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Letters to the Editor

Thanks from Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest committee would like to thank everyone who helped to make this past weekend’s fundraiser a big success! Due to COVID 19 we will not be able to hold our traditional Oktoberfest celebration this year, but there are still people that need our help and scholarships to fund. We were able to contact our friends The Cody Sisters and with the Health Departments approval and the generosity of Aristotle Karas, owner of the Grandote Golf Course, we had a band and a venue and an opportunity to make some money! Saturday evening was just perfect and we wish to thank everyone who attended, as well as the local businesses who sponsored us by purchasing banners, our talented band, Emilie Dubia who sold tickets for us at the Mercantile and the World Journal and KSPK for promoting our event at no cost to us. Special thanks to Bachman’s for their generous donation and advertising space, Kelly and Sid Popejoy for all of their assistance, and to Aristotle Karas and everyone who went above and beyond to make this happen! As a 501c3 we gladly accept donations from anyone who wants to help those less fortunate in Huerfano County. For more information about how you can make a difference, call Mitzi at 742-5278 or any committee member. Thank you all!

~Oktoberfest Committee

La Veta, CO


Thank you for celebrating Ray with us

The family of Ray Bud Kreutzer would like to thank everyone who attended the celebration of his life, the reception, and those who sent cards, calls, and food.

We appreciate your thoughtfullness, and God Bless You.

~Betty and family

La Veta, CO



Democracy or Dictatorship

Our democracy is at risk of becoming an authoritarian dictatorship if people continue to deny and spin the truth about Trump and the way he and his administration show complete disregard for the truth, the law, our Constitution, procedures meant to provide balance and accountability in government, congressional obligations, the sworn oath of office he took with his hand on a Bible… and their obvious efforts to promote conspiracy theories, and stir up people’s fears and prejudices… efforts meant to divide, condemn, incite and destroy! Our country will not survive as a democracy if these things are allowed to continue! Spinning and denying the truth won’t change the truth!

Trump has an intense need to be powerful, in charge, honored and adored… and his psychological traits: narcissim, willfuly lying, misogyny inflated ego, insecurites, etc., are feeding his growing obsession to become like the dictators he admires and praises.. He wants to be the supreme all pwerful ruler of our country, and he is using fear, lying, distortion, and deception to avhieve his goal. He’s already surrounding himself with required loyal followers, enablers… ready and willing to please him.. especially AG Wm. Barr! The cult mentality silence of Republicans in Congress is disgraceful as they choose to deny the truth, and ignore their sworn oath to defend our Constitution, in order to enable Trump to rule as he pleases. They choose to do nothing to stop or censure his attacks on our democracy.

As Roosevelt said, “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely.” Being prepared wisely means allowing ourselves to realize and acecept the truth.. it’s up to us. Our country’s future, our system of government depends on who becomes our President. Do you want a democracy or a dictatorship? That is the choice!

~Susie Jahnke

Santa Rosa, CA


Vote for Sandy White

I am writing this letter in support of Sandy White for Huerfano County Commissioner. I am asking you to vote for Sandy. As a working artist and active member of the Huerfano arts community, I know that Sandy values the enormous contribution all the arts make not only to the economic success of the county but also to the enrichment of the community. Visual arts, theatre, music and vocal arts, architecture, photography – all of these elements come together here.

I also feel it’s important to mention that Sandy has made huge contributions to this county in other areas. His efforts writing successful grants alone has been tremendous. His actions as a Colorado water attorney have been a major contribution to this county. In short, Sandy would be a competent, full time and committed County Commissioner to make this county a better place to live.

Please vote for Sandy White.

~ Kate McCabe

La Veta, CO


Votar por Sandy

Soy Catalina Valdez y quisiera perdí tu voto por Sandy White para comisionado del condado de Huerfano. Mi familia llegó a sur de Colorado hace unos ciento setenta años.

Sandy es un poco más nuevo aquí. Su familia llegó hace ciento veinte años.

Nuestras familias han sido amigos cercanos durante los últimos cincuenta años.

Hemos vistas nuestros hijos y hijas crecer y tomaron vacaciones de familia juntos.

Esas vacaciones eran largas semanas de campamento y de ir de pesca.

Las solíamos llamar “grandes expediciones”.

Mi difunto esposo trabajó muy cerca con Sandy para protegerlos derechos a l’agua en la zona de Colorado de sur. Ellos siempre trabajaron juntos sin problemas a pesar de ser de partidos politicos opuestos.

Nuestro concepto de Sandy es el de un amigo bondadoso, honesto, inteligente, y confiable. Como comisionado, applicará las mismas virtudes.

Por favor, consideré darle su voto a Sandy White para comisionado del condado de Huerfano.

~Catherine Valdez

La Jara, CO


In response to Theresa Kimbrel

I recognize your beliefs. That’s the great thing about our country and Constitution. We have the right to our own beliefs!

The Democratiic platform states: “Every woman should have access to quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion.” Pro-Choice. Sorry, I couldn”t find anything in the platform on the Right to Die. Personally I don’t want anyone else in the doctor’s office or exam room with me or making health decisions for me! I’m glad you brought up life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Can you imagine those things without the ability to control your own body?

Everyone wants freedom and self determination!

According to the Jesuit Review: Catholics are just as likely to get an abortion as other US women. The Guttmacher Institute found that 24% of those who got an abortion were Catholic. The Pew Research Center says 22% of US women identify as Catholic.

In 2018, 62% of Americans viewed Planned Parenthood favorably. A National Public Radio Survey in 2019 found that 77% of Americans said the Supreme Court should uphold Roe vs Wade.

Blessings also to you,

~Nancy Poe

Raton, NM


Response to David Tesitor and Theresa Kimbrel on Abortion

Is this reason to vote for such a person? More serious issues are before us. The 6th Commandment (For those who acknowledge it, as I do) says “Thou Shall Not Kill.” Donald Trump has denied the coronavirus, or downplays it, even as it is raging. He does not require masks and social distancing at his rallies, although they’re required under Center. for Disease Control guidelines. Many, many deaths have resulted from his inaction (200,000 and ongoing!) Thou shall not kill? He calls it the “China Vrius” because it originated there.  Some now call it the “Trump Virus.” Consider baby bear cubs and wolf pups.  In Alaska’s National Parks, the Trump Administration has removed restrictions using spotlights to shoot mother bears and wolves in hibernation. Kill babies? This is the lowest of low.  Surely they have the right to live. The Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal, with Liberty and Justice for All. Does this exclude people of color? Another commandment (the 7th) says “Thou shall not commit adultery.” Need I say more about that? I may vote Independent or Green Party, certainly not for a racist president.

Thank you.

