service of others. Our experience from Spring Fire is as different as we are. Sally and I relocated to an austere Travel Lodge in Raton, New Mexico in order to bring our small, vulnerable animals with us. Every turn, from the ladies Virginia and Mary, at the laundromat to David at the restaurant, everywhere we ventured in this small community the residents demonstrated empathy, a willingness to chat, a calm and beautiful demeanor and always offering some insight into service to the betterment of us.

Raton is a beautiful small community where a once rich tradition of the excitement of horse racing and the hard, backbreaking work of coal mining combined to create a beautiful community with architecture that varies from a New Pueblo Art Deco to Santa Fe and California bungalows with brick Victorian, Saltbox and Mission all combined to create wonderful, tree-lined streets that climbed the side of the mountain community.

Many businesses are boarded up but not forgotten by the locals who remember the owners, their stories and their families. It is a town of families, with many ethnic backgrounds who share this community. Our nightmares turned to joy with the remarkable 4th of July celebration over the tracks of America’s AmTrak rail station and their modern Aquatics Center. If I was a betting man, I would say there is a bright future soon to be realized by these wonderful citizens of Raton. To all of you we encountered, we are so very grateful.

~Tom and Sally Lewis Cuchara, Colorado

To the Commissioners of Huerfano County

Please come down out of dream land and look at the damage from fires still racing about. When the fires are gone there will be a great deal of cleaning up and rebuilding for your voters. They will be in need of help.

If you don’t have enough room in the county court house, bring in some new modular commercial trailers and use them for some of the departments. Then there should be room for safety and separation when trials are in court. Far more economical. More taxes for our county at this time is very sad news. Pay attention to reality.

~ Bianca Abeyta Benjamin Abeyta Gardner, CO

Raton needs to watch how it spends money

Dear Editor,

I’m writing this letter in hopes of getting the attention of the citizens of Raton. I have already spoken at a city commission meeting and send this letter to enforce what I said there.

My primary concern is how the city plans to use the $540,000 loan it received from the NM Finance Authority to build a solid waste transfer station in town. The transfer of solid waste is satisfactory and could be improved at much less expense. The reason given by the City Manager was that a closer station would make it easier for the people who are currently dumping large and bulky items near in-town dumpsters to be able to take this trash to a more convenient location.

I do not think that the citizens of Raton understand what is at stake here and further, I believe that if they did understand the Raton Commissioners’ plans that they would disagree. Projects that should concern themselves with are:

1. A major fix of the sidewalk in front of the Raton Post Office before someone is injured

2. Doing what is necessary to make the 3 lots (2 buildings) South of the International State Bank, attractive and usable for downtown businesses.

3. Clean up, restore and advertise the Armex Building to bring industry to Raton. Citizens of Raton, help to stop this unwise use of our town’s money.

Please call Raton City Hall at 575-445-9551 , or write the City Commissioners at City of Raton Commissioners, 224 Savage Ave.Raton, NM 87740

~Robert Walton Raton, NM

Letters to the Editor: July 5, 2018

Thank you for your kindness in our time of loss

Thanks to all our family, friends and neighbors for the calls, cards, money, flowers, food and drinks in the loss of our beloved father Manuel Ortiz Jr. Thanks for all the doctors and nursing staff that took care of our dad. To Delphine and Boies-Ortega Funeral Home for an outstanding job. To Father Stephen Olamolu for officiating the Funeral Mass and everyone that attended the services. To Vera Espinoza for the Rosary. To Rita Cordova and Manuel Serrato for the beautiful music. To all the pall-beareres and Eucharistic ministers, readers, and gift bearers. To Walsenburg Golf Course Catering and their staff for a very delicious meal. To Cindy Bailey for the beautiful floral arrangements from Forget Me Not Florist. To all of our husbands, wives, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great-greats for being there in our time of need. To all Dad’s friends, niecces, nephews and a very special thank you to our Uncle George Ortiz, nephews Mark Ortiz, Pernell Ortiz for being here and for all the support that was given to us.

