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Letters to the editor – August 22, 2019

Bi-partisan means both parties

I am writing this letter in light of recent letters to the editor that states the local efforts supporting the recall of our Colorado Governor Jared Polis is a bi-partisan support event.

To clarify this misinformation. This recall effort is NOT supported by the Las Animas Democratic Party and we encourage people NOT to sign the recall petition.

It is very wrong for the local Republican party members to continue the misinformation that the recall effort is bi-partisan.

Advertisement for the Labor Day BBQ hosted by the local Republican Party calls the event “Bipartisan”. They suggest that local Democratic Party officers or state Democrat elected officials will be included in the balanced conversation. No local Democratic Party officers will be speaking at this so-called bi-partisan event. You cannot have a bi-partisan event when only one party has the microphone.

I would hope in the future, when our community celebrates the annual events like Labor Day weekend we all come together as one community. It is one thing to showcase your party candidates in the parade and one to one greetings by the individual candidates to people attending the event, but let us leave out the stage activities pushing one’s party agenda no matter which party.

Let’s keep our community events, political agendas free and focus on enjoying the event.

Thank you.

~Paula Ozzello,

Chairwoman Las Animas County Democratic Party


Stonewall Century ride ommission and correction

After reading the article which appeared in the August 15th Huerfano World Journal regarding the Stonewall Century Ride, I noticed neither the Cokedale VFD nor the Trinidad Ambulance District were mentioned as agencies which provided support for the event.

Thank You for correcting this error.

~ Kathy Kumm,

Cokedale, CO

Letters to the editor & Card of Thanks – August 15, 2019

LVPFPD article

To The World Journal Editor,

In reference to your July 25, 2019 news article, “La Veta Fire Protection District strives for safety”, the tone and content of this article reads more as something written and submitted by the Fire District than it does as being compiled by reporter Manning. The article has no reference to any source of the information, including any interviews or noted as taken at a District meeting of any sort. I apologize if I have this wrong, but if I am correct then the article should have said “courtesy of La Veta Fire”, not by Brian Manning and shame on both La Veta Fire and the World Journal.

I would also like to make a short comment on diesel fumes and what the District has done, or not done, in regards to the mitigation of this serious health issue. The District has two fire stations, the new La Veta Station 1, and an older Cuchara Station 2. Both stations have diesel and gas powered engines under a single roof with a large volume of contained air. The newly installed system at Station 1 to remove engine exhaust fumes uses ceiling mounted air handlers with side building fresh air intakes. This is a very inefficient method to quickly remove these toxic exhaust fumes. There is no engine exhaust removal system at Station 2.

The solution to this health concern is not simple, but there are better systems the District could and should consider before they make the claims stated in the referenced news article.

~Jim Berg Cuchara, CO

Editor’s response: The article in question was written by our reporter Brian Manning, who is a retired New York City firefighter. Manning enjoys doing interviews and writing articles about local volunteer firefighters. It was not intended to be a hard-hitting expose piece on the district.


Open your homes and hearts

To my fellow citizens of La Veta!

In a few short weeks, five to be exact, our town will once again be filled with irresistible Irish and Scottish accents, faces, and music, as The Spanish Peaks International Celtic Fest is coming September 18-22! Every year these Celtic musicians stay in La Veta homes for the duration of the Fest. This is an integral and delightful part of the Festival experience.

I am the housing coordinator for the Fest and this year I am looking for more homes to house folks in. These can be guest homes, empty homes or guest rooms in your home! In particular this year I am looking for homes without cats, as many of the performers have cat allergies. The performers are generally kept pretty busy with events, classes, concerts, but they all need somewhere to rest up, relax, and recharge. I am looking for homes in town or pretty close by.

If you think you might be interested in hosting or know of someone who might, or want to find out more about this opportunity, please call me at 719-250-4826, and we can discuss it further. It is a great and fun way to support the Festival, and housing hosts receive a full concert pass for the Fest!

Thank you!