~Margi Durrum

Walsenburg, CO


Letters to the Editor

At it again Well,

the Postmaster General is at it again. A recent postal service card tells us of the best way to vote by mail.

One statement is to request the ballot from the Clerk and Recorder (C+C) fifteen days before the election.

This is a false statement. Ballots are directly mailed to voters, no request needed.

Can you imagine the C+C taking the extra time to explain that this is a fake statement? They are already overwhelmed with legitamte voting procedures.

The Colorado Secretary of State is confronting the Postal Service about this.

The Trump Administration is really trying to rig this election, in Trump’s favor.

Where is our freedom to vote legally? Note that when you vote by mail you must have your signature on the return envelope exactly as it appears on your ballot envelope. Received from the C+C, or your vote will not be counted.

Your best bet will be to deliver your ballot directly to the C+C office, or in the drop box west of the Courthouse.

Hopefuly this will be a legitimate election.


~Margi Durrum

Walsenburg, CO


Our Megadrought

My impression of the “Megadrought” article by Mark Craddock (“World Journal,” August 27, 2020) is that it was interesting and well done. The criticism of it in the September 3, 2020 Letter appears to be that global warming is occurring and that it is man-induced. The denial that the earth has warmed over the last millennia, and especially the last 10-20 years, is puzzling. I have tried to decipher the objective of the denial. Is it so we as humans can continue to do what we always have regardless of consequences to the environment? We can all pick and choose data that we want to believe—called confirmational bias. The cited 1989 NY Times article also noted that NASA reported that average global temperatures have risen nearly 1°F in this century. Mr. Craddock references long-term data in hydrological modeling and tree-ring reconstruction. In tree-ring studies (dendrochronology), scientists have reconstructed temperature patterns over a 1000+ period to the present (see Tree Story by Valarie Trouet, Professor at Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research). Although temperatures have fluctuated, producing a kind of “noodle” pattern over this period (e.g., 300-year warm Medieval Period; 100-year Little Ice Age), nothing has superseded the last 100 years of temperature increases. This causes a “hockey stick” pattern when plotting temperatures as correlated by tree-ring patterns over this long-term period. Maybe there’s other reasons or a synergistic effect, but this latter warming correlates with increased burning of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions that have escalated during the last century. I mean, there must be a reason Arctic ice and permafrost are melting. My analysis regarding man-made climate change data is not to hype a political position, nor to make a profit somehow, but to understand current actions affecting the earth’s future for grandchildren and beyond.

~ Loren Hettinger,

PhD Ecologist

Littleton, CO


Vote for Galusha

I am writing to express my support for John Galusha for County Commissioner. We have an excellent opportunity to elect a candidate who has proven Huerfano County leadership experience. During these uncertain times, it is only smart to elect someone who has intimate knowledge of our beautiful county and the opportunities that exist to make our county even better. John has a long successful track record in economic development and county issues. He can make the logical transition from County Administrator to County Commissioner in a manner that benefits all of us. He has the network resources to be able to leverage his work experience into decisions that benefit our entire county.

I have had the opportunity to work with John as the Co-Chair of Economic Development and on other issues that impact our county and know that he has the foresight and ability to provide the leadership and vision for our county that will benefit all of us. I ask you to vote for John Galusha so that we can continue to benefit from his skills and knowledge for our future and prosperity.

Thank you and Vote for John Galusha.

~Lola Spradley La Veta, CO


Response to David tesitor letter

Dear Editor,

I wish to thank David Tesitor for his thoughts about the upcoming election and his statement about the sacredness of all life. President Donald Trump is a Pro-life President and it is the Republican Party, that has a Pro-life platform. I beg every American especially people of all faiths to cast your vote for President Trump. As Joe Biden has stated on numerous occasions the soul of the USA is on the line this election, but he is the wrong person to save the soul of America. Joe Biden needs our prayers, but he does not need our votes.

I know there are many, Catholics included who do not care for our current President for various reasons but to be fair he, like all of us is human. I implore anyone thinking to vote Democrat, PLEASE take-a-look at the Democrat platform which promotes abortion and the right to die. So if you are an unborn child you have no rights and if you are lucky to be one who is older, you have the right to say kill me…either way our most vulnerable citizens are at risk.

The Declaration of Independence states in part the following: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…”NOTE our first right is the right to life. That is truly the soul Republicans and President Donald Trump are fighting for. God Bless you all and God Bless America.

~Theresa Kimbrel

La Veta, CO

Letters to the Editor

Thanks from SCCG

Dear Editor,

As we continue to move cautiously through COVID-19 and 2020, I wanted to take a minute to thank the World Journal for all the coverage over the last six months. They have covered our senior meals program weekly which have seen record numbers. They posted all our support for Census 2020. They share our Care and Share food distributions as well as do feature stories. They have graciously posted a weekly notice from our LTC ombudsman. And have always been a big supporter by putting our senior menu in the newspaper as a courtesy. They have been a great partner that make a difference by letting the public know what the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) can provide to seniors. We couldn’t do it without their generosity of press!

I also want to take this time to recognize all the volunteers for food distributions in both counties. Most were mentioned in an article a couple weeks ago. I could not thank all of them enough especially those who have been involved in the last six months. At times it is crazy, but with all their efforts we succeed every time.

I want to thank the AAA staff for their dedication day after day. They show up, prepare and deliver daily meals, and provide support to our senior population in both counties. They are all true heroes: Johanna, Marilyn, Matt, Billy, Kathleen, Rich, Randy, Gaylene, Margarita, Leanne, and Elizabeth.

This pandemic has showed me how fortunate I am to have the people by my side from home to work. Look around you, we are truly surrounded by grace during these challenging times.

Lastly, please complete the Census 2020 and VOTE! Sincerely,

~Veronica Maes, Area Agency on Aging Director,

South Central Council of Governments


It takes a village to raise a child

I am now learning that there is a movement going on in Walsenburg and Gardner to help our children, and future generations! Many of us are aware of the poor state of our RE-1 School facilities, and band aids aren’t cuttin’ it. Something needs to be done. Many of us know what it’s like to make do with what is given, even if it’s cr*p. We gotta make the best of it, right? It is what it is. Right? Well…

What if we shoot for more?

What if we aim for the Stars and try and reach for what we, what OUR children deserve? Our babies DESERVE Safe and Suitable Educational facilities! Our NEIGHBORS’ babies deserve it too! RE-1 students deserve every opportunity available to succeed! Future generations do, too. Huerfano has a long history of success with its students ranging from sports to music to academics! Let’s support its future!

School administration, staff and community members are working their butts off to obtain free $$$’s from the State (B.E.S.T. Grant) for the sake of our babies! My family and I haven’t been here long, but I have never seen such determination, diligence, and LOVE from people (I didn’t even know) as I have from Huerfano folks. We have never felt so personally valued till we came here. We’re not just a number. We’re Home.