We love you. To anyone else, if we forgot to mention you, thank you and may God bless all of you for your support.

~The Ortiz Family, Walsenburg, CO

Big Rip Off

Letter to the editor, About 7 1/2 weeks ago I had my truck towed into La Veta Oil co because I had inadvertently put D.C.F. in the fuel tank and then ran the vehicle. The esitmate, for repairs, was given as $4,000.

The truck was kept at La Veta Oil for 6 weeks and 4 days. During this period of time I was given 7 separate days when the truck was supposedly going to be ready.

When the truck was finally ready the bill came to $8,807.65. As I questioned the amount I was told I would have to pay cash as I called the sheriff in an effort to get my truck back. As the mechanic can put on a lien and hold the vehicle you have no way to go to question the amount.

If you have repairs done at La Veta Oil Co beware.

~Ralph Carson Walsenburg, CO

(NON) Availability of 747 Supertanker for Spring Creek fire

Not demeaning any of the outstanding group and individual efforts to contain the Spring fire, a recent article published just two weeks before this fire raises the question as to why the 747-400 Supertanker is not being more widely used in our fire season. The company, Global Supertanker Services, LLC, has based the aircraft at the Colorado Springs airport, just 150 air miles from the Spring fire. Currently the company has three “call when needed” contracts in Colorado (El Paso & Douglas counties, and the City of Colorado Springs). There is no cost to sign the contract and none until the services of the aircraft are used.

Is it not ludicrous and exasperating to have this technology and expertise so close and yet not available? Apparently the National Forest Service had a contract, but has let it expire. How difficult could it be to reinstate this contract or to draw another? If members of the bureaucracy who are delaying this process had homes in Forbes Park, Middle Creek, Cuchara, or Tres Valles you could be assured the contract would be signed within hours.

Some quick facts: this very aircraft from Colorado Springs has fought fires in Israel (Nov 2016), Chile (Jan 2017), and California (Aug 2017). The 747-400 can drop 19,200 gals of retardant or water in one pass; the DC-10 from Albuquerque: 11,600 gals [36% less]. The 747-400 aircraft was approved to fight fires on Federal land in January 2017. The aircraft is named “The Spirit of John Muir” … who is probably crying in his grave over the number of homes and acres of trees still burning.

~Steve Muller, La Veta

Rodeo Thanks

To Whom it May Concern:

I apologize to the following people and organizations for the misprint of your names in the program. Johnny Boots, Jodene Wolfe, Becky Pagnotta, and Jody Wolfe, Cruikshank Realty, Bruce Newman, Boise Ortega, Julia Marchant, Brooke Remert, Dave Gnaizda.

You have been great supporters of our Rodeo and I would like to remember you properly.

~Harold Vargas Gallo Rodeo Gardner, CO

Bless the seniors and people who can read

It has been noted that seniors are pretty good drivers and obey the laws, (always exceptions!). They usually drive the speed limit because “they” have a reputation of being old and slow. On highways 160 and Interstate I-25, seniors are doing the speed limit while other drivers (especially on highway 160 are going 70-80-90 miles an hour. The speed limit is 60-65! On I-25 (70-75 mph limit) drivers are going 80-85-90 mph! The worst drivers are from New Mexico, Texas, and of course Colorado. Most seniors have already “spun their wheels”, have had tickets, and maybe an accident or two. Therefore, they realize, SPEED KILLS, HURTS, DESTROYS!

The highway patrol could make some ‘ticket’ money catching the tailgaters, speeders; if they had the manpower. The tailgaters really annoy me. When one gets behind me (I’m doing the speed limit) I purposely keep my correct speed and then when I can pull over safely, I let ‘them’ pass, then get back onto the road and continue to my destination. It helps to do that and helps calm me down. Don’t want to cause “road rage!”

