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Letters to the Editor

Huerfano 4-H Fair update

Due to coronavirus restrictions, there will be no “open class” entries at the Huerfano County 4-H Fair this year. The fair is slated for August 5th – 9th.

The Fair Board is in the process of planning the revised county fair. Further details concerning whether the fair will be open to the public and other details will be published when they are finalized.

For questions, please call the Huerfano County Extension office at 719-738-3000, ext. 131.

~Sherry Pacheco

Huerfano County



Vote Arica Andreatta for County Commissioner

Arica Andreatta is one of the most authentic individuals I have the pleasure of knowing. She has great business sense in leading the team at the successful realty company, Code of the West, and always has everyone’s best interest at heart. She is articulate with verbalizing concerns but maintaining respect for the multicultural community she resides in. I strongly recommend this ambitious and highly respected young lady as an excellent candidate for commissioner of Huerfano County.

~Sherry Gonzales Gomez

Walsenburg, CO


Kennemer for Commissioner

We are writing in support of Bob Kennemer for County Commissioner in the upcoming primary election. In Bob we find a rare combination of talents. On April 29, 2010 Bob wrote in this newspaper: “The vistas, clean water, lack of noise/air/sound pollution not only enhance our quality of life, they make the Spanish Peaks area unique. I don’t think it is going too far to say that the very things we hold in common are also the very foundation of our local economy e.g. tourism and agriculture.”

Last year I dropped into Bob’s office at Francisco Fort Museum to ask what he knew about the Bullseye Mine and its conservation easement. Bob quickly replied, “That is a cherry-stem inholding.” The cherry-stem being Forest Road 442 leading up to the claim. Bob went on to generously explain to me the history of the Spanish Peaks Wilderness and those involved in its establishment. He also serves the community as a naturalist by giving classes and disseminating information about local flora and fauna. So when we say that Bob has a rare combination of talents, we mean not only that he is a professionally qualified administrator of Huerfano County tourism assets, but additionally on a very deep level he is merged with the county’s natural resources. He is an exemplary combination of hiker, hunter-gatherer, teacher, naturalist, and active member of many boards serving to promote and preserve our scenic county’s economic foundation.


~Joseph Edes & Karyn Ames

La Veta, CO


Vote White

Like me, I suspect almost everyone likes each of the candidates for Huerfano County Commissioner as a person. But when it comes to electing Commissioners to work for us in this community, liking the candidate as a person should have almost nothing to do with the decision. The decision should be based upon the qualifications of the candidate. Recognition of the name or mere respect, while being good things, do not thereby make the candidate the right choice.

Far more important are things like background, experience, proven track record, important relationships and the like. The classical example is, of course, Sandy White. Before retiring Sandy was an expert in water and land use. Sandy has tirelessly served on this county’s Planning Commission, the Water Conservancy District (past chair), La Veta Fire Protection District, Historical Society, Federal Mineral Lease District (past chair), Cucharas River Storage Collaborative, and the Arkansas Basis Roundtable (past chair). No other candidate can come close to matching that level of service to this community and no other candidate has the long-term developed relationships in places so beneficial to our community.

A look at the monetary benefits to this community that Sandy has brought since retiring here is staggering. Over $6 Million in grants and low-interest loans, funding for a long list of benefits including the La Veta fire station, area fire assessment, flood mitigation and flood warning gauges, watershed restoration, headgate protection, reservoir design, river gage and well monitoring and significant continuing annual income from federal agencies. We dare not pass up the opportunity to elect Sandy White as Huerfano County Commissioner.

Please vote for Sandy White.

~ Stanley K. Mann


Letters to the Editor

Vote Kennemer, protect the county character


I have chosen to make my home in Huerfano County for nearly thirty years because I value its clean air, its rich and varied natural history and the openness of its people. It is because of these attributes that I believe Bob Kennemer should be elected Huerfano County Commissioner.

Bob Kennemer has dedicated over three decades of his life working toward protecting the character of Huerfano County. He recognizes the importance of defending and preserving the best the county has to offer. I have known him as a gifted educator who has taught locals and tourists about the cultural and natural histories of Huerfano County, and as someone who gets things done. Years ago, Kennemer started a recycling program to the county. He’s worked tirelessly to protect the environment from those who would despoil it. He recognizes the benefits of capitalizing on what is great about Huerfano County as his work with the Tourism Board shows. Through this work he has helped others to understand the importance of acknowledging the values of Huerfano County’s cultural, historical and environmental assets in order to secure sustainable and beneficial tourism and bring in valuable tourist dollars.

I know we all have different wants when it comes to electing our officials, but I would like the voters of Huerfano County to consider what is unique about the region, and to choose those who will help to highlight and preserve those unique qualities as we grow into the future.

~ Tom Macedo

Walsenburg, CO


Andreatta for commissioner

Others have stated in this forum the primary and vital reasons Arica Andreatta deserves our trust in the position of County Commissioner. This is secondary but important for the long term: As Huerfano County’s first female commissioner, going forward all would be assured that we select our leaders from all available talent rather than from a pool of roughly 50% of that talent. Without disparaging other worthy candidates, this secondary consideration nevertheless means that we enhance our opportunity to benefit from the full range of citizens, like Mrs. Andreatta, with extraordinary expertise, capacities, and brilliance to capably represent us.