Yes, property taxes will need to get raised. They’re calling it Proposition 4A. If we vote “Yes,” Colorado will grant RE-1 SD over $20 million to fix the elementary schools and build a whole new 7-12 grade school! We must take care of our own, Huerfano. But this time, we aren’t forgotten, ignored, or rejected. This time, we have support.

It takes a community to raise its children, so let’s get it done!

Your neighbor,

~Melanie L. Speer

Walsenburg, CO


Save the USPS! Response to Sporleder letter

Yes, President Trump IS trying to take away your vote and the Postal Service! He admits undermining the USPS to make it harder to vote by mail.

August 13th, Trump falsely claimed mail-in voting will lead to fraud. He doesn’t want to fund the Post Office. He and the Republicans have long wanted to privatize the USPS, treating it like a business instead of the service that it is! He and Treasurer Mnuchin want to loan the postal Service $10 Billion and If it doesn’t raise parcel rates 4-5 times??? Or what ever other excuse they can come up with, Bye bye USPS?

Trailing in the polls, August 3rd, Trump admits he’s sabotaging the Postal Service, to make universal voting by mail impossible during an election conducted amid a pandemic! Trump is sowing doubt in mail-in voting.

It is true Postmaster General DeJoy sent a memo to postal workers in July: saying no more overtime, don’t wait for delayed mail, deliver it the next day. He told employees the agency would not survive unless it made difficult changes to cut costs! The PO notified 46 states they better send their ballots out earlier and move up the dates for their return because of mail delays. The House of Representatives called in DeJoy to testify, he said he would return things to normal until after the election. Thank you Nancy Pelosi and the inspector generals for oversight. In DeJoy’s testimony, he said he would not return the sorting machines or the postal boxes he removed.

As to the postal boxes removed 2011-2016 during Obama’ administration, it was not a political move! A 2016 report said: “The Postal Service adapts collection infrastructure to meet customer’s needs; it eliminated underused boxes that receive fewer than 25 pieces a day and added boxes convenient to customers.

~Nancy Poe

Raton, NM

Coincidence or lies?

The recent appointment of Louis DeJoy as Postmaster General has seen some changes in postal service.

He has said that as a business man, he will run the postal service as such.

The postal service is, and should be, an independent agency to keep Americans connected and informed.

Hence, reduced hours and overtime cuts, among other things, have caused delays.

DeJoy has recently admitted that the changes have caused delays and that he will wait until after the election to resume them.

His reversal came after twenty states announced plans to file lawsuits over the policy changes, saying that this will impede the election.

DeJoy is a mega donor of Donald Trump, and seems to be serving him.

All of this is happening just weeks before the election. Is this a coincidence, or dirty lies?

~Margi Durrum

Walsenburg, CO


Response to Sporleder letter regarding drought article

Rebuttal to the letter to the editor by Karl and Debi Sporleder, which ran Sept. 3, regarding the megadrought article by Mark Craddock:

From the Jan. 26, 1989 New York Times article to which you refer:

“Dr. Kirby Hanson, the meteorologist who led the study, said in an interview that the findings concerning the United States do not necessarily ‘cast doubt’ on previous findings of a worldwide trend toward warmer temperatures, nor do they have a bearing one way or another on the theory that a buildup of pollutants is acting like a greenhouse and causing global warming. He said that the United States occupies only a small percentage of the Earth’s surface and that the new findings may be the result of regional variations.”

Bear in mind, that article is 30 years old. In the ensuing years, the overwhelming consensus of science is that human-caused global climate change is occurring, and we are feeling its earliest negative effects now.

According to the NASA Global Climate Change website (updated Aug. 31, 2020), “The current warming trend is of particular significance because most of it is extremely likely (greater than 95 percent probability) to be the result of human activity since the mid-20th century and proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented over decades to millennia.”

The World Journal stands behind its reporting.



What kind of voter are you?

Among the religions of the world, an almost universal law states, ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ Among the laws given to Moses, it is a cornerstone of civilized society. Yet many Christians seem to forget the meaning of those words.

From my Catholic perspective I see few issues so divisive as the respect for human life, from its conceptual beginning to its natural end. Our Catholic faith stands unshaken in its defense of the unborn, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church continues to teach that human life from natural conception to natural death must be respected and protected. From the first moment of her existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person – among which is the inviolable right of every person to life, no matter how young. Life or no life. It’s black and white.

But why not make it gray? Do not kill …unless it is a fetus (a medical term used to draw attention away from the fact he is an unborn child). Do not kill… unless she is severely disabled; unless he is a criminal; unless he is terminally ill, sick, or old; unless her race is considered inferior. All human life is sacred. Understanding this principle is key to understanding civilization as it has been defined for millennia. It defines our Catholic position on all life issues and our position of the church.

All human life is sacred. Made in the image and likeness of God, each human person has an inalienable dignity and worth.

As a Christian voters, I ask you to look upon the candidates, their party platforms, and the practices they put forth, and then decide if you are among the ‘grays’ who feel justified in making killing of the innocent acceptable in America. I am not.

~David Tesitor

Walsenburg, CO


Q Who?

Just how much demented tripe are we being asked to normalize?

Most sources agree that QAnon is a conspiracy theory that teaches Donald Trump is battling “deep state” satanists, comprised of Hollywood figures, the media and, of course, Democrats. These alleged actors are said to be cannibals and pedophiles who, among other things, engage in sex-trafficking of children whose blood they drink.

Mr. Trump has said those who subscribe to such nonsense “love our country.” (White House Press Conference 8/19/20) On the other hand, the FBI has called QAnon a “potential domestic terrorism threat.” (NYT, 8/15/20) And Lauren Boebert, CD3 Republican candidate, was quoted in a July 1, 2020 article in The Guardian as having said she is “very familiar” with the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Indeed Ms Boebert pontificated in a June interview with Steel Truth, a podcast that supports QAnon, as follows: “Everything I’ve heard of Q — I hope this is real, because it only means America is getting stronger and better, and people are returning to conservative values, and that’s what I am for. And so everything that I have heard of this movement is only motivating and encouraging and bringing people together stronger, and if this is real, then it could be really great for our country.” (CBS News, 7/1/20)

Boebert’s campaign spokeswoman, Laura Carno, understandably is anxious to close the book on her boss’ flirtation with QAnon, (Colorado Times Recorder, 8/19/20), and Boebert herself may now want to distance herself from this fringe-iest of right wing fringe groups that is QAnon. However, the damage is done. Her initial embrace of Q does not speak well of her judgment or character. The CD3 deserves a serious person as its representative. The CD3 deserves an experienced, reasonable, competent public servant. That person is Diane Mitsch Bush.