One last note: Last week on Interstate 25 southbound, there was a horrible accident on the side of the road, with possible injuries. The highway patrol was slowing cars down as we passed the scene. As soon as the cars were clear, several drivers ripped down the highway at 80-85 mph. Guess an accident/ injuries didn’t affect them!  So I say again: Bless the seniors and people who can read! Thank you.

~Yvonne Headrick Walsenburg, CO

Thank you from the Vialpando and Manzanares families

The Vialpando and Manzanares families would like to express our deepest gratitude to the following organizations and individuals for their care of Sandra Vialpando and support upon her passing:

Pueblo YMCA, Penrose Memorial Hospital, Presbyterian/Saint Luke’s Hospital, Parkview Hospital, Rock Canyon Respiratory and Rehabilitation Center, Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center, Huerfano Ambulance Service, Sangre de Cristo Hospice, Southern Colorado COG In-Home Care Services, Boies-Ortega Funeral Home, TM Ranch, Yvette Vialpando’s Catering Service, First United Methodist Church, Masonic Cemetery, Suncrest Hospice, all physicians, nurses, medical staff, and family and friends for their generosity and condolences.

For 22 years, Sandy would insist she did not have MS, but rather that MS had her. It was with this mindset and fighting spirit that she persevered and could continue uplifting the lives of those around her. Her family grew to include all those who cared for her along the way and your contributions to her life have left an indelible mark on our hearts. Thank you!

~Cindy Montoya Walsenburg, CO


Letters to the Editor: June 28, 2018

Thank you from the La Veta Beautification team

Thank You to the Financial Donors:

• Paul Mc Connellogue

• Two Peaks Fitness

• Charlie’s Market

• Bachman & Associates

• Mark White

• The City of La Veta

• Andron investments

• Jerry and Liz Henson

• Karen and Tim O’Brien

• Code of the West Real Estate

• LaVeta Mercantile

• Big R

• Annalee & Russell Hickey

• Peggy and David Zehring

• LaVeta Propane

• Leslie Lord

• Aly’s Restaurant

• Sam Knight

• San Isabel Thank You to the Volunteers:

• LaRissa Morris (organization and watering)

• Susan Hannaman (organization and watering)

• Tyler Huff of H&H Forestery and his crew (moving the old planters with the fork lift)

• Steve & Debbie Pollilo (watering and placing planters)

• Mark White (loaning his van for transporting flowers from Di Santi Farms)

• John Lockamy (tractor work)

• Annalee & Russell Hickey (watering and placing planters)

• Karren Baci (watering)

• Zada Casper (weeding and watering)

• Paul McConnellogue (weeding and watering)

• T. J Harris (watering)

• Kim Eldridge (watering)

• Richard (weeding and watering)

The Beautification Project depends on your donations for continued success!

If you would like to make a donation please make your checks out to: La Veta/ Cuchara Chamber, MEMO: Beautification Project. Mail to LaRissa Morris, P.O. Box 1082, La Veta, CO 81055. If you would like to get involved, please call LaRissa at 808-936-0663. ~La Veta Beautification, La Veta, CO

The Earth Angels of Walsenburg

Dear editor:

On behalf of my daughter, Ashley, we want to publicly acknowledge the “earth angels” of Walsenburg for the kindness and hospitality they have shown us during our recent visit to Walsenburg, Colorado.

We were there to bring home her dad, Dr. Trellis G. Green, who passed away on June 4, 2018 when he suffered a cardiac rest while fly fishing at the Horseshoe Dam Lake in Lathrop State Park.

In particular, we want to thank coroner, Vonnie Valdez, Tonnie, Delphine and Steve of Boise-Ortega Funeral Home, Craig and Chris Daniels of Daniels Towing & Auto Repair, UnderSheriff Dave McCain, Park Manager, Ranger Stacey Lewis, and Rusty Loflin.

Their goodness and humanity helped minimize the pain of our personal loss and uplifted our spirits.