~Ben W. Wiley

Walsenburg, CO


White for commissioner

I am writing to express my support for Sandy White for County Commissioner.  We have the opportunity to elect someone who has leadership experience.  We need to have someone in this position who has a vision and the experience to make our vision a reality in this county.  Huerfano County and, we as its citizens, deserve to have an economy that is growing and stable for the future.  We deserve to have the leadership that can make things happen for all of us. Sandy has that experience and proven leadership that can provide the opportunities for us to move forward to create jobs, support existing jobs and employers, preserve our natural resources and help us enrich our tourism and agriculture economies. We can know that because he has a proven track record of accomplishments over a long and successful career as a water and land use expert and as a volunteer leading numerous organizations in our county.  His record of success for the La Veta Fire Department along with his success on the County Water Conservation Board and the County Planning Commission are evidence of part of his record of accomplishments.  He also has personal relationships within State and Federal agencies which can be helpful to the county in the future. I ask you to vote for Sandy White so we can all benefit from his skills and knowledge for our future and well being.

Thank you and Vote for Sandy White.

~Lola Spradley

Former Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives

La Veta


Ron Jameson Questions the local health Deparment’s authority to require wearing masks

How much is the Huerfano Las Animas health department pay for all their propaganda. Just asking because I’m not very good at being told I am not behaving.

I see on the front page of this weeks paper you are required to wear masks in public. I’m sorry that just is not happing.

If you can show me a state or federal law I will let it go and wear one.

I don’t think all the bureaucrats have that much power.

Last I knew they work for us not the other way around.

~ Ron Jameson

La Veta, Colo.


WJ response to Ron Jameson

Dear Ron, Thank you for asking.

The local health department’s “power” derives from Colorado Revised Statute Title 25. As far as epidemics go, CRS 25-1.5-102 (IV)(c) gives local health departments the power…

“To establish, maintain, and enforce isolation and quarantine, and, in pursuance thereof and for this purpose only, to exercise such physical control over property and the persons of the people within this state as the department may find necessary for the protection of the public health…”

At the state level, a disaster declaration gives the governor and state emergency management program broad discretion. On March 11, 2020, Gov. Polis declared such a disaster. At that point, relevant portions of the Colorado Disaster Emergency Act of 2016 (CRS 24-33.5-701) applied. That law says, in part:

“The state disaster plan EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM or any part thereof may be incorporated in regulations of the office of emergency management or executive orders that have the force and effect of law.”

So, the Governor’s executive orders, the Office of Emergency Management’s response, the resulting state Department of Public Health and Environment’s public health orders, and the local health department orders are all legal under existing state statute.

The pertinent sections of law have never been deemed unconstitutional by either the Colorado or U.S. Supreme Courts, so, indeed, they are for now the law of the land.

The U.S. Supreme Court did, on Friday, May 29, 2020 reject a California church’s attempt to overturn the state’s COVID-19 restrictions on in-person religious service, adding weight to the notion that these public health restrictions are, indeed constitutional.

~ The editorial staff of the World Journal


Vote Romanoff for US Senate

Dear Neighbor,

My name is Nancy Dick, I am a La Veta resident and long time Coloradan. I hope you are well during these challenging times. I am reaching out to you to vote for Andrew Romanoff as the Democratic nominee to be Colorado’s next U.S. Senator. For me, this upcoming election is more than just another cycle. I believe we are at a pivotal point in our future as a country. We are already seeing the impacts of climate change here in Colorado, and across the world. We need someone who will fight for a Green New Deal, who will stand up to powerful special interests, and truly prioritize the people in our state.

That person is Andrew Romanoff, and here is why:

Andrew Romanoff served as the speaker of the House in Colorado. He won four terms, led the Democrats to our first majority in 30 years, and was ranked as the most effective legislative leader in America.

Personally, I am tired of having leaders in D.C. that represent the corporate donors for their campaigns, rather than the people who elected them. Andrew is the only candidate in this race (Democrat or Republican) who has pledged to take no money from corporate interests or PACs.. You can learn more about his priorities at

As far as COVID-19, Andrew believes that both the coronavirus pandemic and the consequential economic depression demand more than half-measures. This means making sure families have food, health care and housing.

Andrew has been endorsed by more than 360 state and local elected officials in Colorado. I hope he can earn your support too. Your ballot will arrive by mail in early June.. Please take the time to vote for Andrew Romanoff. Our future depends on it, now more than ever.

Stay safe,

~Nancy Dick

La Veta, CO

Letters to the Editor

Congrats to the WJ

Dear Editor,

Congratulations on your recent wins and recognition by the Colorado Press Association. At a time when newspapers around the country and world are failing it is good news to see many local newspapers still doing, “the good work” of honest professional journalism. The World Journal, consistently provides top quality reporting, photographs, and more, week in and week out. The paper avoids editorializing in their reporting. This is especially important in these times of alternative reality media outlets that espouse conspiracy theories, along with claims that have no evidence or basis in facts, or science.

Having worked for the World Journal I know the inner workings of this fine institution. Behind their doors is a wide spectrum of political beliefs and persuasions, yet one would never know it. All of that gets left at the door so the team can focus on a quality product. A product that not enough locals read. I urge those of you who do support and read the World Journal to encourage others to do the same. It is the best way to keep up on what is going on in our region and towns. And when you support your local paper you, in turn, are supporting local businesses, who advertise in the paper.

Support Democracy! Support your local paper!

~Bob Kennemer

La Veta, CO


Elect Dave Tesitor

Dear Huerfano County Voters,

It is with great pleasure that we support David Tesitor as a candidate for Huerfano County Commissioner.

Mr. Tesitor has owned and operated his own business in Walsenburg. He is a successful Financial Advisor with clients located throughout Colorado and in Huerfano County. Because of this background, we feel Mr. Tesitor is very qualified for the job.

David Tesitor is a strong supporter of all of our youth in Huerfano County. As a businessman he has offered internship opportunities to our local youth in his local office. He will his carry his concerns and interests for youth and young adults into his position as a County Commissioner.