~Joyce Jenkins

Glenwood Springs

Letters to the Editor

Vote Yes on 4A- for the kids!

Why vote “Yes” on Proposition 4A? Of course it is easy to say it is for the kids… but what does that mean? As a new teacher to John Mall High School last year, I can tell you that SO many of our children expressed to me their perspective of the lack of support they receive from the community. Frustrations about how there is nowhere for them to go after school, how there is a lack of involvement from the community within our school walls, and disillusionment from the teacher and staff turnover. Well… many of us are working at trying to change that. I value the relationships we have begun to develop outside of the walls of the school and I look forward to building more relationships with the community.

With our current high school building, we are working with all of our available resources. The condition of the building has deteriorated and it isn’t getting better. We’ve applied band-aid after band aid to the facility but adding layers of paint isn’t fixing the real problem that this building is getting worse.

Ultimately, I am here because I want to see your children… OUR children… have a fair shake once they depart John Mall. OUR children also deserve support from their community. I ask that each voter in Huerfano County strongly consider voting “Yes” on Prop 4A… truly… for OUR kids. Show them that their community believes in them and is here to support them as they build for their futures.


~Matt DeJong

Walsenburg, CO


Misleading ad about Kamala Harris

An advertisement in the World Journal contains a misleading quote from vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Senator Harris said, “What else do we know about this population of 18 through 24? They are stupid.”

As presented, the statement looks as though Senator Harris is being highly critical of that age group. When read as part of the speech from which it comes, the statement actually reveals her empathy for the age group.

Senator Harris made the speech in 2014, while she was Attorney General of the State of California. In her presentation, she bemoaned the criminal justice system’s treatment of young adults at a time in their lives when they are developmentally prone to making “really bad decisions.”

While working as the district attorney for San Francisco, Senator Harris led the development of a program, Back on Track, that dropped low-level drug sale charges against first offenders who met educational and career achievement conditions.

“When I was at Howard University, and we were in college, we were 18 through 24, and you know what we were called? College kids. But when you turn 18 and you’re in the system, you are considered an adult, period. That is the prime phase of life when we mold and shape and direct someone to become a productive adult. What else do we know about this population of 18 through 24? They are stupid. (Here the crowd laughed.) That is why we put them in dormitories, and they have a resident assistant. They make really bad decisions. So we focused on that age population.”

She was not speaking specifically about young adult voters. She was referring to a developmental stage of life for ALL young adults. She was pointing out the need for guidance and understanding instead of prosecution for people in that particular stage of their lives.

Thank you.

~Edward Smith

Walsenburg, CO


Truth or Untruth

To the Editor,

It was refreshing to read TRUTH VS UNTRUTH (WJ 8-27-20) regarding “Save the United States Postal Service.”

Main Stream Public wants to believe Main Stream Media reports truth. In reality, MS Media will report deliberate pernicious disinformation and/or eliminate reports occuring of riots and violence all modified to fit their agenda.

All MS Media Journalism has lost all credibility for honest reporting and needs to be verified before belief.

Thank You K& D S for reporting TRUTH VS UNTRUTH which is how HONEST Journalism used to be.

~ Mary DeMeo

La Veta, CO


Our Megadrought

“It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows.” ~Epictetus. Sadly, this is where we are in 2020 – so many people think they already know truth and are unwilling to research. Especially research outside what one already “knows”.

Again, we just shake our heads at the political bend in the Megadrought article in last week’s paper. The article had some good factual research, then the author decided to take a political bend, purporting the fake man-made climate change agenda. Again, if you are willing to dig, facts are there to be found.

Fact: In 1989, The New York Times reported there was no U.S. warming. Look up the article from January 26, 1989. “After examining climate data extending back nearly 100 years, a team of Government scientists has concluded that there has been no significant change in average temperatures or rainfall in the United States over that entire period of time,” quoting NOAA scientists who published an article in Geophysical Research Letters.

Fact: The warmest recorded time in our history was actually in the 1930s (well recorded facts if you are willing to look, and since I only have 300 words, I can’t print graphs from NCAR). Interestingly enough, some of this historical data is “disappearing” from the internet. hmmmm.

In 2017, NCA released a graph going back to 1900 showing how summers were consistently hotter up to the mid 1950s with a cool down in the 60s and 70s. Interestingly enough, their 2018 graph eliminated everything prior to the 1960s, only showing temperatures on the climb.

To start plugging man-made climate change is simply a political agenda. There are people profiting off of the world’s gullibility. Sadly, we don’t have the space or the word count to show how partial data is being used to sway people’s minds.

~Karl and Debi Sporleder

Walsenburg, CO

Letters to the Editor

God Bless online school teachers

After almost two weeks of watching our kiddos do online schooling and watching their teachers try to deal with intermittent working internet, students with ants in their pants, students wanting to “sleep in” or go get their coffee, my hat is off to you!

Thank you for working so hard to help get these children educated in, if nothing else, how to work through the troubleshooting days of electronics. You’re the best!

~Karl and Debi Sporleder



Thanks from the Stonewall Century

Dear Editor:

The 17th Annual Stonewall Century ride was a huge success. The Huerfano/Las Animas County Health Department allowed us to hold this event by following guidelines to keep it COVID-19 safe. The ride benefits the La Veta/ Stonewall Fire Protection Districts, La Veta public library, and La Veta school district. The volunteer-run event is supported by many sponsors with financial/in kind donations. The World Journal will print a free ad thanking all our wonderful sponsors.

We are very grateful to Aristotle Karas for allowing us to use the Grandote Peaks grounds for all of the ride functions. The work done by the Popejoys and Ashley of Grandote was greatly appreciated, making things run smoother.

Alys Romer provided the Friday night meal, and Shauna Chamberlain provided the post ride BBQ. The Stonewall Fire Department provided the luncheon in Segundo.

Volunteers from the La Veta Fire Department, Stonewall Auxiliary, La Veta United Methodist Church, and community supporters of the ride were wonderful. They provided baked goodies for the riders, ran aid stations, served meals, helped with registration, packet pick-up, packet stuffing, helped as SAG drivers for riders who could not complete the ride, and helped as bike mechanics. An ambulance was provided by each department.

The highway patrol kept our riders safe. Heather Curtis photographed many riders on this scenic ride. Nicole Copel made clever commemorative coffee mugs for riders to purchase. Thanks to Harding’s Corner B&B & Circle the Wagons for housing our out of town mechanics. Bree Lessar working with the school district opened the science building for riders who camped to have bathrooms available. Tony Masington matched riders with home hosts.