We found Southern Hospitality in Walsenburg, CO – you treated us like family, and for that, we THANK YOU! ~Evelyn Kwan Green, Ph.D. Mobile, AL

Protect our healthcare

Dear Editor –

The Trump Administration wants to Eliminate the Obama Care provision that does not allow preexisting medical conditions to be considered.

Fortunately, the Colorado Insurance Commission will not support this unfair Trump administration propsal.

~Margi Durrum Walsenburg, CO

Why were the trees cut down along Colorado Avenue?

Dear Editor:

I recently returned from vacation and I was saddened to see trees cut down along the ditch on Colorado Avenue between Main Street and Russell Avenue. All that is left are ugly stumps! The trees provided privacy, shade, homes to birds, squirrels, and beauty. There is so much talk about “global warming” and I believe it is caused by many things, including removing trees and other plant life. Not only is the beauty removed; trees provide homes to wildlife. Before the trees were removed, there were many different birds in my yard and now there are very few. I don’t know what the plan is for the area but I wonder why the trees weren’t just trimmed or at least why weren’t the ugly stumps and trash removed. This stretch of road is, in my opinion, an eyesore. I’d like to know what will replace the beautiful trees, more concrete to reflect heat back into the atmosphere? I don’t know who made the decision to remove the trees but I am sorry the trees are gone.

Thank you, ~Irene Grilley Walsenburg, CO


Letter to the Editor: June 7, 2018

Memorial Day in La Veta a patriotic success

As always, a heart warming and emotional Memorial Day program was held at the La Vet Cemetery on May 28, 2018. The patriotism and pride were overwhelming.

A big thank you to CVCCS, Pastor Janine Abby Rose, La Veta Cemetery Board, the American Legion, Sam Bonham, Nancy Nielson, Jane Konzom, Hallee Jameson and so many volunteers that helped make the day special.

The All Veteran Color Guard included: Jim Chamberlain, David Steffan, Bill Hitt, Donna Adams, Bill Shephard and Gary Baldwin, Stand by was Joe Corral.

Gracing the cemetery was a spectacular display of American Flags that are among the collection of Deb Williams.

The POW/MIA ceremony was honored by the American Legion. They explained the meaning of each item represented on a display table.

Thank you one and all for participating and honoring our fallen heroes. ~Donna Adams La Veta, CO

Proposed La Veta Animal Ordinance Needs Your Input

The Town of La Veta Board of Trustees has drafted a new Animal Control ordinance. This short-sighted ordinance will cause untold heart ache for La Veta residents, has the potential to pit neighbor against neighbor, will negatively impact economic development and is basically unenforceable. The current animal control ordinance allows for 6 small animals – dogs and cats – per resident. No other animals are restricted. The new ordinance allows for 4 dogs and 4 cats, 2 horses, 12 rabbits, 12 hens and 4 any type of fowl, and roosters are prohibited. The new ordinance does not allow grandfathering. For La Veta residents with more animals than the new ordinance – you must remove your animals from your household. How can our 6 animals be legal one day and not the next? Huerfano County does not have the shelter or rescue resources to absorb these animals even if residents choose to surrender their pets.

This new ordinance allows for residents to apply for a “Special Use Permit” to exceed the limits. The Town of La Veta does not have the resources to enforce or manage simple dog and cat licensing. How will La Veta staff find the time and money to implement a Special Use Permit program? No source of funding is included in this new ordinance.

Instead of new animal ordinances, let’s insist the town strictly enforce the current animal control ordinances. All current animal ordinances must be enforced equally and apply to the Town Trustees. Let’s educate the Town Marshal’s Office.

Residents of La Veta, let your voices be heard! Contact the 6 Trustees personally and in writing. The Public Hearing for the new ordinance is July 3rd. Let’s have at least one more hearing to make sure all residents can attend. Better yet, let’s table this ordinance.