~Helen Hill

La Veta, CO


Look for the good

It was wonderful to witness our American Youth in Washington, D.C. performing at the Cherry Blossom Festival recently.  This is the way it should be. So… rather than war and unrest and poverty and ignorance it could be singing, dancing, performing, smiles, fun!

This younger generation has a message for all of us. There is always a better way to solve problems. Their way is easier, loving, hopeful and no pain-no dying-no displacement- no breakup of families -no hate. We are all of this planet earth with open hearts and open minds.

So let us listen to our young folks They have better ideas – aren’t dancing, singing and colorful parades a better message than uniforms, guns, tanks killing! Let us listen. They are smarter than we ever were.

I hope that the future will bring all of us some peace!


~Dorothy Mihanovich

La Veta, CO


Card of Thanks


Thank you everyone

A big thank you to everyone for all the cards, calls, concerns, and food you sent my way while I underwent knee surgery. You really pulled me through!

~Betty Kreutzer

La Veta CO


From the family of Marilyn Omer

The family of Marilyn J. Omer would like to extend their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all the family, friends, and neighbors for the many expressions of comfort and concern during the loss of our loved one. We would like to thank everyone for cards of sympathy and all who attended the services. Special thanks to Deacon John Luginbill, Sangre de Cristo Hospice Staff and Volunteers, Council of Governments and Staff, Care Takers -Jan Kelley, Lisa Ingoldby, and Christy Foster, Boies-Ortega Funeral Home, Dr. Michael Moll and Dr. Kevin McClintock.

~Gary and Lynette Omer and Family

Open Letter to Huerfano County from DA Henry Solano

Open Letter to Huerfano County from DA Henry Solano

To the Huerfano County Residents

After much thought and evaluating the growing number of cases, limited funding and related limited staffing, I must now start to dismiss cases. This is required under the ethical guidelines in order to appropriately handle cases based on an appropriate caseload per attorney and sufficient support staff to assist with the prosecutions. The current appropriation for Huerfano County only supports 1 prosecutor and 1 staff person and a portion of my time to directly prosecute Huerfano County cases. Since January 2018, I have handled the full felony District Court caseload in Huerfano County, working 70-80 hours per week. A Deputy District Attorney handled the County Court docket. Since 2017, my first year in office, the Huerfano County Court docket (misdemeanors and traffic) has remained around 880 cases per year, plus those that carry over from the prior year. In 2017 there were 163 Huerfano County felony District Court cases. In 2018, I handled 284 new Huerfano County felony District Court cases, plus those that carried over from 2017; at least 30-40 cases per year. That is a 175% increase of felony cases without any additional funding (no new staff). The number of cases for prosecution in 2019 has continued to grow. In fact, until 2 weeks ago, the felony cases filed in Huerfano County were ahead of Las Animas County, which has twice the population. That has never happened before. There is not only more cases, they are higher level and more complex than before. By the end of 2019, there will be between 320 and 340 new Huerfano County felony District Court cases. This will be double the number from 2017. The County Court misdemeanor and traffic cases will still be around 880 for 2019.

The appropriated funding and staffing in Huerfano County has remained the same as 2017, with that being below the amount necessary then. The actual necessary staffing level for this new level of felony cases requires at least an additional 2 prosecutors and 2 support staff people. Earlier this year, because of the increasing caseload, I asked the Huerfano County Commissioners to place the 1A ballot initiative on the November 2019 ballot to bring additional funding for the DA’s Office for Huerfano County prosecutions. That request was rejected. With no new funding apparently in sight and the expanded filings, I have no other choice but to dismiss prosecutable cases, citing the lack of funding in Huerfano County. That is the only way to appropriately, professionally and ethically handle the situation.

The simple analogy is like the rancher who only has enough feed for half of his herd. At some point, he has to sell off half in order to properly handle the rest. The first adjustment I will make is to only handle more serious County Court cases such as DUI, traffic accidents involving major injury or death, assaults and domestic violence. All others will be dismissed, citing insufficient funding. This will allow the office to focus on the felony cases in Huerfano County. However, even then, felony cases will need to be dismissed, at first limited to non-violent felonies. This will be necessary in order to stay within the appropriate caseload level, as required to properly handle cases under the ethical and professional rules applicable to licensed attorneys. Overall, there will be significant number of cases dismissed. This office will not be subject to Colorado Supreme Court disciplinary action, as has happened in the past.