The Spanish Peaks Cycling Association wishes to thank everyone for their diligent work to make this ride so popular with our riders.

~Kent Hay/Kerrie Meyler

La Veta


Save the United States Postal Service

We had to chuckle after reading last week’s letter to the editor written to the commissioners about saving the USPS.  Does anyone actually research what is going on or do they just listen to MSM, swallow the blue pill and just start freaking out?  Come on folks.  If you think for one second President Trump is taking away the rights of people to vote, there really is no hope for your insight.  That conspiracy theory was started through social media and look where we are, now.

Untruth:  US Sen Claire McCaskill of Missouri sent out pictures of locked mailboxes, spreading more lies about the situation, saying ballot collection was being restricted in DC.

Truth: the photos used were actually locked up boxes from Seattle during the riots. This is also common practice in high theft areas – the caps are put on after the final pickup of the day and removed the next morning.

Untruth:  Mailboxes are being removed to prevent mail in ballots.

Truth:   There is nothing nefarious about removing mailboxes. They are regularly moved from low-demand areas to high-demand areas, especially in this digital world.  In fact, in the Obama/Biden era, some 14,000 of them were removed.  Where were the cries of hysteria, then?

Untruth:  President Trump is bankrupting the USPS.

Truth:  Because of an increase in package deliveries, revenues have been stable.  AND, USPS has a $10 billion loan provided by Congress which they haven’t even touched.  The proposed $25 billion bailout has no connection to the election, except to generate hysteria purported by people like last week’s LTTE author and those on social media.

Truth is, if every person did mail in ballots, it would equal only 6% of the weekly postal volume.

Take a chill pill, people.  smh

~ Karl & Debi Sporleder,


Letters to the Editor

Vote for Galusha

Dear Editor:

This letter is to highly recommend John Galusha for County Commissioner to all voters in Huerfano County.  Having sat on the Huerfano County Economic Development Board for quite a number of years now I have become very well acquainted with John and his wide range of knowledge and duties while serving as County Administrator.  The County Commissioners have virtually always given John the task of reporting to the Economic Development Board some or all of the activities involving the Commissioners.  Even when the Commissioners appear in person and report to the board they always look to John to make sure all matters of concern to the board have been reported.

Over the years it has become obvious that John is an expert in obtaining  grants for adding improvements to our county.  And, once a task or project has been approved John faithfully sees it through to the end.  All one has to do is look at the many improvement projects that have occurred over the last 13+ years of John’s county administrator employment to realize that literally millions of dollars have been raised by John.

It should be obvious that John has been training for the job of county commissioner for all the years of his administrator employment.  Nobody is as qualified for county commissioner as John Galusha.  Give him your vote.

~Stanley K. Mann

Walsenburg, CO


Vote for Arica

Dear Huerfano Community,

I am writing to offer a thank-you and a recommendation.

First, the thanks! When I moved to Huerfano County from “the city” ten years ago, I was unfamiliar with how counties worked. A Board of County Commissioners sounded bureaucratic and remote, people I’d certainly never meet, while the county administrator was a person who sat in an office writing memos. Wrong on both counts!

As I became involved in community activities, I had the opportunity to get acquainted with our commissioners and administrator. Wow, was I impressed! Their work never, ever ends! They know the county – every dirt, gravel and paved road of it. They understand our community’s needs and desires. They have listened attentively and governed wisely. They have served us well. Please join in a virtual round of applause for commissioners Garcia and Vezzani and administrator Galusha as they finish their work and commissioner Cisneros as he continues his term.

Now, the recommendation – who to serve as next District 2 Commissioner. We need someone grounded in Huerfano’s past who knows the county and appreciates our diversity. As we face old challenges and new ones brought by the coronavirus, we need someone who understands us well and has the energy to lead us forward. We need someone who will bridge from where we are now unto a new, unknown epoch. This requires a leader, a problem solver, a listener, a coalition builder; someone driven by our needs rather than by long-held political tenants. Oh, and a woman’s voice on the BOCC for the first time would be helpful, too! I believe the person who best meets those qualifications is Arica Andreatta. I know her, I’ve worked with her, I respect her. Arica will get my vote. I hope she’ll get yours, too.


~Lois Adams

Cuchara, CO


Get out and vote


Here I am- still a Civics teacher- so listen up!

One hundred years ago my grandmother was allowed to vote! I heard of her cries of frustration when she, a college educated woman, had to defer to bootleggers, bums, and such. Because of that, her descendants are active voters on both sides of the political divide.

So you want to vote and have it count! Here’s my recipe:

Use to register but also to check that your registration is up to date, active and your address and name is correct. Then when your ballot arrives VOTE it according to your preferences and carefully mark it as directed. If you spoil it, take it to the courthouse promptly and you will be given another.

Now, seal it, sign it and return it to the drop box provided at the courthouse. If you mail it be sure you have adequate stamps (2) and it is mailed promptly.

You are not through yet! Wait 2 days and again log in to and check to see if your vote has arrived and been counted.

Class dismissed!

Sincerely, Mrs. Foley

~Eleanor Foley

La Veta, CO


Protect our USPS

Dear Mr. Garcia, Mr. Vezzani, and Mr. Cisneros:

Please go on public record via a press release to defend the funding and operation of the US Postal Service within Huerfano County and the State of Colorado, and to state your position on how the US Postal Service should be enabled to operate.

Senator Bennet has praised the operation of the Postal Service within Colorado as exemplary (Aug. 17, 2020, press release) and rebuked the Administration and Pres. Trump for their negative actions , so let us do all in our power to assure that the Postal Service shall continue to deliver mail in a timely fashion. And also to praise Senator Bennet for publicly taking his stand.

Please raise up in Huerfano County all of us who band together to publicly say to Pres. Trump: you shall not negatively impact the delivery of mail within the borders of the County and the State wherein I live. Be the leaders I know you can be!

Please let me know the actions you take on this matter. I hope that you shall enable me to talk you up and praise you all, singly and collectively, among my neighbors and friends and fellow Huerfano County citizens.

President Trump and his Administration are to be publicly rebuked, by your good selves, for their blatant attempt to hobble the US Postal Service and thereby to undermine our democracy.

I have already written Senator Bennet, Senator Gardner, Representative Tipton, Governor Polis, Lt Gov Primavera, CO State Representative Valdez, CO State Senator Crowder — on all levels, it is necessary to call for public statements on what must be defended and to declare what is right.


~Dr. Heloise Lynn

La Veta, CO


Commissioners- keep on top of code violations

Editor World Journal, county commissioners and candidates:

Residents and property owners of Rio Cucharas and other subdivisions within Huerfano County are concerned about the influx of people violating county land use, zoning and building regulations.