~Judi Day, La Veta, CO

Editor’s note:  The latest word is that the Trustees will grandfather current animals into the ordinance and no one will need to re-home their pets.

Thanks for your love and memories

I would like to thank everyone who came to Bill Flanagin’s celebration of life at Lathrop on Saturday afternoon despite the very cold rain. Bill would approve of the nasty wet weather, a fitting Irish funeral sort of day. The much needed rain I will take as a sign that all is as it should be in the world! Thanks again for the support and for all the kind cards I received from my friends here in Huerfano County.


~Edie Flanagin Walsenburg. CO/ Bridgeport, TX

Potluck a major success

Thanks to everyone who made the LaVeta “All out Community Pot-Luck” a huge success. Despite the pouring rain and many other events happening on the sane evening , nearly 100 people turned our for the wonderful variety of delicious food and lively conversation. Everyone from the age of 8 months to 93 years had a great time and we appreciate everyone who came out to support our event and show their community spirit. We were especially delighted to have most of our town board in attendance as well as our Mayor, Doug Brgoch who kindly gave us a brief update on the bridge project and his best wishes for a good summer. Ashley Vandagriff who has recently opened a dance studio in LaVeta, had students from her “hip hop” class entertain us with a lively dance number and she also provided the sound system. We would also like to thank the 4-H Council for allowing us to use the barn for the event and our special friends who helped with the set-up and clean up duties! Many hands make the load light! See you next year for our 3rd annual event!

~AOCPL Committee La Veta, CO

Thank you USPS

Thank You, Huerfano Community! Dorcas Circle Food Pantry and Clothing Bank received the awesome success of The US Postal Service’s “Stamp Out Hunger” Food Drive. The USPS delivered 430 pounds of food for the hungry. A big Hug and Thank You to USPS employees for collecting food and to the generous folks of Huerfano County area for contributing food. Many folks in our area have need for food and clothing.

Dorcas Circle accepts donations of food, used clothing, and small household items. We serve the community with Food and Used Clothing for those in need. Our volunteers are distributing food from the USPS “Stamp Out Hunger” food drive into food boxes and food-give-aways.

Please visit Dorcas Circle at 911 South Main, Walsenburg, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 AM to 4 PM (closed Noon to 12:30) . Phone 738-2291.

Thank You Sincerely,

~Maryann Chamberlain, Director Dorcas Circle Food Pantry and Clothing Bank Walsenburg, CO

Words from a crossword puzzle fan

I have had a subscription for several months now and want to tell you what a terrific publication you are putting out. I love all the regular features and the upcoming events listed every week in the surrounding areas are great… my husband and I had no idea that so much in going on in our area. We live in Gulnare so don’t get that much news from the “outside world” so we find that we get wonderful ideas to things to do that we normally would not be aware of.

Just one thing…isn’t there always just one more thing…. I am a crossword person and look forward to working the weekly one in the World Journal… however, I ask you to sit in your easy chair, feet up as you read the paper…then try to fold that section the the paper so you can work the puzzle…. horrid…. don’t suppose you could situate the puzzle in a location where it is not in the middle of the page?

Thanks again for such a great newspaper….look forward to many years of subscriptions…

~Cindy Gongaware Gulnare, CO

Editors note:  Thanks so much Cindy!  We have heard your plea, check out page 13 for the crossword’s new location, and let us know if that is better.


Letters to the Editor: May 17, 2018

In praise of the World Journal

Dear Gretchen and Brian, I write on behalf of the Spanish Peaks HealthCare Foundation Issues Committee to thank you and the World Journal for the support the newspaper gave to Ballot issue A, the Hospital’s effort to increase the Hospital District Mill Levy. From the World Journal’s editorial support to articles published on behalf of the Mill Levy increase to effective advertising, the World Journal got out the message that the future of excellent quality care provided by the hospital depended on the passage of Issue A.