Having served on the Walsenburg School RE-1 Board of Education for eight years, in which fiscal responsibility and accountability were of the highest priority, Mr. Tesitor can give the county the experience needed.

In terms of reopening our county (getting back to some sense of normalcy) here is a direct quote from David Tesitor

“Our commissioners need to address the issue of opening up the county. We are losing tens of thousands of dollars of sales tax revenue, not to mention tourism dollars. It doesn’t make sense to lock down Lathrop. They will need to address the issues of cuts now once they see what the drop of revenue will be.”

As a County Commissioner, he will go to bat for all of us. He will use the county’s financial resources wisely. His ideas and policies will serve to attract potential businesses which can provide jobs and more stability to our community. He will be there for all of us to make Huerfano County an even better place than it already is.

Vote for David Tesitor as your County Commissioner.


~Bill & Marsha Boeck

Walsenburg, CO


Vote Dave Tesitor, a trust-worthy and insightful choice

To the Voters of Huerfano County

I am writing this letter in support of David Tesitor for County Commissioner. While I do not know much about Huerfano County politics, I do know something about David. I have known David for nearly twenty-five years, first as an associate with Walnut Street Securities and then as my insurance agent when I retired from the securities and insurance industry. I trusted him enough to turn over my book of securities clients to him to manage when I retired. Subsequently, I received no negative feedback from any of them based on the quality of his work. They tell me he still manages some of their insurance business. David is also my friend.

When, as a Republican, I was elected to serve on the Board of Regents of the University of Colorado several years ago, David who is also a CU graduate, and I had some interesting conversations. His insight demonstrated he understood the issues of the time which affected his then liberal almamater. His conservative dialogue was valuable in our discussions. I believe his understanding of the facts and issues and his ability to learn will make him the ideal candidate to lead the citizens of the county.

I do not take giving this endorsement lightly. I looked at his website before making my decision and after reviewing the ideas and solutions he proposes, I wholeheartedly support David Tesitor for County Commissioner. He is well-versed on the issues of a small community and will serve the people well.

~ Henry Anton,

University of Colorado Regent, Emeritus

Pueblo, CO


Vote Arica

There are many reasons I am supporting Arica Andreatta for County Commissioner and I have chosen to name a few:

1. She is a native and married to a native. She knows and understands our communities.

2. She is a successful businesswoman is knowledgeable of the business community and the challenges it faces. She is invested in our county and committed to the betterment of our citizens.

3. She is young and wants to provide opportunities and the education and training for our young people to be able to stay here. She knows an investment in our youth is an investment in our future.

4. She works well with others, ask any of her of her employees, business associates or friends. She encourages and applauds success in others.

5. She knows what a beautiful place we live in and promotes it to the utmost. This brings people and money into our County.

6. She is intelligent, educated and technology savvy. Technology is the future.

7. She believes in local and lives it.

8. She is a forward and positive thinker and is willing to work hard to find solutions and bring results, even if it isn’t for personal gain.

9. She is ambitious, energetic and tenacious yet patient and open minded.

10. She is a proven leader and has to ability to bring people together to make things happen. She demonstrates the kind of leadership we need for sustainability and progress.

We have the privilege of voting and I encourage everyone to vote, especially locally where it counts. I will cast my vote for Arica Andreatta and hope you will too. It’s time for a change, it’s time for a woman, it’s time for Arica.


~Jann Faris Vail

Walsenburg, CO


Vote Arica Andreatta-the logical choice

To whom it may concern:

I have had hte privlege and honor of knowing Arica Andreatta for 35 years.  Arica has always loved Huerfano County; the peope, the natural beauty, the wildlife, and the type of life it offers. After graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Arica knew that she wanted to return to Huerfano County and give back to the community in which she was born and raised. She knew that this small piece of the world was special, she always said that it was a “little slice of paradise” and she knew there was nowhere else in the world that she wanted to be. I have watched Arica excel in high school, thrive in college, and become a successful and proud business owner of a busioness that has brought jobs and revitalization to Huerfano County.

Arica is a natural-born leader; she is confident, compassionate, calm, and collected. She will always listen to others, take a step back, and reevaluate both sides of a matter before making a fair decision. She is everything a good County Commisisoner should be; intelligent, educated, kind, passionate, sincere, reasonable, and strong. When Arica is elected County Commissioner she will continue to make a positive impact on the home where she has lived for over 30 years, a place where her children are being raised, a place where the comunity is her extended family. Huerfano County is Arica’s past, present, and future. This county has shaped her into the person she is today and has hold of her hearet. Arica Andreatta for County Commissioner just makes sense. I know everyone who knows her, or knows of her, knows that!  She has my full support.


~Alyson Barre,

Denver, CO


Elect Sandy White, a non-partisan leader

We live in a society with deep ideological divides. Sandy White demonstrates rare and powerful skills that diffuse major differences and enables teams and organizations to reach consensus and more effectively solve problems. Huerfano County is no exception to the divisiveness seen nationally. Since retiring here, Sandy has continually and selflessly worked with local government, individuals and multiple agencies, overcoming challenges, finding common ground and delivering untold public benefits. That is why he is the perfect candidate for County Commissioner.

His selfless efforts in our underserved Huerfano County have yielded better planning and more resources for many organizations and causes. He has delivered over $6 million in outside money for projects that improve public services, drive water stewardship and set the table for a more vibrant and sustainable Huerfano County.

I can state unequivocally after working closely with Sandy while on the La Veta Fire Protection District (LVFPD) board that Sandy White does not just “sit on a board”; he “actively serves” and works to focus the organization, set aside any differences and deliver change and results for the common good. He always leaves an organization better than he found it. For example on the LVFPD board, thanks to his efforts the District has a solidly funded new station.