The dismissals will not be because the limited people on staff don’t have the appropriate skills and talent to properly prosecute the County Court and District Court criminal matters. We have demonstrated that we have the skilled people to properly do the job. The dismissals will only be because we do not have adequate staffing based on insufficient funding. The number of prosecutions handled will be directly tied to the funding provided to the District Attorney’s Office in Huerfano County. Unfortunately cases over that level will be dismissed. That will diminish public safety but through no fault of the DA’s Office. The responsibility is with others.

Letters to the editor – July 25, 2019

Hello Raton Business Community!

As we begin a new fiscal year, we want to share the Chamber’s accomplishments over the past twelve months. We are especially proud of the new Raton Visitor’s Guide and the fact that it has increased to eighty pages and to a circulation of 30,000 copies, being distributed throughout our state and the five-state region. We have also promoted our business community through the weekly Chamber Bullet on KRTN, the Chamber billboard in Capulin, our Facebook page, our Chamber website, and personal interaction with visitors to the Raton Visitor Information Center.

In order to provide more comprehensive support to our business community, and because we are now fiscally stable, our goal is to hire a Chamber director who will maintain our office, whether it be in the visitor center or elsewhere. We will be a voice for the Raton business community at the local and state level.

The Chamber Board of Directors has been working diligently to stabilize the operation of the visitor center. Having reached this point, and with the availability of additional time, we can now provide better resources and services for our members and be a more personal and active Chamber.

We look forward to serving you!

~ The Raton Chamber Board of Directors

Dee Burks, President

Diane Tripp, Vice-President

Andrew Carroll, Treasurer

Laura Brewer, Secretary

Donna Klassen, Board Member at Large

Raton, NM


Card of Thanks

Friends of the Spanish Peaks Library say thanks FOL would like to send a resounding thank you for all the hard work you volunteers, memebers and library staff did at FOL’s July Book Sale. To all the book lovers, Thank You, we enjoyed seeing regulars and new lovers of books attend.  Without all of you, the book sales would not be the big success that they always are. Thank you! We invite anyone to attend our FOL meetings on the thrid Monday of each month, 1 pm at the Library. Hoping to see you there!


~Dalene Myrtle

Walsenburg, CO

Letters to the editor – July 18, 2019

Friends helping Friends

The opening for Making their Mark: Women Printmakers from the Mark and Polly Addison Collection from CU Boulder Art Museum at the Museum of Friends in Walsenburg last Saturday was a big hit. As a small and mostly volunteer run museum putting on an event such as an opening normally has its challenges. However, Saturday was different as our most beloved border collie Pretty Boy who was very old (not sure how old as he was a rescue like most of our pets) walked behind a moving pick up truck right on our property and was hit. He did get care at Dr. Larry Moore’s who thought he would pull through and did all the right things to save him. But, being so old I think his heart just gave out.

All of you who have attended MoF’s events over the last 14 years, know how willing we are to keep the doors open for late comers. But not this time, we shut it down right at the time it was supposed to end. Thank you Alys, Dale and Helen of Go Ask Alys Catering for your superb presentation of incredible appetizers and volunteers Lorraine Andretta and David Martinez for showing up at the right moment to help carry all the food from the refrigerator and beverages on the 2nd floor down. We are hopeful that once the elevator is in – things will run a lot easier.

Mostly, I want to thank the incredible MoF staff – Larry, Deborah, Cindy. Helen, Jean, and Brendt who did all they could to make it seem just like another normal opening for the incredible audience who attended and have come to expect only but the best. Without your attendance there would be no MoF so thank you all for coming and for the lovely condolences we have received for our beloved Pretty Boy.

~ Maria Cocchiarelli-Berger

Walsenburg, CO


Thanks from FFM

On behalf of the Francisco Fort Museum Board, The Huerfano County Historical Society, and the Town of La Veta I want to thank all of those who attended and voted for the Fort at last week’s Huerfano Soup. In a tight vote the Fort won out and raised nearly $800! Special thanks go out to the La Veta Mercantile and Bachman and Associates!

