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AmeriCorps gives to La Veta

by Jeanne Schwarz

LA VETA — Tuesday dawned cold, rainy and snowy in La Veta and Cuchara. La Veta Village, however, beginning the day, in the same dreary way, ended it with a newer, brighter, and cleaner outlook, than ever!

So many thanks to the 10 young adults with energy and enthusiasm, from every corner of our nation, who tackled the formidable task of cleaning out the Old Cheese Factory building from ‘stem to stern’. Appliances, cabinets, and equipment were removed and transported from the future senior resident bedroom area, yet to be constructed, into the incredible 7,000 square foot basement.

All was cleaned and swept, too! This effort involved much ferrying of heavy items down a flight of stairs and carefully arranging them for project use, or for future community needs. More to come on that… All this effort was orchestrated by an amazing volunteer, David Roden, husband of La Veta Village Office Manager Beckie. David offered to lead the group this day upon a moment’s weather notice, as these AmeriCorps volunteers are here to work on the Cuchara Mountain Park project for Huerfano County, when weather allows. They will be with us for six weeks! Mike Moore at Dodgeton Creek Inn provides their rooms, and the county provides the equipment. The crew receives a very modest per diem for food and a small payment for their service. With the “snow day” in Cuchara, they came to La Veta to help us and other non-profits, who also benefitted! Check out Two Peaks fitness to view more of the AmeriCorps ‘inclement weather’ work!

We have heard from crew leader, Marco Evert, that they hope to be back to complete the factory clean-up. We always appreciate wet weather, but hope even more for some of these days in the next 6 weeks! David has generously agreed to spend another day guiding their effort. So, watch for unusual activity about town on those bad weather days and offer these young Americans, your gratitude. We have Huerfano County leaders, The Cuchara Mountain Park Advisory Committee, the Cuchara Foundation volunteers and, of course, the 14 young AmeriCorps to thank for this extraordinary gift to La Veta

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