Vote: Sandy White for County Commissioner – Right Candidate for These Times!

~Jim Littlefield

Cuchara, CO


Support for White

I am writing in support of Sandy White, Republican candidate for Huerfano County Commissioner, District 2. After retiring as a prominent land use and water attorney Sandy and his wife Mary made Huerfano County their home. Since retirement Sandy has devoted countless hours of service to local organizations and governments. His vast knowledge and experience have benefitted all of Huerfano County and its residents.

I have had the privilege of serving alongside Sandy on the Huerfano County Planning and Zoning Commission for the last eight years. Sandy has been very instrumental in amending the master plan and developing regulations that we can all live with. As current planning and Zoning chairman I am truly grateful for his knowledge and his assistance in reviewing hundreds of land use applications to ensure that they comply with the master plan.

I also serve with Sandy on the Huerfano County Water Conservancy District Board of Directors. HCWCD has been involved in several complicated projects and Sandy’s expertise and experience in water law have been invaluable to the district. These attributes, along with his “get “er done Spirit have helped the board successfully navigate some pretty tough challenges.

If elected, I know that Sandy will bring knowledge, experience, integrity and a strong work ethic to the job and will devote himself full time to the betterment of Huerfano County. I urge you to vote for Sandy White, Huerfano County Commissioner, District 2.

Thank you

~Beaver Edmundson

Walsenburg, CO


Vote Sandy White

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of the candidacy of Sandy White for the office of County Commissioner in Huerfano County. As the former State Engineer, appointed by Gov. Richard Lamm, and a current member of the Inter-Basin Compact Commission in the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, I have had many occasions to work with Mr. White on complex water matters thorughout the State. I have always found him to be extremely effective in working with all perosns he was involved with, whether in support of his position or in opposition. He is a man of great integrity and intellect, as well as being a man of diplomacy and fairmindedness, willing to listen to all sides of an issue.

Most recently, I have had the privilege to serve with Mr. White on the Arkansas River Basin Roundtable where he served two terms as Chairman. He was always well organized and conducted the meetings with speed and efficiency, willing to give respectful consideration to all views, but also willing to make a timely and well-founded decision when required.

As a graduate of the United States Military Academy, he has served his country as a patriot, a man I would have been proud to serve alongside.

I urge the citizens of Huerfano County to elect a man of integrity, experience, intelligence and fairness to be their next County Commissioner, Sandy White.


~Jeris A. Danielson P.E., PhD.

La Junta, CO


Vote Steve Carrillo District 10


There are a number of important choices all of us are making in this current primary election. The most important, of course, is to make sure to vote. One such decision, however, is our choice for our new District 10 Commissioner on the Public Education Commission. Our current commissioner, Tim Crone, has encouraged Steven Carrillo to run and has endorsed his candidacy. I feel likewise and urge you to write-in Steven Carrillo for District 10.

While Steve’s opponents (also write-ins) may have a good deal of experience in academia, Steve has a long record of accomplishment and results as a two-term board member for the Santa Fe Public Schools. Steve is an innovator, a doer, and a collaborator, who is always looking at how to better our outcomes for kids and to provide the tools and supports our teachers and schools need to be successful. He does not back down from a challenge, but rather meets challenges head-on and turns them into opportunities.

At the legislature, I’ve seen Steve consistently speak truth to power as he fiercely and articulately advocates for sufficient funding and supports for our schools; all of our schools. On the SFPS Board, it was always “kids first,” leaving the politics out of the discussion.

In Taos County alone we have five state charter schools; in District 10, thirteen. We need the capable, experienced, and trusted representation that Steve will provide. Please write-in Steven Carrillo for PEC District 10.

~Jeff Carr

Eagle Nest, NM



Our local campaign season is upon us. Many political messages emphasize that the candidate was born in Huerfano County into a highly respected family. I find that to be a turnoff. For good reason, Americans long ago rejected the idea of an entitled aristocracy. When the entitled old families were in charge, Huerfano County sank to being the poorest county in Colorado. Under recent commissioners, the county has begun its upturn to a better place economically and a more open and effective government.

There is a lesson here: Leadership of our county must be in the hands of the BEST QUALIFIED candidate, one who knows the county, is devoted to its prosperity and has demonstrated the ability to get things done – regardless of what their name is or where they were born. When casting your vote, please select the MOST qualified leader for the position, not the most “entitled”.

Thoughtfully yours,

~Elizabeth McLean

La Veta


Public health law

Dear Editor:

More than even police and fire services, the advancement of public health in ensuring safe food, water, and environments has saved countless lives. Whether the current pandemic is being managed optimally is not the point of this letter. The question is whether even more extreme measures might be imposed for lesser claims of public health in the future under the law as it now stands.

Tucked into the recent public health orders is the threatening reference to criminal prosecution under Colorado Revised Statute 25-1-516 which makes it a misdemeanor to “Willfully violate, disobey, or disregard the provisions of the public health laws or the terms of any lawful notice, order, standard, or rule”. Within Title 25 of the statute, the law allows boards of health to “establish, maintain, and enforce isolation and quarantine, and in pursuance thereof, and for this purpose only, to exercise physical control over property and over the persons of the people within the jurisdiction of the agency as the agency may find necessary for the protection of the public health; To close schools and public places and to prohibit gatherings of people when necessary to protect public health.”

As we emerge from the confusing array of changing rules defining how we operate in society, conduct our religion, and earn a living, we must continue to refine our understanding of liberty in balance with emergency powers of government bureaucracy.