Those funds are pledged towards two new exhibits on the museum grounds. The museum owns a working steam engine, which was once used to make electricity for area businesses. We want to move it out of storage into an open shed on the museum grounds so that it can be fired up and demonstrated for the public.

The storeroom the engine was in will become an exhibit of items donated by Marie and Martha Campbell, twin sisters (now age 93!) who were born in La Veta. The Campbell twins’ grandfather, James Gillespie Hamilton, was an early resident of the Fort, as he moved his family and cattle operation across the prairie from Missouri. The twins are donating an entire house full of their belongings, which date back to the late 1800s! (Note: more funds for these exhibits are needed!!)

Be sure to visit the museum this weekend as we celebrate Francisco Fort Days on July 20 and 21!


~Bob Kennemer, Museum Director

La Veta, CO


The Cucharas looks beautiful! Call to city council – let’s now address other issues

The Cucharas River looks beautiful – you can actually see it now! It is too bad that it had to come to the threat of floods to get it this way. Why has the river been so neglected?

There are many things in Walsenburg that seem to be neglected. I know we have code enforcement, but I still see a lot of trash and abandoned cars and large equipment in the streets. There are two mattresses on East 7th St that have been there for several months. One is blocking the sidewalk, the other is in the street.

I recently asked city council about the drains clogging up when it rains – the citizens were blamed, they are throwing debris in the streets. There is a board missing from the Main Street bridge over the river. Will that get fixed? What about the potholes on Riverside Dr., they have been there for years? And did you adjust the gas prices that we pay after your auditors told you you have been overcharging us for years?

The sidewalks are a mess, water and sewer lines keep breaking, and what is being done to promote our city?

We have a nice town here and some very good people. I have been going to city council meetings for a while now and it is hard to get the council to listen – I mean truly listen. City council you are supposed to represent the people. Yet it seems that you have forgotten this, as I rarely hear you talk about the people regarding most issues. Are we not important? We are the city and really do want to be part of it. We could have a great community, if we could all work together. Why aren’t you bringing us together?

~Carmen J. Lara


Letters to the editor – July 11, 2019

A Letter from DA Henry Solano on the shooting of Lawrence Lovato

Advisement regarding preliminary assessment concerning use of deadly force by Trinidad Police Officers and Las Animas County Sheriff Deputy

The last significant report regarding use of deadly force on May 19, 2019 that resulted in the death of Mr. Lawrence Lovato was received this week. Based on a preliminary review of all of the information from the Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) it appears that the actions of Trinidad Police Officers Sergeant Tihanovich, Tebedo and Huey and Las Animas County Sheriff Deputy Dillavou were justified. Specifically, just prior to the officers shooting, Mr. Lovato pointed a handgun at the officers. He did this after being yelled at approximately 11 times to drop the gun.

I have advised two sisters of Mr. Lovato, Las Animas County Sheriff Navarette and Chief Glorioso of this preliminary determination. As is my practice I have offered to meet with members of the family. The chief investigator from the CBI and I will to go over key parts of the information derived from the investigation. I will go over my tentative findings and answer any questions they have. I will also evaluate or reevaluate any information the family requests be reviewed. I will reconsider any initial findings and conclusion they request be reconsidered. The final report will be issued shortly after the meeting with the family.

As requested by the family I reviewed two videos posted on social media. The videos were taken further away than what is part of the information I have reviewed. Thus, those videos do not provide an accurate portrayal of all of the events that occurred. In one, the video taker twice states that Mr. Lovato was backing up and the officers opened fire on him. That is simply wrong as the body camera videos clearly show.

~ Henry Solano, D.A.

Huerfano and Las Animas


Lopez running for senate

My name is Carlos R. Lopez and I will be running as a Democrat for the Colorado Senate seat for District 35 in 2020.

I have been on city council for the City of Trinidad for the past three and a half years. I know that I have the ability to help bring draft legislation that will help the people of my region.