We know that the World Journal is an effective and strong voice in Huerfano County by the simple fact that Issue A passed by a margin three to one. Your voice was the principal public voice favoring the Mill Levy. Without the World Journal, the Mill Levy may not have passed. Instead, we now have a hospital which can maintain its excellent care for those living in and visiting Huerfano County.

Thank you immensely.


~Stirling Lathrop

Spanish Peaks Healthcare Foundation,

Walsenburg, CO 


Thank you for your votes

To the Editor, I just wanted to take a moment to say how thankful that I am to our community for their show of support on the passing of the Mill Levy Increase for the Huerfano County Hospital District.

This funding was so vital for our county and region, and I am beholden to the citizens of our area for their belief in our mission, and desire to see Spanish Peaks continue to improve and expand healthcare and emergency services to all that we know and love.

Our Nation’s Veterans needed your ongoing support as well. Every day we provide the finest long-term care to these brave men and women who fought for our freedom, and your vote said, “Thank you!” to all of them, and to our dedicated staff that cares for the residents of SPVCLC every day.

Again, I am so grateful to all of you, as you have made it possible for us to continue to provide the finest healthcare available anywhere in rural Colorado.

We’re always here for you

~Kay Whitley, 


Walsenburg, CO


Thank you voters

THANK YOU Huerfano County Voters for your tremendous support in passing Ballot Issue A, Hospital Mil Levy increase, and for re-electing me as a Huerfano County Hospital Board member. I appreciate your confidence that I will represent you on matters relating to “the hospital.” Many Thanks!!

~Ron Nielsen

La Veta, CO


Walsenburg City Council Needs Cameras

Transparency is certainly needed for the Walsenburg City Council meetings. I can understand some councilmen’s concerns when they didn’t know they were being video-taped at a recent meeting although it appears they should have known since a number of the other councilmen knew of the trial basis.

Other than that, there should be a desire by our city councilmen to have cameras so that others in the community can follow along with city business if they choose. Live or taped coverage of city council meetings in many cities have been a staple for years.

I can understand why some council members don’t want cameras. The public would see councilmen sleeping, others using cell phones and not paying attention while yet others come to the meetings unprepared. Not having cameras allows for them to hide from the public while collecting their $300 per month, whether they even show up.

A city councilman who is concerned for the public and wants to show what a great job they are doing should relish the thought of having their meetings on the internet for all to see. Not everyone can attend city council meetings, even if they wanted, but being able to watch them at home and get a better understanding of the various issues and how city councilmen address them or even how they behave, can often be beneficial to the public.

As a former city councilman and mayor of Walsenburg, I would urge the city council to reconsider the matter. The utter disdain that some voiced for not allowing cameras should tell the public that they are needed. Councilman Daniels says there should be transparency then makes the motion against having it. The public should demand openness. Having meetings video-streamed on the internet makes it an easy way for the city to also archive their meetings. The cost is not prohibitive. You can’t vote against transparency and then tell the public you have nothing to hide.

~Larry Patrick

Walsenburg, CO


Thanks for help with Walk or Bike to School Day

Dear Editor,

LiveWell Huerfano County would like to give a BIG shout out to everyone who helped with the first Walk or Bike to School day here in Walsenburg!

Many thanks to Peakview School for supporting the event, the Huerfano Sheriff’s Department for escorting the students, the volunteers for walking or riding with the kiddos and to First Choice Market for donating healthy snacks. It takes many dedicated people and enthusiastic students to make endeavors like this a success.

Thank you all for encouraging the county’s youth to get more active!


~Susan Botelho

LiveWell Huerfano County

Letters to the Editor: May 10, 2018

Thank you to our donors!