If our legislators pass bad laws the voters can replace them. If our governor misuses power, he can be recalled. If a law enforcement agency is incompetent its leader or those who appointed them can be replaced. None of these check and balances apply to public health. I urge our elected officials to review these laws before the next emergency is declared.

~Joel Shults

Walsenburg, CO

Letters to the Editor

Congrats to the grads

I’m a graduate of Walsenburg High and it was a very special occasion for me as well as all the Senior events leading up to Graduation Day.

So many students will miss the expected celebration for the efforts they have made leading to what should be a special event for them.


~Mrs. Irene Grilley

Walsenburg, CO


Quilt show donates fabric masks for Native Americans

Ricky Tims, one of La Veta’s most talented fiber artists and generous citizens, donated over 200 yards of fabric on behalf of the Quilt Show to become fabric masks for Native American tribes. The fabric was appreciatively accepted by Kathy Turzi, Executive Director of One Nation Walking Together that is working closely with various mask makers and Native groups to provide much need fabric masks to vulnerable Lakota and Navajo populations. Native American populations are the poorest of the poor in the United States and are being disproportionately affected by the devastating effects of the corona-19 virus.

Mr. Tims has been a longtime supporter of the work of One Nation Walking together and traveled with them to the Lakota reservation several years ago to meet the many women that make star quilts. Despite dire living conditions and extreme poverty, there are many gifted quiltmakers living in South Dakota. It is in deep respect for the Native American cultures that the donation was made. To date, One Nation has been able to facilitate the delivery of over 2500 masks to persons in need.

If you are interested in helping Native people, Sandy Dolak, on behalf of Huajatolla Heritage Foundation, will be accepting donations in the Big R parking lot from 1-3 PM on Saturday May 16th. Please check the One Nation website: or call/ text Sandy at 719-251-1271 if you have questions on what to donate.

~Sandy Dolak

Huajatolla Heritage Foundation

La Veta, CO


Healthy Kids Colfax encourages you to stay healthy this May

Each May, Healthy Kids Colfax County coordinates National Bike to School Day with our community partners. We will miss biking with school kids this year, but it’s even more important right now to stay safe and protect ourselves and others from COVID-19. It’s also crucial that we care for ourselves by moving our bodies and choosing healthy food.

Physical activity can lower your stress and help your immune system stay strong. If your kids are healthy, they can play outside on your property. Challenge them to do jumping jacks or push-ups. They could jump rope, dance to their favorite tunes, or create an obstacle course in your house or yard.

You can also find dance, yoga and other physical activity videos on such sites as You Tube or Don’t forget to step away from your work to move your body too; it’s an important way to care for you and your family’s physical and mental health. Enjoy a healthy snack after – try cubes of cheese with grapes or apple slices.

To learn more about the work we’re doing to expand opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity check out our Facebook page at HKHCColfaxcounty. You can also take the Healthy Kids 5-2-1-O challenge as a family; look up the New Mexico Department’s Health’s website for information and other resources:

We look forward to planning in-person activities as soon as it’s safe. Take care of yourselves.

~Emma Green

Raton, NM


Thank you for your support

Thank you to everyone who voted for me! I really appreciate your support! Congratulations to Jill Davis Homerding and Dr. John C Davis. I know you will help the Veterans, patients and employees. I pray Heavenly Father guides you at all times.

Thank you,

~Carmen J. Lara

Walsenburg, CO


Vote Dave Tesitor

I have been a client of David Tesitor for quite some time and have complete faith in his abilities as he has been instrumental in guiding me through these current financial difficulties. I feel that his strong financial background is one of the attributes that sets him apart from the field of people competing for the position of county commissioner. I am still a relative newcomer having moved my family here 41 years ago and have been familiar with the Tesitor name since that time and have had the privilege of knowing several members of this established and hard working family. His concerns for the future of this county closely mirror mine. It is my hope that he is given the opportunity to do even more for this county by acquiring a seat on the board of county commissioners.

~Rob Saint Peter

Walsenburg, CO

Letters to the Editor

Sandy White for County Commissioner

If you’ve never met Sandy White, you may want to learn something about him from someone who knows him. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Sandy on the Huerfano County Water Conservancy District (HCWCD) Board for seven years. I appreciate hard work, and I’ve really gotten to know how hard Sandy works – he’s been a very driven board member. He’s served on many local boards and committees, unconcerned about who takes credit as long as things get done.

When Sandy was appointed to HCWCD, big things began to happen. I give him a lot of credit for knowing what the District was empowered to do, motivating the board of directors as a group to work toward strengthening the County’s water resources and knowing where to look for grant monies. He helped develop a strategic plan and a vision for keeping Huerfano County’s water resources here where they belong.

Through the years, the District has had great leadership – Sandy included – and the foresight to do watershed planning that was useful as the Spring Creek Fire was being battled. Now we have active grants to reclaim the burned land and try to save life and property from flooding. We’re also involved in planning for reservoirs to store what little water we get before it runs out of Huerfano County. In all, Sandy has helped bring nearly $4-million into Huerfano County in the form of grants, and another $2.6-millon in low interest loans.

There are many wonderful and likable people in Huerfano County. But knowing how to get things done is a talent that few have honed as well as Sandy White. He knows about water, he has the drive to get things done, and he will serve us well as County Commissioner.

~ Carol Dunn

La Veta, CO


Rock on, foster families

Good Afternoon Las Animas County,

May 1 marks the start of National Foster Care Month, which is a celebration and thanks for those foster families and kinship families that have taken on the role of Mom & Dad for our kiddos. Currently we have three (3) designated foster families and six plus (6+) kinship families within the Las Animas County area. The staff at Las Animas County’s Department of Human Services (LACDHS) work closely with each of these families, providing support, guidance, and access to community resources that help foster the growth and love in each of these kiddos.