I have a lot of ideas that would turn southern Colorado into an agricultural powerhouse. I would also like to see our educational opportunities be enhanced to produce competitive employees for our ever- changing world. Lastly, I want to initiate a new industrialed complex that is innovative and profitable for a new market of green jobs while enhancing the training of our current oil and gas industry workers so that when the change occurs, they are ready to hit the ground running as knowledgeable staff.

I look forward to speaking more with people of the Democratic party and to those who are affiliated otherwise.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to any correspondence.


~Carlos R. López

Citizen of Trinidad, CO

Letters to the Editor

Open Letter to the Hospital District Board

As residents of Huerfano County we all are aware of the scarcity of jobs within Huerfano County and we are also aware our largest employer in the county is the Spanish Peaks Hospital District. That being said why is it we don’t see hospital district jobs advertised in the local newspaper, the World Journal?

A while ago the Hospital District Board came to the voters in Huerfano County and asked the community to work with them by granting a 100% increase in the mill levy for the hospital.

The District said they wanted to work with the community and continue providing quality hospital services in the County. They stressed the funds were required to maintain our community medical facility. Because we are all part of the community and should all work together, the voters responded yes and granted the increase.

Since that vote the hospital has been advertising jobs on their web site and hiring employees but not advertising in our community local paper.

I just looked today on the hospital district web site and there are 28 open hospital positions to be filled yet the latest copy of the newspaper has no help wanted ads from the hospital.

Is it because the hospital doesn’t believe there are qualified workers in the County? Or is so they can bring in workers from outside the community? What is the reason?

So my question to the Huerfano County Hospital Board of Directors is a very simple one – why won’t you advertise hospital jobs in the local newspaper? I’m not saying the World Journal should be the ONLY place to advertise but it sure seems to make sense to advertise in the ONLY newspaper in the County.

~Richard Goodwin

Walsenburg, Colo.


Please explain this to me

I know two young adults. One has asthma and has to have lifesaving inhalers which he pays for out of pocket. The other has an allergy to bees for which he also needs a lifesaving medicine which is an EpiPen for which he too pays out of pocket for. Both these young gentlemen work so they do not qualify for medical assistance. There jobs do not offer medical insurance.

Meanwhile illegal drug users get their lifesaving medicine free of charge. Not only are they using illegal drugs, they are breaking the law. The drug users are making a CHOICE to use a drug that could kill them for which they need the lifesaving medicine.

These young men did not choose their medical issues, it chose them. Yet they pay sometimes up to hundreds of dollars for their lifesaving medicine, while law breakers using illegal drugs get theirs for free.

Along these same lines are school children who have to pay for their meals while people in jail get their meals free.

This world we live in and the people running it are so backwards.

Where is the help for the good, the citizens of society, those who help themselves?

Why is it this way?

~ Jamie Zeman

Walsenburg, Colo.


Awareness needed: illegal dumping is in people’s yards even if the land looks vacant

Something needs to be done about all the illegal dumping on county roads. On June 5, when we went to town (we are seven miles out on CR 340–Bear Creek), there were four different piles of trash along the road. Included were a toilet, old plastic kiddie pool, pallets, and bags of trash.

People don’t seem to realize that even though there may not be a house visible, this land is someone’s yard!

I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t like me depositing a toilet or other trash in their yard! The dump here is very reasonable in price.

Please use it.

~Michelle Komaroski

Walsenburg, Colo.

Card of Thanks

Derek Cordova Spirit Scholarship Recipients

Derek’s family would like to thank the community, family, & friends, near and far for supporting our fundraisers. We have been giving scholarships for 14 years and have given over $30,000. May you always walk in beauty.
$1,000 Dalyiah Jasenna Cordova -no relation
$500 Kaitlyn Anne Lasley
$500 Kaela Lee Garcia

The Derek Cordova Spirit Scholarship is presented each year to students who best exemplify the example and spirit of Derek James Cordova.

