Foreword: One of the publications of the World Journal is High Up, a journal of cannabis in the southern Colorado Rockies.  As native Coloradans, Brandon and Chris Mackey, owners of Tri Canna, located at 411 North Commercial in Trinidad, have a unique small-business perspective of the industry.  Originally upstarts from Springfield, CO, they have been involved in the politics of marijuana legalization, the corporate conglomerate aspect of the industry and now, a small store front business in Trinidad.  For the rest of their story, pick up High Up issues 1 and 2 at a dispensary near you.
by Brandon Mackey
TRINIDAD — In my time working with “Mindful”, the huge company our small business had grown into, I met a lot of connections.  One guy, in particular, had a dream of setting up a huge outdoor grow southwest of Pueblo. He had an idea to open up a huge marijuana mini-mall, like a flea market, with shops lined up and all different grows and all different vibes.  Well, years later, his dream became a reality.  He had always wanted to do the mini-mall idea in Trinidad, too, so when he finally decided to go forward with his idea, I was once again all in and ready to get back to a small-batch business.
Tri Canna, our family-run shop, has been open since September 2016.  Originally, we started with just my brother, his fiancé, and myself.  We started with four strains of flower and a few edibles scattered about in a tiny room in an old real esate office.  A real hole in the wall, but we knew this is how you have to start.
Since then, our family has grown.  We’re still very small and intend to stay that way.  We have a total of seven employees in the whole company.  We have on average 25 – 30 strains available, fair trade edibles, unique concentrates, hand rolled joints and a huge variety of vape pens and gadgets.  You’ll know you are at Tri Canna when you hear the distant howl of our outdoor speaker beckoning you like a bug to that neon glow of a zapping machine.  We really love our music, so it’s always blasting throughout the store.  It’s a real up-beat vibe when you live your days with music.
The store opens up with a lobby filled with couches, chairs and smiles.  There are two ATM’s and a cold drink or a hot tea available at all times.  Once you’re in one of the bud rooms, you’ll get a one-on-one with a skilled budtender.
Our staff is very knowledgeable and can guide anyone, from novice to veteran smokers. We do a lot of research and a lot of hands on research so, yea, we’ve got the munchies a few times from doing our homework.  We take pride in knowing our products, and we go through over five grows, only selecting the best strains and highest quality.  We also offer an economic ounce at a discounted price, from $99 to $200 while supplies last.
Chris Mackey, one of the smiling faces at the helm of Tri Canna.
Photo by Kristy Duff.

Since our opening, our tiny hole-in-the-wall is packed with some of the best products Colorado has to offer. A lot has changed since living the nightmare and chasing the dream.  I’ve found my place here in Trinidad and it feels at home; like I’ve finally landed.  And, I’m glad I took that leap of faith, because you’re either on the bus or you’re off it.  If you’re off it, you’re just on the side of the road watching the groove drive by with its muddy, bobbing rhythm.

Sometimes you just got to follow that notion.