We here at LACDHS truly appreciate these family’s dedication to making a home for all our kiddos, as we know that these folks face challenges everyday. We also know how rewarding it is to help grow a child into their fullest potential; thus, this is truly an example of the adage, “It takes a village to raise a child!”

If you know a foster or kinship family, I encourage you to reach out the thank them during the month of May.

I want to thank you, and wish you all a good-day!

~Michael Aragon Executive Director,

LAC Human Services

Trinidad, CO


Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Typically, as May rolls around, teachers and students are looking forward to end of the school year celebrations and summer break. The year 2020 has changed this scenario. Without notice or preparation, teachers have had to quickly transition to distance learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Trinidad School District #1 teachers continue to go to extraordinary lengths to come up with creative methods to support their students as they now must learn at home.

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8. TSD1 wants to thank teachers for their unwavering dedication, creativity and problem solving to serve students and families every day, but especially now during the pandemic.

Teachers, students, and parents have stepped up and accomplished learning goals. Teachers miss their students and students miss their teachers. We are all in this together and we are all looking forward to times when we can gather in classrooms again. It is especially important at this time to let teachers know how much they are appreciated.

~Charlene Duran

Trinidad, CO


High five to Dave High

Dear Editor, I just read your “My O’Piñon” article, Just dusting a few things off.

I was laughing out loud- it was hysterical! My son works at Union Pacific Railroad. I hope he doesn’t come in contact with a Hoover Dustette vacuum.

Thanks for the great humor.

~Margi Durrum

Walsenburg, CO

Letters to the Editor

An A for Arica

I am Eleanor Foley-most of you know me as La Veta Board of Education President and political activist here in Huerfano County. I am asking you to join me in supporting Arica Andreatta for County Commissioner. Arica and I go way back to Walsenburg Middle School where I was her teacher. What a privilege to endorse a student! Arica was always the happy, honest, smart student that we see today. Always a learner tells me she will work to find ways to move our county ahead with forward-thinking, ‘out of the box’ solutions. As an educator, I know I can depend on Arica to support and work with our schools to move forward, so our future workforce is prepared for solid careers and she shares my hope that those careers can be in Huerfano County.

No one can deny the progress she has made professionally and now we have a chance to move forward as a county with her. I give her a grade of A again! It is time to make Arica Andreatta our Commissioner!

~ Eleanor Foley

La Veta, CO


Open for business

What are the three local businesses you would miss the most if they suddenly closed their doors because they could not survive the COVID-19 lockdown?

I have long advocated shopping locally, so here is my challenge to you. Stop by THREE local businesses in your community to say hello and shop around, whether it be for a retail item, dinner, or service. What you buy may keep their business open.

We are a community and need to support our local business community. While the World Journal is read coast to coast by her subscribers and countless others online, one fact remains, wherever we are, supporting your own local business if the fundamental basis of our economy. We, as a people, are in a crisis economically and it is up to us to make our own communities thrive. This can happen only if we shop locally.

Here is another fact. If fifty percent of the currently employed population were to spend $50 per month locally, it would generate $46 billion in revenue. It would employ locals who, in turn would spend their money, keeping dollars local.

Did you know that, for every $100 spent locally, $68 is returned to your community in taxes, payroll and other revenues? Shop in a national chain, the number drops to $43. Buying on-line yields zero. Local businesses also support local charities, sports teams, and one another. Just try to get Amazon to support your baseball team.

Once the economy is open for business, the first obligation we all have is to support those businesses that have suffered. We’re all in the same boat.

I say let’s keep our community “Open For Business”.

~David Tesitor


Letters to the Editor

Vote John Davis

Dear Editor,

I had the privilege of serving alongside John Davis on the Huerfano County Hospital District Board when I was chairman of that board. John Davis always had the respect of his fellow board members, and always demonstrated dedication to the quality of care and the fiscal responsibilities of Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center (SPRHC). I am pleased to endorse his candidacy for a position on the hospital board. His candidacy demonstrates his ongoing interest in the continued excellence of SPRHC.

~ David Zehring MD

La Veta, CO



Mind your Mother (Earth)

Dear Editor,

We are a ‘throw away’ society, and now we’ve really done it!

Can you imagine the number of plastic bottles, sanitizers and wipes being used now, and thrown out? Consider the number of these used world wide. Plastics are not recylcable and no buyers at this time, and cannot be burned because of toxic fumes.

Our oceans and marine life are dying because of our plastic garbage.

All of this is not necessary, options are available! Thoroguh washing of hands for twenty seconds (don’t leave the water running), hand santizers should be used when water is not available.

A mixture of bleach, 1� tsp and water to the quart to clean/disinfect surfaces (be sure the bleach says ‘kills 99.9% of germs and viruses’. Some aren’t, so check labels. A spray bottle makes it easier for surface cleaning. Just use an old spray bottle, or Dollar General has nice ones for $1.

The oil and gas corporations must be thrilled. All of those spray bottles using tens of thousands gallons of oil in manufacturing.

And the tens of thousands of gallons of gasoline to deliver them.

This is scary stuff. Our home earth is hurting already, we must do our part to save what’s left of it. Thank you

~Margi Durrum,

Walsenburg, CO

Letters to the Editor & Card of Thanks

Complete your Census forms, for seniors’ sake

Dear Residents, Ever wonder how our region gets funded for senior services? It’s through the Older American’s Act via Federal and State funding. Huerfano & Las Animas Counties make up Region 14. Our region is the smallest by population in the state which means we receive the smallest percentage of that funding. Although our population has not changed dramatically over the last ten years, other areas of the state have exploded. This means our funding gets cut. There’s good news, we can make a difference. Every ten years we have an opportunity to complete the Census which will help the senior program directly. This funding is a direct impact from the Census count. In 2010, our region’s participation was in the 70th percentile which means we left about 30% of total government available funding on the table which amount to millions of dollars.