On behalf of the Huerfano County 4-H council we would like to thank the following businesses, individuals and 4-H Clubs for donating items to our annual spaghetti dinner and silent auction which was held on April 8,2108. Thank you to Deja Vu Antique Store, The Bear Spot, Vigil Chiropractic, George’s Drive Inn, Maria’s Salon, Antique Avenue, Armida’s Boutique, Little Attic, .38 Special Liquor Store, Paradise Coffee Shop, One Table Restaurant, Desert Expressions, City Auto, North By Southwest, Sliver Shoe, Western Gas Station, Walsenburg Lumber, Tina’s Family Cafe, Daily Perks Coffee And Eats, Corien’s Mexican Food, Randi Stroh, Valley Eye Care, Huerfano Cafe, Michelle Shrout Photography, The Salon/Jennifer Rivera, Huerfano Highlanders 4-H Club, Columbine 4-H Club and Snowy Range 4-H Club. Also we would like to thank all those who attended and those who helped prepare the meal.

Thank you,

~ Huerfano County 4-H Council 


Concerning the arming of our officers with AR-15s

I don’t think it’s a good use of our tax dollars to arm Trinidad police officers with AR-15 rifles. Supposedly these weapons would be useful in a mass shooting situation, but almost every mass shooting America has seen since the tragedy of Columbine has ended with the perpetrator committing suicide as soon as he was confronted. I can’t think of one situation where a criminal held off the police and continued killing because of having superior firepower.

I think these tax dollars should be spent to hire more officers and security guards and to give our police officers raises. Presently starting pay for an officer in Trinidad Colorado is $18 an hour. Waiters and Bud-Tenders make more money than that! It’s not right to ask our officers to put their lives on the line for low wages.

~Chip Shirley

Trinidad CO


Thank you for Comcast Cares Day success

I would like to say thank you to all who helped make today a success, this was the 17th Annual Comcast Cares Day. It is our way of giving back to the community and we could not make that possible without the many volunteers like you all. I would like to give a special thank you to the business’s that donated to help. Realty One, Farmers Insurance, Wells Fargo, Washington Federal, Cunico Tire, Little Bennys Locksmith, Rays Carwash, Alpine Lumber, Super Save, and Mr. Daniels Woodshop class. Also a big thank you to the city of Raton for all the help and work that you did. I’m looking forward to another one next year.

~Joe Horner

Raton, NM


Scott Pfaffman MOF visiting artist

The Museum of Friends is pleased to announce, “Mixing it up” visiting sculptor Scott Pfaffman is here in Walsenburg as MOF visiting artist working on an outdoor installation in the Miners Plaza Park at 6th and main, downtown Walsenburg. Please stop by and meet Scott and perhaps a few words of encouragement. This public creative activity will be followed by an exhibit of Scott’s working drawings and in addition, the MOF improvement construction drawings by architect Jessica Reske and the Walsenburg charrett drawings by urban planner and architect Dick Farley on display thru june 14th in the MOF main gallery at 6th and Main. All are welcome,

~Brendt Berger

Walsenburg, CO

Letters to the Editor for April 26, 2018 “WHERE you live should not determine IF you live.”

“WHERE you live should not determine IF you live.”

    Vote yes on Ballot Issue A

The truth of this quote, from a nurse of our acquaintance at the Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center, was brought home to us last summer.  It was near nightfall when we heard a faint cry for help from a ridge above our cabin. The oak brush is so thick on that steep slope that it took one of our Border Collies to discover its source: a disoriented, hypothermic, and injured hiker who had lost his way during an off-trail hike.  The hiker was so dehydrated and exhausted that he could not walk, even with help.
Fortunately, a 911 call brought emergency medical services and Huerfano County Sheriff deputies to the rescue.  The EMTs spent the next two hours rehydrating the hiker with saline solution and getting him sufficiently stabilized to take him off the ridge, which required 6 rescue personnel and specialized equipment.  After another hour of attention in an ambulance, the rescue team transported the hiker to shelter at 10 pm.  It is doubtful that he would have survived the night, which brought freezing rain and hail, without the quick and expert response by emergency services.
Please vote YES on Ballot Issue A by May 8, to help sustain the excellent ambulance services and emergency medical personnel that we have in Huerfano County.
~Manuel Molles and Mary Anne Nelson,
Huerfano County, CO

Thank you SPRHC Emergency Room team for saving a life

Dear Editor,
Thank you Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center Emergency Room team and rehab team for saving our mother, JoAnn Slater’s life.
The Slater family,
Deborah Slater, Liz and Larry Carter
Delta, CO

Card of Thanks – Ruth Martinez

A Special Thank You

Special thanks to family and friends that took the time to come and celebrate and wish me a happy 90th birthday.