~Lori Cordova
Walsenburg, Colorado


Thanks to O’Reilly Auto Parts for Dorcas Circle donation

Dorcas Circle Clothing & Food Pantry says a big thank you to the recently opened O’Reilly Auto Parts Store for the $200 donation presented during their Grand Opening Customer Appreciation Day.

Dorcas Circle relies on money donations, volunteers, and donations of food, clothing, and small household goods. Dorcas Circle provides avail- able food and used clothing to area folks in need.

Dorcas Circle is open Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am to 4 pm at 911 South Main in Walsenburg. Phone 738- 2291.



Sylvia Landrum Walsenburg, Colorado


There he goes again: Hurray for Jenkins

At 7 am Monday, Memorial Day, I hear a knock on my front door. It’s Sheriff Jenkins, last time he popped in to my life, I had a flat tire and he offered to help. This time to save a horse from being run over on the highway in front of my house. This guy is a credit to law enforcement. He reminds me of the long lost adage, peace officer. Yes the real McCoy! Thank you, sheriff.


~Brendt Berger Walsenburg, CO

Letters to the editor

Thanks to all who helped with the Mother Jones dinner

Thank you to all that made our annual Huerfano County Democratic Party Mother Jones Dinner successful. We were so honored to have our Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser give the keynote address. Carolyn Newman’s portrayal of Mother Jones was incredible. Yvette Vialpando’s catering was delicious. Edie Flanigan’s amazing job at the silent auction and Eleanor Foley’s astounding ability to keep everything running smoothly greatly contributed to our success.

Of course, a big shout out to Kathy Brown for the original idea of this annual fundraiser. Our party is indebted to you for beginning this tradition.

As chairman of our Huerfano County Democratic Party, I would encourage each citizen to fight for their vision for our nation thru unity participation and persistence. It is up to the citizens of our great nation to do the work to realize their vision. Yes we must fight but we also must be the example and connect our power, with love, with compassion, with courage. with humility, with persistence, with hope and with tenderness Realize that in moments like this your actions really do matter.

So, lets roll up our sleeves and get to it.

So once again thank you for all that contributed to making our Mother Jones dinner so successful LET FREEDOM RING.

Respectfully submitted

~ Dale Lyons Gardner, CO


Thank you La Veta United Methodist Church


Two Peaks Fitness would like to thank the La Veta United Methodist Church and its pastor, Janine Rose, for opening their facility to us for senior fitness classes during the La Veta Flood Mitigation project. Classes are normally held at the La Veta Community Center, but the community center was needed for the project. We received many compliments about the space the church made available for the classes. We are now back at the community center, and we hope all the efforts to clean out the Cucharas River will make a difference with flood mitigation.

~Kerrie Meyler

on behalf of Two Peaks Fitness Board of Directors

La Veta, CO

Letters to the editor

Cheap dog food is not food

The other day I helped a lady put a 40 lb bag of Value Corner brand dog food in her car.

I read the label and it had bone meal and ground corn as the first ingredients.

I told her it is not her fault, but the cheap foods have things in them that do not feed or nourish the dog. It is like us eating cardboard every day. They get full but their bodies are starving all of the time. She said she will have to rethink that food.

Years ago I attended a class on dog nutrition and so many cheap foods make a dog sick over time and lead to diseases. I fed my dog Iams and she started throwing up yellow foam.

It had Ethoxyquin as a preservative, which is a substance used in rubber tires. When I switched her to a food preserved with vitamin E and C, she did not throw up any more.

Also meat by-products can be made with diseased animal waste, road kill and even euthanized pets from shelters, and full of chemicals, hormones, steroids, bacteria, etc. Not anything that feeds a dog or promotes health. Over time, the dog may even gain weight because they are so hungry for food they eat too much, while their bodies are being used as a processing plant for ingredients that are just eliminated later. Millions of dogs are starving for real food and are fed cheap, unhealthy foods.

Please read the labels, and look up the 7 worst dog foods … you will be stunned, but you will know if your dog is eating food that is feeding him or making him or her sick.

There are good foods, you just have to read the labels and learn what foods are beneficial.

~Marie Whitmarsh Walsenburg, CO

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