Most of you should have received your invite and Census in the mail. Or you can go to to complete online. It is a brief questionnaire with minimal questions and your information is secure and will not be shared with anyone for decades. Please complete by April 1st. If you complete it, a Census worker will not have to come to your door. In light of our current situation, it is more important than ever that we have a complete count.

If you or someone you know has received senior meals, assistance with transportation, glasses, or dental; or any AAA program, we need you to get counted. If you will be 60 in the next decade, you may be eligible for AAA program. I urge you to get counted so we can make services available to all residents over age 60 who need them.

Any questions or comments should be directed to me at 719-845-1133 ext. 22 or

Thank you, ~ Veronica Maes


Region 14 Area Agency on Aging Director 



To the City of Raton:

I would personally like to thank all of our medical, police, and fire personnel for their continued efforts in providing protection of our families during this time of uncertainty. As we all continue to learn about this pandemic I cannot help but reflect on the situation we all faced during the track fire of 2011. That however was different, we could see our enemy and we could witness the battle against it making gains. This is a different foe, unseen, silent and deadly. But by the grace of God we continue to have no “confirmed” cases in Raton or Colfax County. I attribute this to the diligent work of our citizens in adhering to the guidelines handed down by those in authority. Thank you all for doing your part.

To our local businesses who have been asked to close during this time, we know the losses you are suffering. Programs are becoming available to assist in your recovery and we will be there along side you to assist in any way we can. For those who have remained open providing essential needs to our community, we cannot thank you enough for being there. As the days pass, I firmly believe we are coming to a time when we all will be able to gather once more, to celebrate and rejoice. Keep the faith, be strong, be safe.

~ Raton City Mayor,

Neil Segotta


Help with barking dog

I am 85 years old. Can anyone help me do something about a barking dog? I live on North Polk in Walsenburg and there is a big dog behind my apartment that barks most of the day. It has tried to jump over the fence and is tearing through the fence onto the apartment property. I am afraid if it gets through, it will bite me. We’ve tried to talk to the owner but without success. The dog catcher has been here twice, but the problem continues. I would like to have the owner get the dog to be quiet and not threaten me.

~Peggy Gilbert

Walsenburg, CO


Vote for Jill

Dear fellow Citizens

For the past two years, I have had the pleasure of serving you as a member of the Board of Directors for the Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center. In this capacity I have an increased understanding of the need for good governance for this critical part of our community. The SPHRC is the largest employer in the county and provides much needed services for our county in the living center and hospital. You will soon be receiving a ballot to elect two new members to the Board and I can unequivocally support Jill Davis Homerding for this position. She understands the need to preserve our hospital and living center as a cohesive unit that supports all of the county. As a lifelong resident, she understands the needs of the citizens of this county. As a active contributor to the community, she will provide critical thinking and compassionate care for our staff, residents, clients, and patients. Therefore, I strongly urge you to vote for her when you receive your ballot in the mail. This is an important election, please do not forget to vote.

Thank you and Vote for Jill.

~Lola Spradley

Former Speaker of the Colorado House Treasurer, SPHRC

Cuchara, CO


Thanks to the WJ for all you do

Hello, I just want to thank you and your staff and departments for putting out a very nice newspaper. I enjoy reading it. I enjoy looking forward to receiving it in the mail. I live in California.

~Les Nardine

San Leandro, CA


Religious liberty

Dear Editor: It’s no big deal. Or is it?

Our bi-county health agency is among those working very hard to ensure we survive the Coronavirus threat. I appreciate them deeply.

As every commercial, poster, conversation, and public service announcement says – we’ll get through this together. Unless you want to park in your church parking lot with the windows up listening to the service on your radio. Then your togetherness is punishable by fine and jail.

Governor Polis’ most recent order specifically stated “The Governor encouraged faith leaders to offer online or drive-in services in order to serve their congregations or safely accommodate worshipers”. In contrast to the Governor, the Las Animas – Huerfano Health Department states that “all events” for churches are banned including “Per the Las Animas-Huerfano Counties District Health Departments most recent Public Health Order, the Health Department is denying your request to hold a drive-in service.”

A federal judge in Kentucky has already found that such an order is unconstitutional. I urge the health department to rescind this portion of the order, or to cite scientific evidence that the COVID-19 virus can pass from one vehicle to another. The question is not “why don’t you just do everything online?” The question is at what point do we allow a quasi-government official to command how I express my faith where no articulable risk exists?

This order will eventually expire, but it must not expire without having been questioned. I question it.

~Joel Shults

Walsenburg, CO


Cards of Thanks

Thank you Mary Jo and David Tesitor

Thank you so much!! Mary Jo and David Tesitor. Just wanted to let you know that we appreciate every article and photo you have posted in the Journal and Facebook.

Our small community really depends on your hard work and dedication.

Without you, nobody would be aware of the accomplishments, mishaps and/or failures of our young athletes.

God Bless You!

~The Van Matre family,

Saralynn, Wesley, AJ & DJ

Walsenburg, Colo.