While many people may be complying, many appear not to be. That is, living permanently in campers, inadequate waste collection and disposal methods and in some cases people staying on property owned by others without their permission and illegal marijuana grows.

We know the county has been successful in some cases and the process of bringing property owners into compliance is difficult and requires persistence.

We appreciate your efforts, but numerous new cases have appeared during the past one to two years.

We ask simply that current and future county commissioners step up enforcement of the county’s regulations and follow through with enforcement.


~Rio Cucharas Phase 3 HOA:

Lee Cesario, Chris Nielsen,

Mary Ann Lane, Carol Trujillo and

Diana Olmstead, Shawn Olmstead

Letters to the Editor

Recent event at Navajo Ranch

The entire subdivision was given a ‘CODE RED’ emergency call on Friday, regarding an armed man on the loose. While we feel immune to this kind of thing, I was glad for the warning. Hours went by. No further information. The only information we could find was through neighbors, on the ‘county bulletin board’ facebook page, or texts amongst ourselves. While that was all helpful to at least know WHERE in the 3,000 acres the guy might be, it also caused the ‘vigilante’ types to go speeding about, spraying gravel with pick-up trucks and I’m assuming, loaded for bad guys (which was MORE frightening than ONE guy with a gun). Finally at 10:00 p.m., a very poorly written post on the Sheriff’s page stated that the search was ‘seized’? But keep a lookout for a ‘mopping looking’ man and ‘be VERY vigilant around your neighbors’? It was not coherent, and it seems to me we should have at least gotten another CODE RED, stating he was either caught or NOT, and the status of the situation. Not just ‘we went home, good luck’ on a random facebook page. Let me be clear, I’m NOT bashing the sheriff’s department. I’m just wanting to bring attention to the fact that while the danger is obviously over we are STILL left dangling, as even that poorly written post is now gone from the sheriff’s facebook page. Social media is NOT the place to alert people, imagine how many people don’t have facebook. Also, there are TWO sheriff facebook pages, one of which has completely inappropriate posts. It is confusing as to which is the legitimate page. I appreciate our law enforcement is stretched to the max, I’m just questioning the communication or lack thereof, during an incident. And… what DID happen to the ‘mopping looking’ man?

~Kim McKee

Walsenburg, CO


A shift in perspective

Joe Tarabino’s opinion (7-23-20) prompted me to comment with something I recently read on President Trump’s visit to Mount Rushmore.

In 1996, when Bill Clinton visited Mt. Rushmore, during his reelection campaign, ABC News called it a place where American ingenuity and creativity came together and formed an amazing American accomplishment.

In 2008, Barak Obama campaigned there, CNN called Mt. Rushmore a majestic site that every president should visit.

In 2016, Bernie Sanders campaigned there and said he was humbled to be in the presence of four of the greatest American presidents.  CNN described the scene as awesome.

In 2020, Trump visited, but CNN called it a celebration of white supremacy, saying Trump will stand before two former slave owners on land wrestled away from Native Americans.

As I have learned, the entire country was wrestled away from the original Americans. My point: perspective in the eye of the beholder, or media bias?

~ Mary DeMeo

La Veta, CO

Letters to the Editor & Card of Thanks

Trinidad schools’ tentative opening

Determining how to open school in 2020-2021 is not an easy decision. In fact, it is one of the most complicated and difficult challenges any of us has ever faced. This decision was made following hours of collaboration among the COVID-19 Reopening Committee made up of district staff and input from a parent survey.

Many people are justifiably anxious and fearful to return to school. This complex issue requires balancing the needs of students, parents and staff. Parents depend on school staff to protect their children from the virus. Likewise, students and staff depend on parents to screen their children and quarantine if needed.

Las Animas County is currently in Safer at Home status which allows in-school instruction. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, in collaboration with the Colorado Department of Education, provides guidance for the fall opening of schools. This guidance will help local health agencies work with districts to ensure the safest learning environment possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guidance from the state and local health departments ensures layered strategies of protection for everyone. Additionally, Governor Polis will provide all Colorado educators with medical-grade masks for all staff who work directly with students. Adherence to the safety protocols is critical to safely opening school.

A Trinidad School District #1 reopening plan for hybrid instruction was submitted to the Las Animas County Health Department for approval. Once the plan is approved, it will be posted on the district website along with additional instructional details. The Las Animas County Health Department has final say on how the district will actually open which will depend on the predicted status of the pandemic in Las Animas County in September.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during these extraordinary times.

~ Dr. Bonnie Aaron

Trinidad, CO


Open the schools now

Dear Editor,

It seems every issue today has political overtones. However, it is time we stop using our children as pawns in the process. Both sides can readily point to the “science” backing the return of students to the classroom. Schools should be open, period, and parents should be the ones making the decision whether or not to send their children, not bureaucrats, who can afford private schooling for their own children or the wealthy NEA that is political to the core.

As a public school teacher for over 35 years, I have been exposed to every communicable disease out there along with my peers and we survived. However, we didn’t have a media promoting fear. Sure, there is an increase in reported numbers of COVID-19 cases, but that’s going to happen whether we continue living in lockdown or resume our lives. Lockdown does nothing but prolong the pain.

But when there is a monetary incentive in the CARE Act for hospitals to report COVID cases, you can bet the numbers are inflated. And when our lawmakers want to make staying home more lucrative than working, what do you suppose many people will choose?

Make no mistake. This is not about the safety of the children or their teachers. This is about fundamentally transforming America through manipulation caused by fear.

Children need to return to school, not only for academics, but for their social and emotional well-being. Depression and suicides are already on the rise. For many of our children, school presents the only stable and nurturing entity in their lives. Virtual classrooms are no substitute for a flesh and blood teacher. Children have been robbed long enough. Open the schools now and do it for the children.

~Margie Yurtinus

Cuchara, CO


Stay strong and carry on, Huerfano

Greetings, Huerfano County! I hope you and your family are enjoying the recent rain and cooler weather we’re beginning to experience. As we ease into fall over the next several months, we’re reminded what a remarkable part of the country we live in.

‘What’s even more remarkable than our majestic mountains and vistas though, are the people that call Huerfano County “home.” Our county’s commitment to protecting eachother throughout the pandemic continues to minimize our positive case count, but the challenge isn’t over yet.

I understand that the duration of the pandemic can lessen our sense of urgency and commitment to proven safety measures like social distancing and wearing face masks/coverings. Keep in mind, marathons are won by those who run the 26th mile with as much conviction as the first. Quite simply, we cannot let our guard down at this point.

Thanks to all for wearing masks for months now and – as you most likely know – this small but critical step is now mandated in public state-wide. Since this is our tourist season, we recently shared flyers that businesses can post to remind tourists of this mandate. If you want to display a flyer for your business, visit to download a printable PDF.