Thank you for all the gifts, monetary gifts and cards. Thanks to the Eagles, Carter and Yvette Vilapando and D.J. James.

It was a truly wonderful day, perfect in so many ways, big and small.

Ruth Martinez

Letters to the Editor and Cards of Thanks for April 12, 2018

Thanks for the jump

I just wanted to give a shoutout to the sheriff’s deputy who stopped last Wednesday evening to help us jump a dead car.

I thought I had a decent handle on what I was doing but wasn’t confident. To have someone pop up, ready and willing to help, who actually knew what he was doing, was a massive relief.

So thank you, for going above and beyond the call of duty, and helping us out!

~Ruth Orr,

Walsenburg, CO 


Mother Jones dinner

Good morning. As many of you are aware, Mary Harris Jones, a.k.a. Mother Jones, is our Huerfano County Democratic Party inspiration. Why you may ask. She fought for fair wages for workers, an 8 hour work day was instrumental in getting national child labor laws passed, and more specifically spending time in our Huerfano County jail. She continually advocated over her life for the workers that built this country. This is why she is the matron of our annual fundraising dinner.

We have much work still be be done. Even though Mother Jones didn’t care much for politics, the times have brought both activism and politics together. The movements of today are vitally important the future of our country. All politics is local, as the saying goes, and we must continue to strive locally for the health and welfare of our citizens in Huerfano County. We must continue to encourage our citizens to be outspoken on National issues that DO have an effect locally.

We encourage you to attend our Annual Mother Jones dinner on Saturday, April 21st and meet your local officials that will be on this November’s ballot. Meet some of the individuals running for various State/National offices. You will also here from our Democratic Party State Chair Morgan Carroll. How can we all participate in this great democracy and the preservation thereof for the future of generations to come!

We hope to see you there. Visit and get your tickets today! There will be a great silent auction and door prize. Visit with your neighbors and friends you haven’t seen in a while. Meet some of the new folks that have joined our community of Democrats, have a great meal and support your local Democratic Party!


~Dale Lyons

H.C. Democratic Party Chair


Thank you La Veta, for support for Francisco Fort Museum

To the Editor, I am writing to thank the citizens of La Veta for their recent overwhelming support for Francisco Fort Museum. On April 3, La Veta voters almost unanimously approved the extension of two ½ percent taxes, which provide the bulk of the museum’s operating budget. With these monies the museum will not only continue to operate, it will be adding more programs and events. These taxpayers supported funds will help take care of the fort for the next decade.

Once again in 2018, the museum will have an extended season, opening on May 17, as opposed to the traditional date Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. The museum will once again be open with limited hours during the month of September. In past it was closed after Labor Day weekend. Additionally, for the first time, Francisco Fort will be open for La Veta’s Oktoberfest – on Saturday, October 6.

With recent significant donations of artifacts, the museum will boast new and expanded exhibits featuring items from the earliest days of the fort. Our summer events will include Cowboy Day on June 23 and Francisco Fort Day on July 21. Paranormal 970 will provide another update on the ghosts of Francisco Fort, based on their research over the past two years. Other historical programs, both local and from around the region, will be presented throughout the summer.

I invite you to visit the museum as we make improvements, create new displays, and bring you new and exciting programs.

Remember, “Support the Fort”

~ Eddie Smith,

President, Francisco Fort Board of Directors

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