Letters to the Editor & Card of Thanks

Letters to the Editor

Boies-Ortega welcomes Ingoldby

Boies-Ortega Funeral Home would like to welcome and introduce Elisa Ingoldby as its new Administrator and Family Counselor. Elisa has been a local resident of this community most of her life. She has served the community in several roles, most recently as a Certified Senior Advisor and hospice eleventh hour volunteer for Sangre De Cristo Hospice. She was a staff member of Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center and Administrator for the Trinidad Assisted Living. She brings years of expertise and compassionate care to the funeral home and has a passion for helping families in need.  The Holt family, who are native Coloradans and have owned Boies-Ortega since 2007, are pleased to have Elisa join them in their mission to provide the best care to every family in this beautiful mountain community.

We invite you to drop in and meet Elisa, if you don’t already know her, and ask what we can do to help you.

~ Boies-Ortega Funeral Home,

Walsenburg, Colo.


Support our local treasure – the Fox

Dear Editor: About two years ago, I moved from a large Midwest town to Walsenburg. I moved for the beauty, peace and quiet of small town living – where people actually make eye contact, smile and say hi. Where people know their neighbors names and faces, not just recognize their cars. I was NOT disappointed.

But what I wasn’t prepared for, was the treasure I found in the Fox Theater! I am a movie lover and when I heard they needed volunteers I signed up. I get paid in popcorn! I have been volunteering for about six months now and understand even more, how much this area needs this venue.

Not only do they have the best popcorn (using REAL butter), but the movies are first rate – without a long drive.

We all know that we should shop local, but we also need to MOVIE LOCAL. In order for Walsenburg to thrive, we must support ALL of our local businesses.

Grab a family member (or neighbor) and head to the Fox in March for MOVIE MADNESS – HALF PRICE tickets in March!

~Bonnie Gallagher

Walsenburg, CO


Response to Las Animas Republicans

A couple weeks ago Ty Winter, Las Animas County Republican Chairman, wrote a letter to you in response to “recent criticism in recent letters to the Editor.” He gave a “recap of January Jobs Report” and one of his “bullets” stated: “All Americans continue to thrive in the Trump economy.” I think the thousands of homeless people in this country would disagree with that statement.

~Johnnye Dee Mullen

Gardner, Colo.


Open letter to La Veta School District Board

Hello it has been brought to my attention that the La Veta mascot debate is rearing its head again and frankly I’m confused as to why. On May 27th 2014 the La Veta school board voted 3-2 to to “keep and honor the Redskin name and it not be brought forward again until compelled by state or federal mandates or else by future local community consensus” . I would like to know why this is even an issue at this time. Are there mandates that have been passed that I am not aware of? Has there been local consensus since 2014?

I thank you for listening.

~Lori Branigan Palmer

La Veta, Colo.


Cards of Thanks

Thank you from the Brunelli family

The family of Roger Brunelli would like to thank hospice for the wonderful care they gave to Roger during his last weeks at home.

The three nurses who cared for him were wonderful.

It would have been impossible for us to care for him without their skill and dedication.

Forever grateful!

Thank you,

~Cleo and family

La Veta, CO


Thank you from the family of Homer Kenner

Homer Kenner’s family acknowledges with heartfelt gratitude the memorials sent in his honor and also the multiple ways comfort was provided for his family by friends and relatives after Homer went to be with Jesus, his Lord and Saviour.

~Clarabell Kenner, Sandi and family, Paul and family, Lyle and family, Bryan and family.

Woodlake, NE

Letters to the Editor

La Veta’s new School, new mascot?

Congratulations to all in La Veta who worked diligently for the proposed new school. Needed now is new thinking about the school mascot that will bring us into the 21st century.

Past arguments in favor of keeping the racist redskin label is that the mascot is part of La Veta’s historical tradition. Having been born and raised in the area, I am familiar with La Veta’s reputation for 19th century thinking on issues of race. Why insist on this backward tradition when our own students have voiced changing the mascot?

Defenders of the redskin epithet know that it honors no one. Proper honoring of Native people instead could include naming the new school after a Ute, Cheyenne, or Arapaho who fought bravely to resist extermination and theft of their lands. Another way to honor them is to reform the school curriculum to teach an historically accurate account of the fate and current conditions of Native peoples in our state.

Continuing use of this racist label perpetuates the harm done to students, like mine, whose ancestors were the targets of this racism and calls for extermination. Let’s treat Native folks as people, not caricatures.

Good schools are the heartbeat of a community and a better future. What better opportunity is there than now to modernize the backward thinking about a racist mascot that so visibly confronts our children and community on a daily basis?

~ Norberto Valdez,

La Veta, CO


January jobs report

Dear Editor,

Due to the recent criticism in recent letters to the Editor I feel it necessary to present some facts. Here is a recap of the January Jobs Report…

• Last week’s strong jobs report showed 225,000 jobs were added in January, surging past expectations.

• This includes 44,000 construction jobs and 28,000 transportation and warehousing jobs.

• Since the President was elected, 7.1 million jobs have been created.

• Workers are coming off the sidelines and reentering the labor force

• In January, the unemployment rate remained at a near generational low of 3.6%.

• January marked the 23rd consecutive month that the unemployment rate has been at or below 4%.

• All Americans continue to thrive in the Trump economy.

• African American unemployment remained at a near record low of 6%.

• The Hispanic American unemployment rate remained at a near record low of 4.3%.

• The Asian American unemployment rate was at 3%.

• The unemployment rate for women remained at near generational lows of 3.5%.

• Wage growth once again reached 3%. For 23 consecutive months, wage growth has been near or above 3%.

President Trump is undoubtedly delivering on his promises to revitalize the American economy!

The 2020 Democrats are not talking about the robust economy because they cannot deny “Our” success and the proposals that the 2020 Democrats are offering would halt the greatest American comeback orchestrated under President Donald J. Trump.


~Ty Winter

Las Animas County Republican Chairman

Trinidad, CO

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