In the midst of the Coronavirus, we’re glad to see so many Coloradans taking this opportunity to prioritize their health and make changes they’ve thought about for years. Even those who haven’t been affected realize the importance of improving their health, so they are better prepared to withstand any type of illness now or in the future.

Thank you again Huerfano County! I can never fully express the gratitude I have for all of you, particularly the overflowing positivity and loyalty of our staff at Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center & Veterans Community Living Center.

~Kay Whitley BSN, RN, MBA, LNHA

CFO & Nursing Home Administrator

SPRHC & Veterans Community Living Center


Graffiti free

It has come to our attention that a Black Lives Matter symbol was painted on our building. We, at Legends Flooring & Interior, would like Huerfano County to know that we did not authorize this and considered it graffiti on our building. We do not condemn or condone the movement because we are a very non-political business. We are here to help with interior projects and not for any other agenda. We treat all our customers jobs the same whether they are big or small. We respect and appreciate every job we get. We enjoy helping everyone with their home projects and if we can’t help then good luck and maybe we can help in the future. The individual that painted the symbol has since removed it and we appreciate that.

~Laurie Panter

Walsenburg, CO


Card of Thanks

Thank you for your heartfelt wishes

The Family of Clara Mae Bak would like to extend our most heartfelt thank you to all who comforted us in our time of grief. Especially to all those who made phone calls, sent cards and flowers, attended the services, and made donations in memory of Clara Mae. We would especially like to thank the staff at Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center, the staff of Boies-Ortega Funeral Home, and the staff of St. Mary Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church including Gary Bradberry, Ida Martin, Natalie Trujillo, Vera Espinoza, and Fr. Issac Kariuki.

We are so blessed to have so many thoughtful family and friends

~Michael Guadagnoli

Trinidad, CO



Letters to the Editor

Thanks for the support

I wish to publicly recognize David Tesitor for running an immaculate, effective and energetic campaign. His positions were thoughtful and forward-looking. His campaign was a credit to Huerfano County. David is a fine man and I was honored to be on the ballot with him. I look forward to working with him in the future.

~ Sandy White

La Veta, CO


Vote for Arica

To All Voters in Huerfano County:

I, Peggy Zehring, am endorsing Arica Andreatta for County Commissioner because- having grown up here- she really cares about Huerfano County and all of its residents.  She is not only intelligent and well-informed, but she is also creative and will make sure that everyone will beconsidered in her policy decisions.  I trust her to be thoughtful and caring for all of us.  Please vote for Arica for County Commissioner in November.

~Peggy Zehring,

Artist La Veta,


CO Kit Carson Park statue vandalized

…we here highly resolve these dead shall not have died in vain; that the nation, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. ~Gettysburg Address

A few days ago, with much fanfare and little forethought, with charity for some, but malice toward everyone else, a public event was held at Mt. Rushmore.

More than likely, looking down their noses at those gathered below, the monumental visages of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt witnessed a landmark in the ebb and flow of the old republic. President Trump may have meant simply to confront the iconoclasts who have recently defaced historic and artistic replicas of many leaders who have served causes which, for better or worse, helped forge the deeply flawed nature of this country.

Unfortunately protesters (and defenders alike) like those who again voiced their concerns about a historic bust of Christopher Columbus on public display in Pueblo and were given a fair hearing by that community’s mayor.

Unfortunately, Kit Carson Park’s work of art had no one voicing concerns or requesting a fair hearing on its behalf before being defaced by a Trinidad anti-culturalist vandal a few days earlier. A distinction between free speech and defacing public property needs to be made in all such cases.

On the other hand, with one grand, yet feeble, wave of his own, Donald J. Trump, duly selected by the electoral college as the 45th president of the United States of America (Republican, New York), has effectively accomplished more. This former television reality show personality and ‘media-whore’ succeeded in assassinating the Republican party of Abraham Lincoln. And irreparably damaged those parties who in the past and present, witnessed his performance.

May it rest in pieces.

~Joe Tarabino

Trinidad, Colo.


Carson was no hero

Disgruntled at a recent lead article, let’s be clear: Kit Carson’s statue was not vandalized, only its base. Let’s also be honest: this was graffiti, nothing more. Mayor Rico, concerned about Trinidad’s “image,” blustered he’d prosecute the perpetrators to the “full extent of the law,” a terrifying proclamation considering Carson’s well-documented brutality. I scratched my head until it bled trying to comprehend how honoring such a monster upholds Trinidad’s reputation.

Here’s the nitty-gritty. In 1833, Kit Carson helped massacre an entire encampment of Crow for stealing nine horses. He then applied his trapping skills to his scalping-for-profit enterprise against the Blackfoot. In 1845, Carson helped lead the unprovoked Sacramento River Massacre of 800-900 Wintu, an event Carson lauded in his own words as “…a perfect butchery”—the slain mostly unarmed children and women. He then led the Klamath Lake Massacre, having in the interim committed many isolated murders.

Fast-forward to 1863, when Carson orchestrated the notorious Long Walk. After uprooting the Diné (Navajo) from their homeland with the proto-Stalinistic tactic of forced starvation—burning crops and peach groves, slaughtering livestock—he forced them to march over 400 miles to Bosque Redondo in southeastern New Mexico, executing those who lagged behind, including women slowed down by pregnancy. His soldiers raped Diné women, gunning down their husbands. Carson later destroyed a Kiowa village of 176 structures in Texas on his way to killing more Kiowa, and Comanche, at Adobe Walls (a losing effort, he nonetheless suffered few losses while killing over 100).

Considering such immeasurable suffering, graffiti labeling Kit Carson a “murderer” is pure understatement. Graffiti’s unsightly, but displaying a bronze accolade to a bloodthirsty mass-murderer wholly fueled by the insanity of racial animus? I urge the good voters of Trinidad to topple the statue (and the Mayor) at the ballot box.

~Padma Thornlyre

Raton, NM


Thank you to those taking care of us

Thank you to all the people at the food pantries: Tara at JMHS, Huerfano County and Area on Aging Care ‘n Share, Dorcas, Sangre de Cristo Youth Center and any others I may have missed. We really appreciate all you have done for our community. Don’t forget to wear your masks!

Thank you,

~Carmen J Lara,

Walsenburg, CO

Letters to the Editor

Vote for Arica

I have recently returned home to raise my young son here in beautiful Huerfano County. With the majestic Spanish Peaks as the view outside of our back door, we are both so excited for our future. Huerfano County is growing and progressing in such a positive way. To do my part in helping the community grow and prosper, I am supporting Arica Andreatta for Huerfano County Commissioner. As a native of Huerfano County and a graduate of John Mall High School, I have had the privilege to know Arica for close to 20 years. Arica’s leadership and strong business skills are exactly what our county needs for further growth and development. When set with a challenge Arica will rise to the occasion with innovation and ingenuity. Arica’s dedication and passion for Huerfano County is refreshing and uplifting. Please join me in voting Arica Andreatta for Huerfano County Commissioner.

~Elizabeth McDonald

Walsenburg, CO


Arica Andreatta for Huerfano County Commissioner

My name is Michele George Appel. I have lived and worked in Huerfano County for over 25 years. I worked for local attorney Janet Kinniry and spent almost 20 of those years operating the Huerfano County Teen Court program. A lot of you may recognize me as the Judge’s (retired now) wife, or the coffee lady. I have known Arica since she was 15 when she volunteered in our Teen Court Program. She took many educational trips with me and worked closely with me and her peers. I can say lots about Arica and why she is the best person for this job. Arica is a local, a true local. Many residents ask if someone is a local, related to a local and express the importance of being a local. We all know being “from“ here is different than someone like me who has lived here a long time and calls Huerfano home. This very special place is in your blood, it’s in Arica’s blood. Arica understands the numerous challenges that this county has faced over the years. The challenges her classmates and friends faced during school; and now her friends and their families face since she has returned to raise her children. Yes, Arica has a college degree, she is very intelligent and has many skills that will help her do the job and serve the residents as County Commissioner to the best of her ability. But, most of all, Arica is an honest, thoughtful, compassionate, considerate, faithful, fair-minded, empathetic, enthusiastic, and friendly person who always has a smile on her face and a genuine hello for everyone she meets. I cannot think of a better person to lead this County into the future! Please vote for Arica to be the best representative of you and your ideals!

~Michele George Appel

Cuchara, CO


Daniels says vote Andreatta

Dear Editor,

I am writing to cast my support for Arica Andreatta for County Commissioner. I have lived in Huerfano County for 24 years and worked in local Law Enforcement for the past 12½. I have seen a lot of changes in our community over the years, some have been great while others have been a constant battle. I have seen parts of our community become destroyed by a drug addiction that is affecting the entire nation. In the midst of this chaos, I have also seen things that bring tremendous hope that we can and will continue to prosper. While we grow in population, I feel it is important to keep the “small-town charm” that is unlike any other place I have been. Nobody comes to mind more than Arica when I think of finding the perfect balance between growth and staying humble. Arica started a business that helped many people achieve goals that might not have been possible otherwise. She created jobs in an area of the state where jobs are scarce. She changed vacant/run down buildings into beautiful focal points of our community all while being a mother and wife because she always manages to make time for things she feels are important, not just to her but to our community. If Arica is elected, I have no doubt she would bring that same drive, determination, and compassion for our community that has made her so successful already. I believe that Arica would bring practical business knowledge to the position which is imperative for growth. Arica will allow Huerfano County to remain “home” for those of us who have called it that for so long but she will also remind the newer residents of our community why they made the right choice to move to our area.


~Corey Daniels

Walsenburg, CO


Make the best choice – Elect Bob Kennemer for County Commissioner

I have known Bob Kennemer since 1985 when he and his family moved to La Veta. They were looking for a small town where they could make a difference in the community and raise their children in a safe small town environment.

Bob embodies the philosophy of … do the right thing for his community and world at large. He does not have any ulterior motives to be a county commissioner – no skelitons in the closet, no family to give county contracts to, no business to be given favors for. His motives are clean and clear, to help the county continue to grow and prosper, while protecting what we have, He plans to be a full time employee of the county, where he will work hard everyday to help make our county thrive.

Bob has a long history in our county of business and volunteer work and an understanding of interweavings of all the entities who work together to foster smart, sustainable productivy and growth in our county.

Bob worked in management for the US army at the Pueblo Chemical Depot for years and was an active EMT most of his life, having notable amounts of emergency management training. Bob was elected to the La Veta Town Board in 1986 and then again 18 years later. Over the last 35 years he has served on many volunteer boards. He has spent countless hours over 35 years helping our community because he truly cares.

After knowing Bob for all these years I know him to be fair, honest and intelligent.

If you want an honest, loyal, full-time commissioner Vote Bob Kennemer for Huerfano county commissioner.

~LaRissa Morris

La Veta, CO


Support for Bob Kennemer

I am writing in my support for Bob Kennemer in his run for County Commissioner. I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Bob for the past seven years. In my role as president for the San Luis Valley Museum Association (SLVMA) Bob has been a great sounding board for me as we look at how we can improve our services and support to all our museum members, especially during these COVID-19 times. His experience, insights, advice, and willingness to collaborate and work with all of our 22 museum members, which covers all the museums in Huerfano County as well as the San Luis Valley and Hinsdale County, has been an invaluable asset to our group. He is also well versed in the world of tourism. The SLVMA was so pleased to have Bob representing Francisco Fort Museum during a Colorado Tourism Office Workshop, that was hosted by the SLVMA, in which the outcome of Dark Skies came to light. The Colorado Stargazing group that developed from that workshop and now includes Mineral and Custer counties has developed CTO’s first collaborative dark skies initiative and dedicated webpage. Mr. Kennemer and his project for the Highway of Legends in developing it into the TravelStorys driving tour app is what prompted the SLVMA to do likewise for the Los Caminos Antiguos Scenic and Historic Byway. Once again, he has been supportive, encouraging, and providing advice as we develop our driving tour app.

As a friend and colleague, I strongly support Mr. Kennemer’s run for County Commissioner. He is a man of high integrity and intelligence and will serve Huerfano in an exemplary fashion as he does all aspects of his personal, professional, and volunteer aspects of his life!

~Kat Olance Alamosa, CO


Sandy White for Commissioner

Citizens of Huerfano County:

Sandy White has my support for Huerfano County Commissioner, District 2.

Several letters have been submitted on his behalf denoting his stellar qualifications for the position. For those aforementioned reasons and the following, I feel Sandy would be an excellent commissioner for our county. I have a unique perspective as to the man; his character, compassion and integrity. In January 2013, the morning I was to be sworn in, I was stricken with a generalized seizure due to brain surgery. I was airlifted to a Denver hospital, unable to complete the swearing-in ceremony.

Sandy and his wife, Mary, arranged for the necessary paperwork and drove to the hospital where I was able to be sworn in by Judge Claude Appel via phone. They immediately returned to Walsenburg where the County Clerk submitted the forms before the legal midnight deadline.

I relate this personal story, that demonstrates to what lengths Sandy will go to help anyone in need. He will care for the constituents of Huerfano County in this same manner, ever mindful of the citizens’ needs!


~Max Vezzani

Huerfano County Commissioner District 2

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